Seydisfjordur Iceland~

Seydisfjordur is a town of 665 people.

It is located deep up a fjord,

flanked by high mountains,

in Eastern Iceland.

It can be reached by Iceland’s famous ring road.

The area is filled with waterfalls,

and is home to Skalane’s Nature Preserve which is a wildlife paradise teeming with artic birds and sealife.

Cheers to you from stunning Iceland~
(Internet continues to be problematic, but I will check in when I can!)

241 thoughts on “Seydisfjordur Iceland~

  1. Beautiful photos of what may be the most beautiful place previously unknown to me.  The locals can cope with Iceland’s winters, so I am sure they can cope with pronouncing and spelling their town’s name.

  2. Wow! I can not believe what I see … this tiny house with a red roof at the foot of the high mountain. A synonym for silence. Thanks so much for this beautiful photos, dear Cindy!

    • Yes. It’s effect on you is gobsmacking, the confrontation with the wonder of it all. The fact of less density of human settlements maybe is a partially explaining factor for the unspoiled wonder. Hugs to you ❤

  3. So many wonderful impressions from picturesque Seydisfjordur, Cindy! I especially love the third from the bottom, the tiny house makes it perfect. Wishing you happy travels. 🙂

  4. Otroligt hur människor kan bo. I så helt olikt det jag är van vid. Så öde och mäktigt. Jag kan föreställa mig att man antingen älskar det eller blir galen av det stora tomma öde. Fantastiska bilder.

  5. My God Cindy these pictures are beautiful. Once again I find myself traveling through your eyes and what an adventure. Can’t wait for Inion to see these. She’s going to be green with envy. lol 😉

  6. What an evergreen beautiful community.
    There are some places in this world that are just spectacular!

    Just briefly before I could snap a photo the Great Blue heron was at my creek side this morning.
    The utility easement on the other side of the creek is like a mini wild life preserve.
    A small green space between to suburban communities. My small haven 🙂

  7. Hello Cindy
    Thank you for the beautiful picture. Sure, you pictures tells us how beautiful Iceland is, I went many years ago, when there were no blogs. I hope I will return one day! Great photos you have.

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