Baby Valentine~

Sleepy owlet Valentine wears his ❤ on his face. (Click to enlarge and see Valentine better).

Mama has left him, and it is his first day alone, out of his nesting box.

Valentine doesn’t know what to do,

so he decides to fly down near the human,

watch her out of one eye,

until he falls asleep, clinging to his cactus bed.
Cheers to you from Valentine the confused little owlet~

Note: We have a barn owl nesting box at The Holler, usually woodpeckers nest in it, but this spring a barn owl family actually moved in. Valentine is their chick. I kept an eye on him for his first 24 hours out of the box, which was easy because he seemed quite unafraid of me. I think he was a bit shocked and confused. He passed his second night last night, and I could hear him in the oak groves. Today I haven’t seen him, but have heard him in the trees, so I think he is starting to figure things out.

329 thoughts on “Baby Valentine~

    • Aww, thank you Frank!
      Valentine is here again tonight. He lets me see him. He has a sib. She flies at the merest hint of me. Mama is around too which surprised me. She is so beautiful, and SO BIG! She avoids me too. Only Valentine seems to not be worried about me. The good deal is, if mama likes it here, she will re-nest here next year, which will be a major thrill, because it is such a huge honor to have them here.
      Be well my friend~

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  1. Several years ago, my neighbour found a baby chouette (owl) similar to this one in your excellent photos. I did a post about it including photos. Thank you for taking me back to that special event. We have many owl families living in the trees just across our river. ❤


  2. He will have to learn fast. What a wonderful gift to finally have barn owls in your barn owl box! Not seen one around here in Spain and they have become quite rare in the U.K. Let’s hope Valentine keeps the love going strong!


  3. Empty nest syndrome in reverse? What a shock for the little fella! Am sure he will learn and cope though, which always amazes me! Nature, if only we would follow the instincts!
    What a wonderful experience for you and thanks for sharing 💕


    • Thank you! I just read today that the nature preserve abutting our property has been extended to well over 1200 acres, which means the wildlife will remain here unmolested. Hooray!!


    • Yes. Owls have always been elusive for me, so it is a major thrill to have them here with me everyday and night. Owlet should be popping on top of his box any minute now.


  4. Great photography! Love that little owl…actually one of my favourite animals. Absolutely love your work. It’s always wonderful, very creative and so artistic.


  5. These are incredible pictures! This bird is beautiful! Owls are my favourite birds and I like to paint them and draw them as well as collect any and all figurines that I find that represents an owl. You are a magnificent photographer and chronicler of nature. Love your work!


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