Shy Guys~

Check out some of The Holler’s shy guys like this very skittish Yellow Breasted Chat.

Black Phoebe’s are some of my favorite birds.

They sleep under our porch roof all year and will not budge from the perch in winter. It’s too cold to move!

They are avid people watchers.

Acorn Woodpeckers are extremely shy at The Holler, and hard to capture, because they have large oak groves to select acorns from and rarely bother to visit the feeders.

They always seem to know where I am before I do!

Mockingbirds only visit the bird baths on very hot days.

This Scrub Jay is worse for wear. It looks like something, probably the Roadrunner, grabbed him by the neck.

But he got away and recovered, helped by copious quantities of Holler seeds.

Spotted Towhees are very rare Holler visitors.

And then of course we have very shy Squirrely who thinks he’s a bird.
Cheers to you from The Holler shy guys~

228 thoughts on “Shy Guys~

    1. Every couple of weeks a bird will visit that I am unfamiliar with. The latest was a pure black bird with a pronounced mohawk and red eyes. I found out what he was, but I can’t remember now. I love when this happens!

      1. Maybe you ought to keep a log? It would be interesting to see what comes over the course of a year and you could report sightings to e-Bird and/or FeederWatch to help scientists in their bird studies.

      1. Awww, What a determined squirrel! Now I have this lyric stuck in my head πŸ™‚
        I believe I can fly
        I believe I can touch the sky
        I think about it every night and day
        Spread my wings and fly away…

    1. The Phoebe’s are such sweet birds in terms of temperament and the jays are so shy here, although not at picnic grounds I visit. I am relieved he recovered too. I watched him and can verify he did! πŸ₯

  1. Thank you for introducing your beautiful feather friends. πŸ™‚ Remarkable captures, Cindy!
    Do they stay with you through the winter?

  2. Are you 100% positive Squirrely is not a bird? It could be a night-flying squirrel. I believe they are a sub-species of a bird/squirrel eco-mutant union. It sounds horrible, I know, but of course I made this hideousness up. HALLOW’EEN in 2 weeks!!!!!

  3. I love the way you give such character and personality to even the smallest, and most ordinary little birds and creatures. They all have a story and you tell theirs very well. Blessings and cheers to you, too, Cindy. πŸ™‚

    1. We used to have more of them when I was a kid. We have them now, but not in the same numbers. I have always loved them. My friend raised one. I love their mimicry and of course they are relentless rattlesnake hunters!

    1. We don’t have cats. Coyotes would eat them, but we do have roadrunners and they are actually fairly cat like! Glad you saw some new birds. New birds are always fun to see~

    1. And so shy at The Holler. He has his oak groves so he rarely ventures to the feeders and when he does he is so skittish! When I walk to the groves all the woodpeckers, hundreds of them become silent and stay that way.

  4. Great photos like these must have taken quite a bit of patience. I’ve had good luck with butterflies, bees, and spiders, but the birds always fly away before I can snap them. The Spotted Towhee is gorgeous.

    1. I have only seen him here that one time and feel grateful I was able to fire off a shot! There is not doubt about the fact that birds are the hardest thing for me to photograph too. They are so flighty!!! πŸ˜‰ 🐦

  5. The Black Phoebe is absolutely adorable. And so glad the Scrub Jay recovered. Gorgeous photos, Cindy. Thanks for sharing these little beauties. Hugs to you, my friend πŸ’š

  6. ‘Acorn’ believe Pope Woody is back for a visit. What a blessing to see him and the rest of the shy guys, dear friend. (βŽβΜ΄Μ›Ν‚β–ΏβΜ΄Μ›Ν‚βŽ)*✲゚*q⋆♑

  7. So beautiful. I’ve never seen a Black Phoebe but now that I have…I just love them. So adorable. Soft and fuzzy. Red eyes…gorgeous, a spotted squirrel and all the other lovelies. Thank you so much.

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      1. When I take photos, it’s point, shoot and pray. Hoping there is something to see when I get to look at it close. Blogging created the desire to photograph more and taught me to be more observant. Retirement has so many surprising benefits, doesn’t it?

  9. Took a short hike along a ridge crest yesterday. Heard lots of birds, but saw only a few. I’m a couple of hikes behind on writing about them. I’ll catch up with myself some day. -Oscar

  10. Brilliant and so colorfully vivid Cindy!! I wonder how long it takes you to capture that set of photos– so beautiful! I didn’t know mockingbirds were so colorful! thanks, thanks. xo

  11. Cindy, you are amazing in your ability to get all these birds to come visit. Your captures are awesome. πŸ™‚ I’m so glad you fattened up that scrub jay! So happy the roadrunner didn’t kill him.
    The black Phoebe’s are so cute looking and dear. πŸ’ž πŸ•Š

  12. Great pics. As you know, I am an avid birdwatcher, but I used to feed squirrels when I could get out and about. I can’t believe the Black Phoebe survives the winter. I enjoyed learning about these birds. I particularly loved the woodpecker! <3

    1. Wild birds are amazing to live around. You become part of their animal family. So happy you enjoyed our feathered and furry friends Nancy & cheers to you my friend~ <3

          1. Cindy, I am cured, I am in full remission although suffer with pain. But don’t we all in some way. I thought we would be saying cheers to each other, bk and forth on message. 😊

            1. Thanks for the clarification. I got confused because I read your post saying, “I Beat Cancer.” Yes we all do feel pain in different aspects of our feeling selves, physically and psychologically, and none of us will avoid being brought to our knees by it, both in our own minds and bodies, and in those of the one’s we love. In some ways, pain is the one thing we all have most have in common, although some people run hard from recognizing this, until of course, they can’t run anymore. I am so glad you beat cancer, so very sorry you had to fight it in the first place, and that you are left with chronic pain. <3

              1. It’s a great reminder I beat cancer with the support of my family. I am glad we are around each others posts now. Am getting used to this online thing now.. thank you for your caring thoughtful comments. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ¦

  13. What a wonderful collection, Cindy! Your shots are beautifully clear and detailed. I admire your patience–waiting for the right moment to shoot. Are you waiting a long while?

          1. WordPress has just notified me that I have had this blogs for six years as of yesterday. Where does it go? I owe so much to you Cindy. If not the first you were certainly one of them and you have stuck with me and sometimes kept me going. <3 <3

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