The Same Sun Shines For Us All~

Sunset in the open ocean off Peru.
This post is in honor of the innocent victims of gun violence in our country and their families. I honor the children who are leading our country away from the path of despair and gun violence.
“The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.” (Isaiah 11:6. New International Version).

I salute and stand in solidarity with our student leaders today, and everyday, and all who support the will of the people for safety, sanity, and gun regulation.

The same sun sets for us all,

over the peaceful sea.

Mother Nature’s silent symphony,

a promise of enduring hope,

and lasting peace.

265 thoughts on “The Same Sun Shines For Us All~

  1. I really admire these kids for standing up to power. They’ll be our future leaders and they’re showing, they fear no one. I’m super proud of them, may God bless them. 🙂

  2. Love your sentiments and I too stand with you in solidarity. Hope is shining brighter…their March is definitely going to continue till our children and grandchildren feel secure everywhere.

  3. Poetically stunning post, Cindy.
    I was in tears today, as I watched America’s youth on TV.
    They are a very astute and challenging future for earth. I adore them!

    1. They give me such hope and I feel such pride in them and in their families. They are the other Americans, the ones we haven’t been hearing enough from. I am so glad we are hearing from them now. <3

  4. This inspires me read the bible- so I thought many times in the past and never took action to this date… Stunningly beautiful pictures Cindy, thank you for sharing with us.

  5. Great photos and excellent words, Cindy. We should all cheer on and support the younger generation, who give us hope that more sanity will emerge from their generation than from the generations we “olduns” are part of! We failed in too many important areas.

    1. Yes we have failed them. But it is incredibly heartening to see them take the lead isn’t it, when we have not. The young man who survived the Florida shooting and told the NRA spokeswoman. “I will protect your children when you will not.”
      He silenced her.
      I was in awe. I am in awe of them.
      Thank you Peter for your honesty. <3

    1. I have been home since early January, but I surely do enjoy sunsets mid-ocean and have a few more to post. And yes I agree with you completely, it is time for change! 💜

  6. Safety and sanity! Hard to understand how it’s been allowed to continue for so long, Cindy. Definitely insane. Thank you for adding your beautiful photos to the plea. 🙂

  7. The massacre of 20 elementary students at Sandy Hook did not move the hearts of these NRA -bought politicians. I highly doubt this March will touch the hearts of these Republicans. These kids should go and register, and use the power of their votes to boot out these politicians and replace them with those willing to legislate gun control laws that really matter….. like banning the sale of semi – automatic assault weapons.

      1. Those kids at the March , they are so smart and passionate. Emma Gonzales should run for office . Oh, wait, me ???? I’ll just vote , pay my dues , hope for the best, and overall, be a good citizen.

  8. Great reminder of the impossibly beautiful larger world that is reflected in the children, all of them together, a circleof light glowing through clouds that only enhance their message of hope and peace.

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    I missed standing in the light of the young persons yesterday, but today and from now on I can be warmed by their spirit as reflected in the work of this artist.

  10. Where we have gone for the winter the past two years, of the sunrises and sunsets, I love sunrises over the water. And in my opinion, the sunrises are more beautiful than the sunsets. Great catches here.

    1. Yes, I see in them the spirit we had back in the day, and we did change the world, at least for awhile. We never could have even imagined a president like trump though……

      1. Looking at the young people does remind me of my days at Berkeley in the 60s. Followed by the Peace Corps and then the environmental movement, Cindy. Yes, we did make a difference. And I am beginning to think that even Nixon looked good in comparison to Trump. –Curt

  11. The young are leading the way and we cannot afford to fail them. It doesn’t end with the march. That is the starting point. There is so much work to do that each generation must do all they can to help. Thanks Cindy for the reminder that is sorely needed. RESPONSIBILITY AND CONSCIENCE MUST GO HAND IN HAND! France stands with you.

        1. When I worked for the YMCA I was pretty offended that it had non-profit status since it was up there with fortune 500 companies in terms of profits from it’s exercise clubs, but it had a charitable mission, charitable services, and focused on services to the vulnerable. The NRA can claim none of this.

