Waves on tropical reefs,


a constant lullaby.

Island breezes,


flower scented air.

As the sun sets,

you doze and dream of mermaids,

waving from the sea.

Cheers to you from the peaceful Cooks~
(We are home at The Holler now, but I have a few more tranquil images from The Cooks to share with you).

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  1. Anonymous

    Oh so beautiful, and brings back wonderful memories of my recent cruise to the New Caledonian Islands. 😊 😊

  2. Hi Cindy. I’m glad to know you’re safely home. Thanks for sharing this vacation with us. I’m sick and tired of the rain we’ve had all week, but the water of those waves was still beautiful to behold. That golden sky-scape is gorgeous too. Hugs on the wing!

  3. Hoffentlich sie und ganz Familie, das Fernweg von euch ist,, und er seid weitweg von solchen Drama, in Tx ,,,
    Herrlichen unberührt Natur, toll Foto (°L*)

    1. Ahhh, so nett und so geschätzt. Die kontinuierliche Gewalt ist Hörsturz. Es bringt mich dazu, mich dauerhaft auf eine tropische Insel ausdehnen zu wollen. Schönes Wochenende mein Freund und danke!

      1. 🥀👍 Oh my God, it is possible a isel please without storms because they come quickly with surprise!!! Many thanks and my best wishes to the feast on Monday & Beautiful-time!! and extended weekends.

        1. We had a big storm while in Rarotonga, lots of flooding and torrential rains. But, then the sun came out, and the flowers bloomed. Happy weekend to you!

  4. I love waves. During my photography period years ago, I’d spend hours at the beach taking endless pictures. One of them is the background image for my blog titled “Stacking the Silver Sea.”

  5. Khaya Ronkainen

    Lovely! Your images are so fresh and inviting; Cook Islands is on the list of places to see. 🙂

    1. Thank you Amy. Some day I’m sure, we will be in the same place in the world, photographing the same thing, but we probably won’t recognize each other!

    1. Did you grow up by the ocean?
      I did. I don’t want to be with it all the time. I just need to touch base with it in a very extended manner, at least once a year.
      Be well my wonderful friend <3

      1. No oceans in Germany and I didn’t see one till my late 30’s. The peace it brings to the soul is almost overwhelming. I’m only 2 1/2 hours away and it could be 1000 since I can’t drive the distance anymore. My son and his partner took me for one night last month. It was heavenly.

        1. Germany. I didn’t know this about you. I’m sorry. I should have. There are oceans there on both sides, in the northern portion, The Baltic Sea, and The North Sea. Germany has a bunch of beach bunny Germans who grew up by the ocean, which may explain, indirectly, why the ocean resonates with you. Or maybe not. Who knows. You might just be smart, and be calmed by the presence of the sea. Hugs to you in either and all cases <3 <3

  6. I love your mermaid dreams, Cindy! The freshness and peacefulness of the islands is wonderful. I’m happy you have more to share 🙂

  7. Ha, it’s true! I cannot ‘like’ your post either, and it asked me to enter my details before I can post this comment. Also, the page is asking me to follow you, even though I am following you and receiving email updates! Cook looks like a Devine place, Cindy!

  8. Wonderfully serene pictures! It’s a few years now since I was last in the Cooks but I recall the quiet, the amazing sunsets – and the fact that it was possible to eat fresh game fish, daily!

  9. Waving right back Cindy, from the the Mars InSight Probe! The view’s a bit different to your gorgeous ones, nothing but blackness out here! As I am on the way to Mars it’s taking longer for W.P notifications to reach me all the way out here! There’s 1000’s of us on InSight so it’s pretty crowded lol. Decided to pass some time shopping on Amazon for NASA stuff…and then discovered the European Space Station shop too….spent the last week and a bit alternating between ordering, returning too large…too small…faulty…goods lol and being hopelessly distracted roaming the two sites for more goodies, leading to zero blog visiting or anything else constructive!! Now waiting for 1 replacement from NASA and a refund or exchange from European Space Agency! Happy days….plenty of time for blog visiting though!! 🙂

    1. Ahhh, Amazon in space. Don’t leave earth without it! Amazon knows me so well, when I sign in they already have my orders all picked out for me! It is so thoughtful of them. All I have to do is pay, which I have such an amazing facility and talent for doing, that is actually is rather terrifying. I am a true genius at spending money on Amazon! It sounds like you are too which I or course, admire greatly. I’m sure they offer next day delivery in the Mars orbit because they just wouldn’t settle for anything less. I would suspect the size issues may have more to do with your zero gravity environment. Your body is morphing, just like the Kelly twin who spent a year in space and found out he had grown when he returned to earth. He must be stoked he is now taller than his twin. (Don’t tell a soul this, but my daughter is pregnant with twins. I hope she doesn’t plan to take them to Mars before they are 21. She travels a lot, so I wouldn’t put it past her!)

