Shy Guys~

Check out some of The Holler’s shy guys like this very skittish Yellow Breasted Chat.

Black Phoebe’s are some of my favorite birds.

They sleep under our porch roof all year and will not budge from the perch in winter. It’s too cold to move!

They are avid people watchers.

Acorn Woodpeckers are extremely shy at The Holler, and hard to capture, because they have large oak groves to select acorns from and rarely bother to visit the feeders.

They always seem to know where I am before I do!

Mockingbirds only visit the bird baths on very hot days.

This Scrub Jay is worse for wear. It looks like something, probably the Roadrunner, grabbed him by the neck.

But he got away and recovered, helped by copious quantities of Holler seeds.

Spotted Towhees are very rare Holler visitors.

And then of course we have very shy Squirrely who thinks he’s a bird.
Cheers to you from The Holler shy guys~

Squirrel Nutkin & His Holler Friends~

Squirrel Nutkin has his favorite chair, where birdseed falls on his head like manna, unasked for, from heaven.
It’s perfect place for pillow-hiding where no one can see him at all, if only it weren’t for his tell-tale-tail!
He can scale the walls like spiderman,
and perch on his chair like a king on his throne.

Baby-Bunting-Birdie is confused by all the action, but never hops by without leaving a gift, so thoughtful!
The Grosbeaks create the showers of seeds while stuffing their beaks past full.

The docile doves just watch the show.

Cheers to you from the setting sun and another critter-full Holler day~
(Thank you Ms. Potter for many happy childhood reads about Squirrel Nutkin and all his animal friends).