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      1. I made several visits there in my scientific days, having friends in one of Max Planck Institutes and at the European Molecular Biology Lab. Loved walking the Philosophers Walk, taking in the view you had, and then enjoying coffee and pastries in a cafe in the Cathedral Square. Still a great center of education. You brought back fond memories!

        1. So many incredible minds arose from Heidelberg historically, Hegel, Emil Kraepelin and Max Weber had strong influences on my education So many philosophers and scientists. I am happy I was able to inadvertently trigger these memories in you, and they sound wonderful. I am glad you have them, and of course I agree about the pastries too!

  1. What beautiful golden light in this series. Love the reflections. I seem to remember Heidelberg being overcast and dreary when I was there in the mid 1970s. You’ve obviously chosen the right time of year to visit Europe (in general). You’ve shared some beautiful scenes.

  2. Did you tour the castle? There were a lot of stairs. My mother had planned to go to university there until the war made that impossible. I love that city. Great photos. 🙂

    1. The university creates this town and it resonates from the history of the some of the remarkable people who studied and lived there. How terribly sad for your mother to have to cut short her plans. We didn’t tour the castle, but we saw so much, including a Roma and Sinti museum that left a powerful residual effect on me.

  3. This beautiful town has catptured my heart. Is this one of your furvorite place? Happy touring, my friend. ♡+:。.。☆*~゚⌒(ღˇ◡ˇ)⌒゚~*☆。.。:+♡

    1. It is one of my favorites. I basically love the German and Austrian river towns. They are so incredibly peaceful and beautiful. And Heidelberg has this whole intellectual piece that permeates the atmosphere. I stayed in a hotel across the river that once must have been the most lovely old home. We walked for miles up and down the river and a mama swan showed me her eggs, repeatedly. She was justifiably very proud! ♡+:。.。☆*~゚⌒(ღˇ◡ˇ)⌒゚~*☆。.。:+♡

  4. Beautiful. It is a city and country I still have yet to visit, but want to very much as my family were originally from Germany before their migration into Russia in the late 1700s. At least I got to see Russia in 1989, during the cold war. 🙂 There is so much of Europe I still want to see. You are so fortunate Cindy to be able to travel to so many wonderful places and so gifted with a camera to get such beautiful pictures. They are deserving of a place in a (real) photo gallery. 🙂

    1. Thank you Joyce and I hope you do go to Germany. It is one of my favorite places to visit and it will have special significance to you with your family history. I think it is meaningful to retrace one’s roots. Have a great weekend my friend~

  5. Exquisite photos, Cindy. Absolutely stunning. Your portfolio holds myriad pleasant memories for you. And you’ll appreciate them so much more 20 years from now when in your rocking chair in front of the hearth 🙂 ❤

    1. Laughing…..I wonder if I will. My mother in law told me to throw out all the photos she saved through her life. I understood her completely. She was 94. She no longer wanted to look at photos of her kids and grandkids, or her life. At some point hopefully you just get tired and ready for sleep…..

  6. Wow, this is the kind of scene that inspires paintings! Very picturesque with all that golden light. I like the time lapse as the light becomes intense in the 4th image from the top, bathing everything in it, and then naturally attenuates. So enchanting! <3

    1. You are so perspicacious Lynn. That is exactly what it did. I watched it for four nights fascinated by the light and the way the rowers altered the reflections.

  7. Thank you for sharing beautiful Heidelberg it brings back many fond memories. My middle son was born in the military hospital there. I enjoyed taking the train from Worms to Heidelberg to just enjoy the area and shop of course.

