Seydisfjordur Iceland~

Seydisfjordur is a town of 665 people.

It is located deep up a fjord,

flanked by high mountains,

in Eastern Iceland.

It can be reached by Iceland’s famous ring road.

The area is filled with waterfalls,

and is home to Skalane’s Nature Preserve which is a wildlife paradise teeming with artic birds and sealife.

Cheers to you from stunning Iceland~
(Internet continues to be problematic, but I will check in when I can!)

285 thoughts on “Seydisfjordur Iceland~

    • No hospital that I saw. They would need to go to a more populous Icelandic town. These Icelanders are, and were, just amazing people, in terms of long term survival in an often unforgiving place.
      Thank you for this question, you smart person.
      I could be wrong though.


  1. You picked a good time of year to visit; time to return home now, you didn’t bring your mittens. Come to think about it, why would anyone have mittens in the comfortable climate in which you reside?


      • Description of the climate of your home provokes me to jealousy, so I recalled as best I can, “Nothing is harder to endure than a succession of fair days.” Goethe. I just wrote myself into sympathy for you in your beautiful surroundings. I feel great!


  2. Mesmerising , I have recently returned from Iceland (15days back) and the holiday hangover continues.
    Your post is so wonderful .thanks for sharing it.
    do visit sunniesmybunnies for my recent poetry on Iceland.


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