Baby Peter Cotton Tail~

So far, Baby Valentine the owlet, only looks at Baby Peter Cotton Tail,

and visa versa!

They don’t know what to make of each other……


Cheers to you from The Holler’s still safe baby buntings~

212 thoughts on “Baby Peter Cotton Tail~

  1. Adorable! Baby bunnies running like fleas through my backyard. I keep telling them to shoo and get cover–hawk has been hunting . . . I’m a bleeding heart for these furry little guys.


    • The bunnies seem to hold their own. This morning Mama Roadrunner and her chick were attempting to hunt hummingbirds. Peter Rabbit hops over to watch the action, and Mama jumped down, and pecked him on the tush. Peter held his ground. Mama gave up and went back to hunting something she could actually eat. (I have the photos to prove this!) The free range cattle got through the fence again this morning. And our nearest neighbor was not yet up, so she didn’t see them consuming her entire garden. The Holler is a happening place! 😉

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    • Yes. The nature and wild creatures we live amongst have to the power to teach us and to heal and to make us feel a part of them, which, when you stop and think of about, it nothing short of wonderful. Thank you for making the connection.


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