The Cooks are for Critters~

Chicks on chairs.

Goats in gardens.

Cows in clover.

Terns in trees.


in the air.

Mynas at your feet,

and at your door.

Girl on the sea,

son down deep.
The Cooks are for critters like you and me.
Cheers to you from the critterful Cooks~

203 thoughts on “The Cooks are for Critters~

  1. My favorite, the goat in the garden. Personality plus. Then there were the two terns showing affection. Chickens on the chairs meant I would be looking carefully before sitting down. πŸ™‚ And I thought “loud” when I saw the myna birdβ€” if my memory serves me correctly. Fun photos and comments as always, Cindy! –Curt


  2. Love your photos, Cindy. They always express your love for photography and nature. The terns in the tree is a real stand-out shot. Looks like you’ve captured an intimate moment. ❀


  3. Fun post!
    The myna here reminded me of two myna birds I met a long time ago. I have never metbeen such talkative birds. They repeated words and sounds they heard, they’d alert the homeowner of people coming to the house, they call familiar names. What fun birds to be with.


  4. Cindy, these are great!!! I want to cuddle them all (not the humans)!!! I keep seeing your little gravatar on blogs I stumble upon, you get around supporting others : ) For some reason, your recent posts aren’t showing up on my feed. When I saw your head in a “like” today it reminded me how beautiful your photos are. I had to click on your name in my “follows” to see your site. It was well worth it!


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