Fall Fell~

In the Eastern Sierra.

Casting trees in autumnal hues,

fringing lakes in liquid gold.

Creatures are scarce now,

as winter waits,

to toss her veil.

Cheers to you from the Sierras in the fall and prayers for those in the path of fire~

218 thoughts on “Fall Fell~

  1. Such beautiful images and color of it all considering the very recent, terrible fires raging through Calif. that I have been reading about and praying for people there. My thoughts and prayers to you all out there in Calif. Our country and people have been hit hard this year with drought, fires, storms and hurricanes. I appreciate and am thankful for every moment I spend out doors in our beautiful state while thinking of those in theirs who have suffered through these storms. Blessings to you, Cindy.

    1. Yes, we are facing quite on onslaught. Fire season has not ended yet for California. Heat waves are on the way for SoCal. There is a lot of suffering in our country now and I join you in prayer & hope for those who are suffering. Caring for each other in times like this makes the biggest difference, so thank you Joyce for caring~ <3

  2. Well, our fall fell…like a virus. One day it was 104 (we had a crazy extended summer), the next it was 68 with strong cold winds from the north. Everyone got sick. Finally, the leaves are just beginning to turn, so hopefully it will half as pretty as your pics. That means it will be gorgeous!
    Beautiful shots from a beautiful Cindy!

    1. Yes, the weather is seriously whacky. We got sick too, which we usually don’t. It snowed on us heavily and then was sunny the next day. I wish the precipitation would cross the Sierras and help poor devastated NoCal.

      1. It’s crazy how much devastation fire in dry areas can wrack up. I feel sad about that. We hear the news daily!
        On a more fun note, my 1000 Posts Gala is up, and I thank you largely for your contribution! <3

  3. Spectacular scenery, brilliant colours, an affirmation that we belong to a beautiful world that requires our love and attention. Today, we are having torrential rain in Vancouver after a long, hot, dry summer. I love the seasonal changes, the variations of climate. It is as if we are involved in a huge symphony that brings out the best in all of us. Hugs

    1. “Spectacular scenery, brilliant colours, an affirmation that we belong to a beautiful world that requires our love and attention.”
      I couldn’t possibly say it better myself. Thank you Rebecca~

      1. Oh yes, fall/winter has begun here. It will now rain until the end of March (if we’re lucky – if not it will be the end of April or May). I would gladly send some to NoCal if I could πŸ™

  4. Gosh I so badly want to visit this place! I just want to sit all wrapped up by that lake and stay there for hours! Your pictures are beautiful as always! πŸ™‚

    1. I’d love to do that with you and see how you would approach it. There are a lot of fault rifts running through the area, with lots of upheaval of geological layers, lots of lava falls too….

  5. Stunning photos Cindy! And lovely words with… 😊
    Seems the whole worlds weather in turmoil! Well there must be a plan – however uncomfortable or traumatic for us – thoughts go out to all πŸ™

  6. paulandruss

    And the Nature Photographer of the Year Award has surely got to go to…..
    Anticipatory hush….
    Oh yes indeed!
    Well deserved for all your stunning posts!

  7. Some stunning vistas here, Cindy. Would you like to choose one of your lovely photos as a guest submission to my Monday mystery feature on my blog? I post linkbacks to your site and credit you as photographer. I usually post them for two weeks. If you are interested, you can find my email under my profile ( on my gravatar, in the side bar). Much appreciated if you wish to do this.

    1. Well, how thoughtful of you thank you! I could pick a photo and send, or you can pick any of my photos you want that match the theme of your post which might be better. Let me know your preference and many thanks for your kindness!

      1. There isn’t a theme, Cindy. Each week is something new. I would love photos of somewhere in the American contintent, as I haven’t featured many of those. Would that be possible?

          1. I think the fourth one with the water in front of the rocks would be good. Is that a well known spot? I would need a sentence or two about it to post on the week of the ‘solution’ post. Would that be okay?

            1. How about something like (Edit freely and shorten please!) :
              This photo was taken on The Potash Road Dinosaur Tracks and Petroglyph cite in Moab Utah. Some of the petroglyphs in Moab are estimated to be from 3500 BC. The road along this river is covered with ancient petroglyphs sending messages to us from people in the past, and dinosaur footprints walking right alongside the road!

  8. We drove through the Sierras in mid-September and the leaves were just starting to turn in some areas. Beautiful pictures! Was sorry we couldn’t wait for the full Fall Foliage!

  9. These are beautiful. The water from high lakes is always so beautifully clear (although I woudn’t recommend swimming it -brrrr) . The trouble is it is so inviting and you’ve made me want to swim in it. πŸ˜€

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