      1. Wow! Congratulations to your daughter! Twins😍My friend has twin boys, they’re identical and it’s amazing to see them together. They share a really special bond but their personalities are quite different to each other other🙂
        Oh yes…you are a woman after my own heart Amazon-wise! It is truly terrifying, what am awesome talent I too have for spending money on Amazon!! The admiration is absolutely mutual! We are 1 in a million with our spending skills! 2nd to none! And then there’s those lovely, tantalising parcels that come rolling in as a consequence…daily!! I have surpassed myself at money spending on the mighty Amazon recently and my wardrobe us bursting at the seams 🤣 but there’s just one more item…ok…maybe 2 or…lol…that I can’t live without before I have to call it a day for now…but as you say, my body is morphing! It is very important the clothing keeps up with it!! 😉😂 Actually the bank account’s morphing at least as fast…but its definitely not growing or enlarging!! It’s getting very small and tiny and it’s seems to be shrinking to the size of a very small particle! Well not to worry…I’m half way to Mars separated from myself and my bank manager by the great vastness of space! So, let me order that last can’t live without, must have at all costs, item…or 2…super quickly…before it morphs into my bank statement!! Or was that my credit card statement….oh dear! Maybe it was both!!!!😆🤣 It’s fine…I’m in the black for now out here in space 😉 I won’t be in the red till I get to Mars! And in the current conditions I’ll be buried in red dust storm so no worries there either! 😎😁😅

        1. I am just very envious you are in space. Your bank statement will be expanding exponentially in zero gravity. You can spend MORE!!!
          Now I want to send my bank accounts to space…….
          Hugs to you sweet friend <3

          1. 🤣😂 That’s so true! My bank statement is expanding in leaps and bounds and is a joy to my eyeballs😆 A bank account in zero-g is a wonder to behold and I think I just saw any potential over-expenditure issues sucked away into a neighbouring black hole…gone forever! Amazon in space is a great combination with my bank account floating around-up there too😅😄😀

  10. Welcome home to The Holler ! I’m sure all the creatures we’ve grown to love through your beautiful photo’s have been missing you. I’m smitten with your kitten too and since they grow so fast, you must be witness to all those playful and silly moments 😀 Can you just imagine Captain Cook and his sea weary crew arriving there? What a contrast to the dirt, crime and stench in the streets of jolly old England of the time. x This world is magical ! <3

    1. I can well imagine Cook in the tropics. I am sure they wanted to stay, and not return to England, and this is probably one of the reasons why Captain Bly’s men mutinied and ended up married to native women, living out their lives, half naked on Pitcairn Island. Smart blokes! 🌺

  11. Wow! Cindy!! These are such fantastic photos!!! So, are you a professional or just a photo buff?
    Came over on a share by Charles. Hope you won’t mind if I share this on my blog???
    Bellissimo, Cindy, Bellissimo

    1. Just a hobbyist photographer. I picked it up when I retired early and we starting traveling all the time. I am honored you will share the post on your blog and thank you sincerely for your thoughtfulness 🌺

  12. BONJOUR ou BONSOIR avec Du Bonheur CINDY


    Le bonheur se lit dans les cœurs
    L’amour s’écrit avec toujours
    La gentillesse est une caresse
    L’amitié, que de la bonté
    La présence source d’indulgence
    La tendresse est une richesse
    Que l’on a au fond de son coeur
    Sachons cultiver ce bonheur
    Passe une belle et agréable journée ou soirée
    En ce jour qu’il soit plein de joie et de la bonne humeur
    Gros bisous



  13. Back but not back. It happens to me also. Travel stays with you, even when you don’t go ( if you are blessed with perceptive travelling friends!) Wonders in those images!

        1. Kitty will stay at The Holler with family unless it’s local travel in which case he can come with. Thank you for such lovely thoughts and be well Kerri <3

  14. Oooooh! These photos are so crystal clear and stunning! I love the big wave and white caps, the blue blue waters and skies. What a place this must be!

    1. I am thinking the warm tropical waters, not to mention the doggie friends, might be just what the doctor doesn’t order to heal your foot!!!! But that is why you have a doctor and not me advising you! 😉 <3

    1. Ahhh, I am so happy that I help you have sweet dreams Sally. You certainly deserve them my friend and we all need positive imagery to help us dream well at night. Hugs to you my friend <3

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  16. The flowers are stunning but it is the “surf’s up” that beckons me… 🙂 I do believe I am over due to hit the beach. 😉

      1. That would be perfection. While I do plan some trips, with the Med being only about 15 min. from my door, the car knows the way and I frequently find myself there … c’est la vie. I will keep an eye out for you. 😉 <3

  17. Cindy, you must’ve had a wonderful time there. It looks so serene and I really loved your photos and text. Very reflective.
    Best wishes,

  18. Oh my! This was enchanting and charming in the poetic words you chose, Cindy! 💕 Thank you for sharing this gorgeous island setting with us all to sleep with dreams of idyllic beauty. 🏖️💙🏝️

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