Romance & Fine Dining~

Spending the holidays with family in Santa Cruz California,

and spied this young egret on Christmas Day.

He had romance on his mind,

but his timing was all wrong.

He expected affection,

prior to,

fine dining!

Live and learn.

He got the dinner,

but not the date!

Cheers to you from sunny Santa Cruz~

237 thoughts on “Romance & Fine Dining~

  1. Romance and Fine Dining … makes the world go round in my book too, even when I miss out a bit! Thank you for these great captures 😉
    Wishing you all the very best for the New Year Cindy. Love, Peace and Happiness to you and yours!


  2. One of my favorite creatures on this fine planet!
    It’s amazing the stories that you can witness if you have a little patience 🙂
    Just like the patient bird that you observed!


  3. Timing is everything. 🙂 Better luck to him next time, and it will be an unforgettable memorable experience I’m sure. 🙂 Such detail and color again in these photos. Great shots.


  4. Beautiful pictures! We used to go to Santa Cruz every weekend when we lived in the Bay Area. Have you been to the UC Arboretum? It is fantastic! The Australia Garden is our favorite – so many hummingbirds and protea. I very rarely saw snowy egrets in California, so how lucky to get such great pictures!


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