    1. Yes! Thank you dear Lea! I find it hard to believe that we have fallen so far in America. But these brave and beautiful young people give me hope that they will lead the older generation out of the horrible mess they have made of things.

  12. We live in a time of great peril and great opportunity. Your words offer healing and hope. May we embrace courage for the journey head. Sending hugs and love…

  13. A beautiful post filled with hope Cindy. I also applaud all those lovely children and their supporters I pray that it will lead to a major change in the gun laws.

  14. Cindy, my sweet friend, your spirit shines as brightly as the sun and as beautifully as your exquisite photos. I would love to see this post go viral. Hugs ❤❤❤

  15. Absolutely stunning, Cindy. I love Pacific sunsets. What an inspiring day yesterday. I was riveted, inspired, full of hope and pride for these amazing teenagers doing what adults haven’t had the will to do. Amazing!

  16. That is so beautiful Cindy, your words, your pics and post for the youth. I pray there will be leaders that rise up in those groups who stand together in this cause to make a difference.

  17. I’m wary of commenting on another country’s affairs – but good for you, Cindy, and all power to those students. The issue puzzles most of us over here. Lovely photos – as usual.

    1. Yes, I can well understand why it puzzles you. It is mind boggling. I support the second amendment, but there needs to laws to stop citizens from purchasing automatic weapons of war whose only purpose is to kill multiple people rapidly, and there needs to be a process similar to getting a drivers license, with age restrictions and oversight, including interviews and exams for anyone buying a gun. This issue is our country’s, but is also the world’s, and we clearly could use advice from countries with more sensible gun laws and much lower rates of gun violence and murder.

    1. Ahhh, thank you so much Charles. Of course I know you would support these wonderful student leaders. I can tell by the way you interact with your students. It is so heartening to see these students speaking eloquently and taking the lead when our leaders will not. <3

    1. I understand a couple was arrested with an arsenal of AK 15’s and grenades in a hotel room in Boston and were monitoring the march. I wonder when the madness will ever end?

  18. Gorgeous Sally, as usual I am late having just discovered this as a reblog at Charles French. No matter what I try I can’t bet your blog in my mail and notification. ♥️🌹I’ll keep trying!

    1. Wir leben in Südkalifornien, also haben wir viel Sonnenschein, aber nicht genug Wasser. Es gibt immer ein Problem, wo auch immer man lebt. Frohe Ostern mein Freund! <3

  19. Where have you been that I have only just found you! Perfect insight and such a tantalising profile. These kids could very well change the direction of an entire country if they are allowed to evolve and grow. If they are not smothered and silenced. I pray for them that the loud voices who govern that will hear them. But I am afraid. c

  20. Cindy, the images are lovely and the sentiments even lovelier. Thank you for this post.
    One of my favorite scriptures with such a powerful message for the world.
    It’s so difficult for me to comprehend how some people view life so very differently.
    As Butch Cassidy memorably remarked, I see the world with 20/20 vision. Everybody else is wearing bifocals.

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    I will leave you tonight with some images of a sun going down on the sea courtesy of Cindy Knoke. In her own words
    “Sunset in the open ocean off Peru. This post is in honor of the innocent victims of gun violence in our country and their families. I honor the children who are leading our country away from the path of despair and gun violence.
    “The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.” (Isaiah 11:6. New International Version). The UK is facing its own issues with young people and violence, particularly in the first three months of the year in London. The way we do things has to change.

    1. Just after I left my comment (above–3 exclamation points), I was clearing out my blog’s spam folder and saw that some idiot had gone through a post and left exclamation points as a quick way of trying to get someone to click through to their website. Arghh. Also sorry. I was trying to cheer you on, but quickly so I could go clear out my spam folder….

      1. No worries. We all know what a pain it is to deal with the spam trolls and I know you are very far from either of these, so thank you very much for cheering this movement on & hugs to you <3

  22. I applaud your sentiments in this post, Cindy! This is a wonderful post in memory of those whose lives were cut short for preventable reasons and in tribute to those who fight for the right of all to live full and long lives. <3

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