Parrot Fever~

Parrots prove that Mother Nature,

likes to rock the color quotient.

I think she has parrot fever,

and she gave it to me!

Do you think these cuties know how gorgeous they are?

The clue is in their eyes,

and their flirtatious dispositions!

Cheers to you and I hope you catch the parrot fever too~

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  1. Lol you kinda did with all those colorful and pretty pictures of the parrots. My neighbor used to have one that talks – always made my day with the crazy words he was taught – 😊

  2. their colours and their presence.. I have one in my life, believe me she is a personality to be reckoned with. my son when he got her named her after the German shepherd guard dog my Mother had, thinking the bird was a male, he was new to birds and accepted what the previous owner told him. We learned in fact she is a she, over the years, has shown that her name (LOL) suits her. very well. They an be very protective of their owner and what they consider is their domain. Their vivid colours, I think is a clue to their strength of character. In the wild they must be so majestic…

  3. Looking at these pictures, I’m getting envious again of their quality: absolutely great. And wow, that riot of coulours! Wonderful!
    Have a great weekend,

        1. They can sing, imitate machine sounds. They are being studied for a host of complex cognitive processes that were thought before to be the purview of intelligent mammals~

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  5. They are so amazing gorgeous that it’s hard to believe they are from earth. Hmm, perhaps they are from another planet a long time ago, and were slipped into our world to confuse us with their beauty.

      1. Yes, they are. My daughter had a couple of them once, a male (Jake) and a female named Jessie. They were so funny, did the craziest things. Jake could say a few words too. He hopped onto a peanut once on her counter, rolled it while riding it and when it fell onto the floor he sprinted up to get off in a hurry. lol It was so funny. We laughed at those too all the time. They had such character.

  6. Awesome photos, Cindy! 🙂
    I used to breed macaws, including the Hyacinths and the Blue and Golds. Now that i’m older, i got out of the breeding, but do have a couple as pets/friends. Both talk well, especially Tweetie Pie. When i asked her what she wanted for Christmas, i named a whole bunch of things, like new learning videos, toys, extra sunflower seeds, grapes, apples, and other things that she could get. Her answer for what she wanted was: “Everything.” 🙂

    1. Oh my God! I have fantasies about getting a Hyacinth, but I have to stop traveling first. When I am ready I will talk to you first. We are supposed to be visiting a macaw rescue facility in Costa Rica, si Dios quiere. I am so anticipating this.
      So, if Tweetie Pie is a good little macaw, I will assume she is getting everything!

  7. Oh Cindy you’re hitting my buttons now! I love birds. I had small birds to get my feet yet then bought an Umbrella Cockatoo, she was by baby. Some birds are so smart it’s scary. I love the Hyacinth MaCaw, they are very smart and huge. I decided on skipping when I saw how big they were and the 14K+ sticker shock. The Lorikeets are beautiful with all the color mixes. I was surprised they are nectar eaters. I hung around an incredible bird store after my brain surgery. I has so much to learn. I went up everyday to feed Stormy starting at three weeks and brought her home soon after. The bond with birds is much like a dog to me. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    1. Umbrellas are a bit of a handful in captivity, so you deserve kudos for carrying it off! I have seen people cuddling cockatoos, or is it the other way around, cockatoos hugging people?
      I saw so many cockatoos in Australia, just goofing around in flocks like it was normal! Laughing……I kept going, “Wait, wait….those are cockatoos!
      And the locals are going, “Yeah love, we have lots of ’em here.”
      We are supposed to go back to Australia in March and I can’t wait. Our trip is focusing on birds. When I saw galahs running in flocks on the grass, it dawned on me, this is how these birds are meant to be. They are completely social creatures. There is ongoing research now pairing birds with humans to help them overcome PTSD, mostly combat veterans. And guess what? It works. Birds are social and intelligent and they seem to understand us better than we do ourselves.
      I love them too <3

      1. Stormy would lay on my chest and we would nap, I’d pull the cover up on her. It was so cute. I taught her to fly to bathtub at potty time. I love her so much. In the divorce I had no place for her, my ex didn’t take care of her at all. He called me asking why she was plucking her feathers. I asked what has changed in her surroundings, oh just his girlfriend and her dog. Girlfriend never like Stormy. Very sad, I’ll always miss her.
        Today I had the please of saving a Honey Bee from our pool then get it on my finger. It was not crazy about geraniums so I had it get back on hand to take to our massive full bloom rosemary. I held it up to drink some flowers and dry off. The I found a nice sturdy brach with lots of flowers and they lived another day.

