Elusive raptors,

rarely let you near.

When they do,

you are enraptured.

Melanistic red tail hawks have more melanin or pigment in their feathers than other hawks making them distinctive. It used to be thought these morphological distinctions were an isolated variant, but now scientists are noticing behavioral differences associated with the changes in feather color.

Melanistic hawks typically let me get much closer than other hawks and I wonder if this might be due to behavioral differences associated with their color variance. After all, it is often true, those who are different, are also braver!

Cheers to you from the brave and different hawks~

247 thoughts on “Enraptured~

  1. Spoken like a true social scientist. Beautiful photos as well. We have Osprey at certain times of the year. But they seldom come down from their lofty heights. When they do, they might be diving for a splashing fish, a garden snake, or field mouse. They swoop down and then they’re gone. We used to see Red-tailed Hawks and Eagles, but they are long gone, replaced by Black Vultures, (commonly referred to as buzzards).


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  3. What a lovely wild creature! When I walk across the fields near the house I can sometimes stop them at the sky, circeling and diving through the air. Such beautiful photos Cindy;) The feathers are especially wonderful, how smooth they must be to touch…

    All the best


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