French Old Wooden Treasures~

The Alsatian Museum in Strasbourg France is located in three adjoining homes built in the 1600’s.

All the homes have inner courtyards with multi-storied covered walkways.

We stayed in the Hotel Corbeau nearby that was similar in style and built in 1528.

The museum homes are filled with over 5000 artifacts depicting everyday life.

Hand carved and painted woodwork is especially charming as you see in this very cozy bed.

Flour mill spouts attest to the emphasis placed on artistry in everyday living.

Many homes of this era contained family businesses like this old pharmacy.

This typical traveling prayer case demonstrates both faithful devotion and an artistic sensibility.
Cheers to you from the old wooden treasures of France~

201 thoughts on “French Old Wooden Treasures~

  1. We are near Seattle for a conference this weekend. Our hotel is across the street from the Harley Davidson show room and IKEA. I might wander around these as they were museums to the 21st century living. 🏍 -Oscar

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  2. Wondrous! I experienced these scenes as a mini getaway! Looking forward to the real thing some day! In the meantime, I adore these images and am so grateful for that craftsmanship and woodwork! The challenge of missing other eras and their inspirations… while living in these contemporary times.
    Thank you, again.

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  3. Hi Cindy! I would have loved loved to see this museum. I think those slice of life museums (like the open air museums) are fascinating. the first photo reminds me of a 17th century place we stayed in Colmar (nearby). Fun fun post Cindy! xo

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  4. Lovely, gorgeous and so special!! I am treasuring seeing a wide variety of French and Bayou items in flea markets and other locations in both Louisiana and Mississippi. Hugs from Long Beach and love your positive views on LIFE!


  5. What a wonderful place! My ancestor is possibly from Alsace-Lorraine, named Andree, and I’ve always wondered about that place. I love the flour spouts, especially that the women’s had bigger mouths. LOL And that vine, growing up the courtyard. I’ve always wanted a courtyard. πŸ™‚


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