        1. Yep, bees can be very polite if you move slowly around them and are quiet. I had a swarm fly at me and separate like the Red Sea and fly around me with a noise like a 747 at close range. It was absolutely thrilling. Bees can be very polite on a quiet person’s fingers. I should try some photos of this. I rescue bees from our bird baths too. You and I have much in common. <3 <3

      1. March is definitely the best month over here. Have you planned where you are going, and have you been here before? I would love to meet you and if you are in the Gold Coast area, so much to do around here, we have a lovely little self contained granny flat that we love sharing with friends and family, you are welcome to stay…

        1. I would love to meet up with you and Jack! Thank you for your lovely offer. We have our accommodations booked, but I would still love to meet you both if it would work for your two! Here is our itinerary so you can figure out the possibilities (Our trip is April not March sorry):
          Sydney for two nights.
          We return to Booderee National Park area for three nights in April. I have been, and want to go back to hang out with the birds!
          Then we board a ship for 8 nights to the Barrier Reef stopping at Arlie Beach, Cairns, Port Douglass, and Willis Island for day visits only.
          Off the boat, we get our car back and spend three nights in Noosa NP.
          One night on the Gold Coast (Is this near you?)
          Then three nights in Lamington NP.
          Brisbane for one night, and we fly home.
          If we can meet it would be lovely! We can drive to you if we are near you.
          We are also going back to Rarotonga for a week to break up the flight.

          1. Dearest Cindy I am so excited to know you will just be down the road from us in the Gold Coast so we must get together. I was going to tell you about O’Reillies, we had American friends stay with us a few years back and they are dedicated “tweeters” and had a 3 day stay in Lamington on a special bird watching weekend and were so excited to tell us they saw rare lyre bird and he was performing… what a pity you only have one day on the GC email me and we can meet up

            1. Thank you for the email address. I will give you the specific date. The GC day is perfect as I had no idea what we would do there. I can’t even imagine seeing a Lyre…….. <3

  8. The parrots are gorgeous, Cindy, and beautifully photographed.
    I recognise the first two as being a male & female Eclectus parrot (from Melbourne zoo trips).

      1. I know you’ll be visiting the natural landscape next year, Cindy, but don’t forget to try and see our zoos. I don’t know about the other states, but we have 3 zoos in Melbourne. A normal one, landscaped and many walk=through areas. Werribee Park Zoo which is an open-range zoo and Healesville Sanctuary, which is natural bushland and bird sanctuary.

  9. Brilliant Cindy!! Another time when I say–how did she manage to get so much vivid detail in these photos?? Where did you take these photos? My guess– the San Diego Zoo?? Great set of photos!! hugs friend.

    1. Not the zoo. These photos were taken in three places. Two of the birds were in Dubrovnik on the street with their owner, several in California at a free flight parrot rescue and the Safari Park, and the rest in BC Canada. Not a one in a tropical locale!

  10. Wow! Colors exploding with such gentle and flirtatious parrots! I think they may know we love them and people give them treats, too. But I Know why they love You! You take photos of their “good sides.” Lol 😀

  11. Hi Cindy. The only parrots I’ve met in person were on my trip to Hawaii in August. Each one is so brilliant and extravagant in its costume of feathers. I really enjoyed seeing them all, especially the yellow-eyed blue beauty on the branch. <3

  12. Rocking the colour vibe indeed! Gorgeous one and all. Did you visit a parrot sanctuary? I think they all must be happy and healthy as there’s no signs of feather pulling. A friend of mine had a little ‘love bird’ for some time. They look like tiny little parrots. Jose was his name and he would ride along on the tail of Darryl’s Daniel Boon style hat around the yard. Or in his shirt pocket too. It’s fascinating what a long life they have <3 xb

    1. I took these all over the world, two are from sanctuaries but many were pets as you mentioned with your friend, and taken from the arms of people on my travels! 🐦🐦 hugs to you my dear friend <3

  13. Bonjour ou Bonsoir mon AMIE CINDY très joli les perroquets

    Le Bisou est un excellent signe d’affection
    Surtout à l’approche des fêtes

    Cela fais toujours du bien
    Il témoigne de l’Amitié et de Réconfort

    Ou une réponse et à un besoin
    Vive les bienfaits du Bisou

    Je t’en fais plein ..

    C’est avec ces bisous que je viens
    Te souhaiter une belle journée ou belle soirée
    Pleine de douceur ou une nuit remplit de beaux rêves
    Biiiiisouuuus BERNARD

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    1. They are simply phenomenal creatures aren’t they, and so intelligent, also so endangered which is terribly sad. Heading over to check out you site because I love parrots! <3

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