Common Folk~

Are underrated. (Click and enlarge to see the tiny details).

Like this Holler bathing birdie,

a California Towhee, who isn’t much impressed with the paparazzi, smart birdie!

This yellow house finch has a deformed beak and foot, but is doing well on Holler handouts.

Male yellow house finches are less successful with the ladies than their ruby colored cousins, but I think the ladies lack vision.

Mocking Birds may be common,

but they are oh so smart, and very handsome.

House finches are everywhere,

but are really quite adorable!
Cheers to you from The Holler common folk~

239 thoughts on “Common Folk~

  1. I have a delightful Texas friend who shares your passion for photographing birds, but I have to say no one has ever captured birds as beautifully as you do.
    I am saluting your awesome ability all the way from South Carolina.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

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  2. That little finch is so elegant! Such queenly details in those images
    Love the first picture of the mockingbird whose shape mirroring the blue and white vessel. Nicely done!
    So nice to see (and hear) birds after such a winter. Robins are still hanging out here waiting for the warm weather signal so they can move on. We rarely see them this time of year as they rapidly pass through on their way home – (everyone goes faster going the way back home HAHA)

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  3. Cool photos Cindy– so exquisitely detailed! Are these bird feeders in your yard?? I left the back door open for fresh air this week and a hummingbird flew into our family room. It was a trick getting out the window! (no pictures to show for it!) Love yours posts! xox

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  4. Cindy, these are all so beautiful! I have always loved finches. We have a couple of different kinds here at the hatchery-I think house finches and gold finches. I haven’t put feeders out yet this year. I have never seen a holler, though. It’s eyes are gorgeous! 🙂

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  5. Uncommonly beautiful, I’d say. And unimpressed with the likes of us. Good role models for attire, posture, and attitude. And how generously they bless you with their presence. (Jealous here, happy to confess)

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    • What a very kind comment. Thank you very much. I do think wild birds are excellent role models. I have watched so many of them over the years, and learned much about how to live. Cheers to you & thank you!


  6. Bonjour ou Bonsoir mon Ami, Amie CINDY
    Une légende dit
    Qu’il existe un paradis
    On y trouve un trésor
    Celui de la vraie amitié
    Ce bien précieux d’amitié est une fleur
    Elle est remplit de bonheur
    Sent-tu ce parfum
    C’est celui de l’amitié qui jamais ne s’éteint
    Donc je me suis dit que cette légende t’était destinée

    Car en toi j’ai trouvé un ami ou une amie vraiment spéciale

    Bonne journée on bonsoir

    gros bisous


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