Parrot Fever~

Parrots prove that Mother Nature,

likes to rock the color quotient.

I think she has parrot fever,

and she gave it to me!

Do you think these cuties know how gorgeous they are?

The clue is in their eyes,

and their flirtatious dispositions!

Cheers to you and I hope you catch the parrot fever too~

328 thoughts on “Parrot Fever~

  1. Hi Cindy. The only parrots I’ve met in person were on my trip to Hawaii in August. Each one is so brilliant and extravagant in its costume of feathers. I really enjoyed seeing them all, especially the yellow-eyed blue beauty on the branch. ❤

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  2. Rocking the colour vibe indeed! Gorgeous one and all. Did you visit a parrot sanctuary? I think they all must be happy and healthy as there’s no signs of feather pulling. A friend of mine had a little ‘love bird’ for some time. They look like tiny little parrots. Jose was his name and he would ride along on the tail of Darryl’s Daniel Boon style hat around the yard. Or in his shirt pocket too. It’s fascinating what a long life they have ❤ xb

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  3. Bonjour ou Bonsoir mon AMIE CINDY très joli les perroquets

    Le Bisou est un excellent signe d’affection
    Surtout à l’approche des fêtes

    Cela fais toujours du bien
    Il témoigne de l’Amitié et de Réconfort

    Ou une réponse et à un besoin
    Vive les bienfaits du Bisou

    Je t’en fais plein ..

    C’est avec ces bisous que je viens
    Te souhaiter une belle journée ou belle soirée
    Pleine de douceur ou une nuit remplit de beaux rêves
    Biiiiisouuuus BERNARD


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