Lerwick is located 123 miles off the coast of Scotland,

and is the most northerly town in the UK.

It is the main town in The Shetland Islands,

and 7000 souls call Lerwick home.

Evidence of human settlement here dates back 3000 years!

Lerwick is a natural treasure,

with abundant sea life and birds.

Cheers to you from the remote and beautiful Shetland Islands~ (Coromrants)

Please forgive me for not being as able to visit and comment on your blogs as much as I would like. Internet out here is difficult to access.

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              1. Sounds great, it’s a long way away, I’ve yet to fly out of Australia, but I am going to China on a little 10 day tourist trip, I’m going to see The Wall, and hopefully I’ll be in America just after Easter next year. 😊

                  1. I’m 67 now, and it’s time, to see a bit of the world, and I’ve strong feeling her spirit and presence with be with me all the way, oh we had so many dreams of doing all this together …….

  1. There’s no better place than a beautiful Scottish island, but I am of course totally biased! Might you be coming anywhere near Edinburgh on your travels? It would be great to meet for coffee….? x

  2. Cindy, no wonder you haven’t got time for blogging … or signal for that matter.
    Your photos are a delight, exploding and yet calm with colours.
    Aren’t the Comrands just wonderful.


  3. Thank, Cindy, for these pictures. Don’t you worry that you can’t visit other blogs (as much as you want to). I know what a shaky internet connection means. All the more I’m happy that you do take your time and make the effort to show us your pictures! Much appreciated.
    Have a great time up there, and a safe return hom,

  4. Love the colorful houses there. Oh the bright blue boat too. It is interesting you do see those kind of decorating in US or at least as far as I can observe. Love that blue boat picture!

  5. Oh my I’m going to be in Lerwick soon singing Uccelina in BambinO what a shame our paths didn’t cross, these photos you took are amazing Cindy I’m going to share a link to your site tonight in my blog post, I hope that’s ok.
    Enjoy the rest of you travels, I’m in Aberdeen on the 7th if it’s a port of call for you?

  6. Yet again, we pass each other by. We had a Shetland adventure the end of April. What a wonderful week it was – just as the daffodils were blooming. I love traveling between the island on ferries, following the craft trail, discovering the story of the boats and crofters. Your photos are magnificent, as always.

              1. We visited the Fab Four of Cley in 2017 – the highlight of our adventure. What a wonderful place to meet and share a cup of tea and excellent conversation. Hugs to all…

  7. Don’t give it another thought, Cindy — you can catch up when you return. In the meantime, wow, these are lovely shots! I was thinking there didn’t seem to be much green grass for walking about when I came upon your fourth and sixth photos. All that water … sigh.

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  9. I loved seeing those pictures. I did a portrait of a fellow there, feel it is the best thing I have done and have it hanging on our dining room wall. But these photos bring many more memories back.

  10. How lovely is Lerwick! It’s interesting to see the town buildings so very close to the sea; house maintenance because of sea water and salt spray must be an on going task.

  11. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon ami ou amie CINDY

    Le soleil , le ciel ,la mer nous offre tant de beauté en été
    ELLE La nature nous offre sa beauté avec ses quatre saisons
    on ne peut que l’admirer

    La vie est un très long chemin
    on ne peut suivre que son destin
    Il faut le poursuivre en toute sagesse

    Avoir des amis et amies est un beau partage
    on en récolte que les avantages
    Vers toi avec une pensée, je viens te souhaiter
    une merveilleuse journée ou soirée
    Bisous , Bernard

    1. I love Scotland too. So amazingly beautiful, and so variant. I am seeing the Shetland Islands and the Hebrides. The most beautiful places on earth seem to be the most unihabited by humans.

  12. So did you meet Douglas Henshall? Okay, just kidding. When I visited Scotland many years ago I noticed how the colors changed from the many shades of green in England to the purples and browns of Scotland. Beautiful country.

  13. A wonderful skyline. Sad only the bad internet connection.All the places which are possible to emmigrate are with bad internet connection. Seems someone needs to think on satellite internet first. 😉 Michael

  14. Hi Cindy– love your travel photos!! And Lerwick looks so charming with it’s colorful buildings spilling down the hillside! Would love to be able to walk into your photos! thanks! xxoo

  15. I love the colors of their houses and buildings with the lush green, and cloudy sky. It really makes those colors pop.
    The Gannet was a treat! I’ve only seen one and that was from very far away while on a birding excursion out to the Farallon Islands outside of San Francisco. Apparently that birds shouldn’t be here at all, but it was that year.

  16. I had to revisit this post because several days ago, I started watching the detective show, Shetland, on Netflix. I heard about this town in the show. I think, more than the drama itself, it is the rugged beauty of the islands that attract me to it. The charm of the Scottish accent is a plus, too.

    IN fact, this place also brings to mind that other show which I think is set in Wales, Hinterland.
    What beautiful places they are.

    1. I need to check out both. The Shetlands are absolutely stunning and so are The Hebrides. I, like you, often enjoy the cinematography of amazing places in movies, more the the movie itself!

  17. I often don’t appreciate the clutter of humans, power lines, tons of homes, ships and the like, but sometimes it can be beautiful. You really captured that beauty in the photos of Lerwick!

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