Wilder Ranch~

I wish I could travel back in time to the mid-1800’s and live at Wilder Ranch. You are looking at the original ranch buildings which are now a museum.

The Wilder’s bought the property as a dairy farm in the late 1800’s.

The ranch covers 7000 acres of pristine coastal and marine habitat in Northern California’s Santa Cruz County.

The good news is, the Wilder family sold the property to the state in the 1960’s and it is now a protected marine and wildlife sanctuary and state park.

As you can see, it is a rich habitat, home to 1000’s of birds. I was amazed by the number of bird species I saw and photographed here.

The ranch has some 34 miles of hiking trails, all with stunning views of the coast and coastal valleys.

It is also a diverse marine environment with otters, seals and whales. Even Blue Whales are here, attracted by the mile deep Monterey Trench, the deepest marine canyon off the west coast of North America.

Camping is prohibited to protect the wildlife, but you can spend as many days as you like exploring the ranch on foot. I recommend visiting in winter when the whales are swimming by!

Cheers to you from stunning Wilder Ranch~

253 thoughts on “Wilder Ranch~

  1. If you traveled in your time machine to the Wilder Ranch of the mid-1800s, good chance they would put you to work … probably milking the cows. Or, if you were to come to North Ranch, good chance I would put you to work stringing wire, moving hay, cleaning the barn, etc. 🙂


    • Laughing….Okay. Deal. If you come to The Holler, I’ll put YOU to work, tending our orchards, picking the fruit, monitoring the black widows and scorpions, relocating rattlers, watching out for the ankole watusi bull as you repair our fences. If I went back to Wilder Ranch in 1860, I would sell The Holler first, and use today’s assets to buy the ranch before the Wilder’s got there, and still have oodles of assets left over, because I am sure the ranch land went for a song back then. I would miss my cameras though, and my computers, and my blog friends, including you! 😉


    • Not so terribly cold on the coast of California in winter, not like Colorado. All those balmy ocean breezes and fresh caught seafood. Even when I was a kid we could pick lobster and abalone out of tidal pools. I can’t even imagine what the natural California coastal world was like in 1870, utterly unspoiled and full of life.

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      • I imagine natural CA coastal waters in 1870 were unspoiled as you mention. I have a sister in CO but these days I am in Upstate NY where lake effect snows can be brutal. This AM school delays due to ice and winds. I do relish my four seasons though. Nothing like fresh seafood that’s for certain! Lucky you.


  2. Oh, be still, my heart! I really love these photos, and especially the one of the museum part. I wonder how this specific area was affected by the Gold Rush, or if it was. Until you see the ocean photos, it is hard to tell that it is California. Looks like someplace back east. Thank you kindly for sharing. That was an absolute treat!

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  5. Now that I am self isolating, I went into emails that I had saved from over a year ago. This is awesome. Hope you are well and holed up happily in your Holler. I’m so glad that when things were chaotic here I at least had the sense to save this. A real lift at this time. Thanks so much for all the beauty you have shared. Eileen


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