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    1. Did you know when I was a kid, Burl Ives would sing and play guitar at my children’s library reading group. He just did it to be nice and I remember him well <3

        1. Yes. A bunch of times. He would come to the library. Us really little kids would sit in a circle on the floor around him, and he would sing and play the guitar. He was already very famous, and my mother had all his albums and would sing and play his songs on the guitar. He sang, as you know, about bunnies and birds and just wonderful creatures, like a musical Beatrix Potter. As kids, we just, couldn’t wait to go hear more of the world he would weave for us. He had a big influence on me, and wonderfully you! As did Ms. Potter <3

  1. I feel like you are sitting on the ground next to this sweet bunny to capture such a perfect photo of it. I hope he and Valentine never know any other relationship than kind observation. Just too sweet for words. Stunning, stunning photos!

      1. I know. I try to tell them what should be off limits but they don’t listen! The bunnies are pretty fast thought jumping in their little hole with their nests. I’ve seen more snakes and mice being carried by the hawks than anything else. Anything that has the slightest puff I turn away. You should have seen the bones under the bald eagle nest we went to see. Those eagles were eating some LARGE animals. I was pretty shocked

        1. You live such an amazing life! You focus on stuff that matters. We have more in common than you know. I find it remarkable that we both have learned to express this in much the same way. Life is pretty freaking amazing, you have to admit, just one example, I met you <3

          1. Oh I love that you said that so much.
            I love that you can see from my experiences through my photographs that I am finding beauty in times when I could just be laying here focusing on the pain. But I don’t. And you seem to understand that and that means a lot to me. Thank you!
            I am grateful to have met you too.

    1. Valentine has a sib! The sib is flying all around The Holler. Valentine is staying around the nesting box. It appears he likes it here. I think he may be either a really gifted owlet, or, not. But no matter. We like him here. He fits in with us. <3

    1. Thank you very much Maureen! This is my old reliable workhorse, the Sony HX400. It is wearing out though, as the bottom of the photos are appearing fuzzy. This is what happens when I exhaust my Sony.

  2. With a little gleeful imagination, could it be that little Baby Peter Cotton tail is growing beetroot in his big ears !!? He is adorable, and I just want to hug him. Lovely photos.

    1. Yes, it does look like this!! It is quite an efficient air conditioning system for cooling the blood as these little bunnies are desert cottontails. 🐰

  3. What a beautiful baby bun! Once one about that size managed to fall into the “window well” at my home. (A tiny “daylight” window about 3 feet below ground level with a metal grate covering the concrete “well”.) I had a devil of a time wriggling my fat rear into that cramped space to set him free. The neighbor’s idea of helping me was to bring his toddler out to look at the bunny… right after I managed to throw a cloth over the bun to catch him and let him hop away. (eye roll) I’m glad this bunny is safe. Hugs.

    1. You win a true wild-life rescuer honorary merit badge and permanent membership in The Holler-Critter-Saver Hall of Fame! Plus your story cracked me up. Toddlers are so helpful in such situations. We are just finally getting our new kitten Herbert over the pure joy of being fostered by a family with a two year old. My daughter is expecting twin boys. I can tell the Holler animals are already really excited about this!

    1. I don’t think so, but I do not know. This is a desert cottontail, and the vascular nature of the ears allow the rabbit to cool their blood on hot summer days. They function like air conditioners.

    1. Exactly. We have barn owls, great horned owls, hawks, and lots of ravens, AND lots of bunny-rabbits. So the bunnies seem to know what they are doing. They seem to hang out in close proximity to us, inside our fences, and in our gardens, which probably keeps them safe.

  4. Peter really does have a cotton tail. How cute! Maybe, the owlets & Peter will grow fond of each other and become friends? Well, a gal can always hope.

    1. I swear my brain loves being taken my these nursery school ditties. Yesterday it was, “Little Baby Bunting,” playing over and over. These little rhymes are such an improvement over my usual train of thought, which says a lot doesn’t it! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    1. This is a desert cotton tail. He lives in a very harsh and hot place. The veins in the sails of his ears work like portable air conditioners he carries with him everywhere. The veins cool his blood and allow him to survive.

    1. Actually it has cooled down a bit and strangely enough has been less hot than usual at The Holler for the last few days. I know the climate is wacky all over the world. I only worry about the animals and plants out here because it is so clearly not their fault.
      Beyonds “the borders” of The Holler, I do worry about every child though. We don’t seem to be doing a good job with children here in the US lately, do we, except, of course, for Ivanka, who is a very loving mother. To her own children. Only.

  5. Adorable! Baby bunnies running like fleas through my backyard. I keep telling them to shoo and get cover–hawk has been hunting . . . I’m a bleeding heart for these furry little guys.

    1. The bunnies seem to hold their own. This morning Mama Roadrunner and her chick were attempting to hunt hummingbirds. Peter Rabbit hops over to watch the action, and Mama jumped down, and pecked him on the tush. Peter held his ground. Mama gave up and went back to hunting something she could actually eat. (I have the photos to prove this!) The free range cattle got through the fence again this morning. And our nearest neighbor was not yet up, so she didn’t see them consuming her entire garden. The Holler is a happening place! πŸ˜‰

      1. Oh my, it surely is a happening place. Hope the free range cattle aren’t suffering from indigestion though I expect your neighbour will wish they are, to teach them a lesson.

        1. Plus, she is relatively new to The Holler, and she didn’t know about the Ankole Watusi. She saw him and his huge horns, but didn’t know, he was an African bull, bred to defend the herds against lions. The sight of him in her rose garden in early morning might really upset her digestion! πŸ˜‰

    1. They are both still here and doing well. Owl junior doesn’t seem to be much of a hunter, but then neither does Herbert the cat who catches flies with his paws, and lets them go, sorta like catch and release, with no injury. Critters are nice at The Holler. And you are a wonderful friend. Thank you Sally & cheers to you!

    1. Yes. The nature and wild creatures we live amongst have to the power to teach us and to heal and to make us feel a part of them, which, when you stop and think of about, it nothing short of wonderful. Thank you for making the connection.

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