Angel Face~

Holler Hooters,

are the very best neighbors!

This little guy,

flies with his friend Katie Pnewski,

at Avian Behavior International in Southern California.

We have nesting barn owls in our owl boxes at The Holler.

Check out this frumpy little chick on his first day out of his nest, napping, and making a new friend!

Cheers to you from The Happy Holler Hooters~

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      1. Hi Cindy, I am well thank you. The children are a wonderful support for me. I now have time for my music and art. Peter was so unwell for quite some time and his care was my focus. There just wasn’t any time for me. Life does go on although I miss him very much.

        1. I am so sorry you went through this truly difficult time. Being the sole caretaker is so hard and then dealing with the loss and grief afterwards is a cruel reward. One can easily get lost in the whole stressful process. Finding time now for YOU is not easy either but so worth it. My thoughts and prayers are with you Leslie. Take extra good TLC of yourself now. It is your time. Cheers & love to you! დდ

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  2. they are so adorable, when we get sightings of an owl.. especially at this time of year.. the photographers come from all across the area. to try to get a picture.. what is the fascination with owls… i do admit they are really cute.

    1. Yes they are. I love them too. I love living with them. I call back and forth with The Great Horned Owls regularly. One night, one swooped silently, so close above my head, my hair ruffled in his breeze. What a thrill! He could have hurt me, but he just made infinitesimally close contact, so skillfully. I was awed დ

  3. Angel indeed dear lady, and big night time eyes. And that story of your junior Barn Owl would have been great to watch his first days. I had a friend who had slept in his van, woke up the next morning and opened his door…10 feet from his face was a Tawny Frogmouth, an owl down under so he couldn’t help but quietly click a few shots. The owl seemed un-amused in being disturbed at sleep. Great pictures and story dear lady, thank you 😀❤️🙏🏽

    1. I saw a Tawny Frog Mouth, and a Lyrebird and tooks photos of both, which were not very good, and is why I didn’t post them, but I was thrilled out of my guord to see them! I love your story too Mark! დ

    1. Yes! I agree with you. Owl eyes are incredible. So much of an owl’s brain is taken up by their visual processing center. They are incredibly observant creatures! დ

  4. The Barn Owl is an interesting bird Cindy with its dish face so well designed to pick up sound. Beautiful captures, especially the new born. This is the only owl I featured in my first book.

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  6. It is a rare and splendid experience to see a barn owl this closely, Cindy. Wow, such a beautiful bird. And that chick is absolutely adorable. Terrific photos and post, thank you.

  7. We have an owl house in a tree occupied by barn owls. In the summer the babies make quite a racket squawking all night for food while the parents hunt. We always know when the babies have left the nest by the sudden silence.

  8. Just look at that face, cuz! You should have saved this post for Valentine’s Day!!!. Beautiful shots though.
    Are you involved in any of this weather mess I keep seeing reported in CA? 🙁 ⛈️.

    1. Hi cuz! He’s quite a QT huh! We were the beneficiarcies of the atmospheric rivers that blew through here. The Holler was slammed with rain storms after rain storms. All good. Everything around us is green and happy. The creek is full and flowing. Hope all is well with you cuz and wonderful to hear from you! დდ

      1. Things sorta ok here no. Last 3wks have been lab work & doctor appts. one after the other. Eyes, ears, back, & then skin cancers. I’m just falling apart. Ya gotta be brave to get old and.😷🤕😷. ❤️‍🩹

        1. I am so very, very, sorry Paul. I wish I could make your suffering go away. Too few people realize how incredibly brave older people have to be, while at the same time, having little opportunity to talk in any real way about what they know is happening. It is a hard road to have to take. I am sending you my love as your almost cousin. I am sending you my prayers. And I am thinking about you cuz. Please stay in touch. Email me if you would like. I would like that. დდდ

  9. Those barn owls are beautiful! Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything more magical than seeing owls in the wild. They look so otherworldly, and their nocturnal lifestyles mean that any sighting of them is a treat.

      1. They are. All started in the 60’s. French fields were small, and scattered, the result of centuries of inheritance, transmission. One farmer could have ten different fields scattered on a few miles. All fields had hedges, rows of trees. where raptors nested. Hedgehogs, what have you. Then the government launched a swap programme. “I’ll give you my ten acre field over there in exchange for your which is adjacent to mine”. Cut the trees and hedges to make way for tractors… Gone the trees, the edges, wing blowing, floods, gone the nests…

          1. Yeees. Not all is bad in progress, of course. In that particular case, the intentions were good: redistribute the land in a more efficient way. Made moving around easier… But, no one thought about the consequences. those were the 60’s. No-one thought about habitat, eco-system balance… We have learnt. A bit… (And then we screw up elsewhere. LOL)
            Be good Cindy

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