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  9. Wow, your pictures are so beautiful! 😍 I live in Münster-Germany, but I’ve never been to Heidelberg. Münster is a very beautiful city, too (a city of peace, of bicycles, of churches and Germany’s Climate Protection Capital). You should make a trip to this city, dear Cindy. 🙂 Best greetings, Hang

    1. The more time I spend in Germany (and I manage to spend a lot of time in Germany) the more of Germany I want to experience. There is a magic here that is very hard to describe and best seen to experience. I must visit Munster. <3

  10. Very beautiful pictures. 🙂 I love reflections. As someone said, it gives you two pictures at the same price as one. 🙂

    1. Yes it does and it somehow interests me in that there is what you see, the real object, and it’s reflection, or is it the other way around? I love that confusion~

    1. Vielen Dank. Jedes Mal, wenn ich von dir hörst, bin ich glücklich. Das ist die Wahrheit und ich denke, du weißt es. Bitte entschuldigen Sie meine sehr schlecht geschriebenen Deutschen. So, since my response is probably unintelligible, I just want to say that I feel happy everytime I hear from you. Serious. I do, and I hope you know it. Be well my friend~

    1. Yes it definitely does! In fall in Germany, you wake up, bleary eyed, stick your camera out the window, and viola’, you have an amazing photo. I am especially good at these types of shots.

  11. Ah the gift of sunsets!!! “If I can put one touch of rosy sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God.” G.K. Chesterton

  12. Tremendous photographs, Cindy. The river reflections are sublime. They’re brought back some lovely memories. I was doing a theatre production in Frankfurt-am-Main in ’89 and visited Heidelberg at one point, only to fall in love!

  13. New camera or a loaner? My sources tell me at least one photo is from a Sony DSC-RX10M2, not that there is anything wrong with that! I’ve just found that my hi-res photos are inhaling storage space and I’m reluctant to opt for the WordPress Business Plan as I’m not the dedicated blogger SOME people are. 😉 -wink

    1. Beautiful photos as always of course. Perhaps I should just tell you if I ever see a bad one, but then I would never comment on your posts. 🙂

    2. My photos are mixtures now of HX400 And RX10. I label them accordingly so I can tell the difference. The Rx is possibly sharper and best with landscapes, but the 400 is the go to camera for macros and zoom wildlife. The price differential is significant between the two, and if I have to pick one for the day, it is the 400 which is much less expensive.

  14. Well, that is just the most picturesque place I’ve seen…… maybe ever! I’m sure if I did see something more picturesque, it was on this blog. You travels and photographs are spectacular! Thank you, Cindy! xo

    1. You are the bestest blogging buddy Resa. Do you know Charlotte Hoather? I suggested she commission you to design her a dress for her opera performances. She wants it to resemble the mandarin ducks. I think you would make something phenomenal and I hope she contacts you! Of course neither of you may have the time……but someday, maybe!

      1. I don’t know her personally, but she follows Art Gowns & I follow her. I would love to do her a gown. I told her to contact me if she was coming to Toronto! xx

  15. Simply beautiful, Cindy! I love the village’s reflection in the water. It’s such a peaceful view … Germany must not have hurricanes!

  16. Cindy…how stunningly beautiful your photography is and Heidelberg is such an interesting city and the river, looks so pristine. How lovely. Thank you so much for sharing. K D 🙂

  17. Your photography has showcased the beauty of this city. I remember going there with a group of printers to the Heidelberg Press factory in the 1980’s. And later with Bill. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Bonsoir ou bonjour CINDY

    Une belle amitié
    C’est deux mains sur un clavier
    Le passage sur un profil

    Une image que l’on dépose

    Sur une personne que l’on apprécie
    De quelqu’un gentil et sage
    On dépose des petits mots bien placés
    Dans ce joli petit monde
    Moi je suis toujours là pour faire sourire
    Et cela me fait toujours plaisir
    Au fond de mon coeur
    Je t’offre ce bonheur
    Je te dis bonne nuit ou bonjour

    gros bisous



  19. Wonderful theme here Cindy– it seems most historic cities were built on water (makes sense)– Love the reflected colors of the trees in the water… I’ll bet you’re having fun reviewing the whole trip through your pictures Cindy! Love seeing them… xox

  20. Ah, Heldelberg ! Such a beautiful place and wonderful pics, Cuz. Did you, by chance, have a tankard of ale with the Student Prince while you were there ? Ha ! 🙂

        1. We used Viking, and did one river cruise and one Viking ocean cruise. Check out the competition because there was room for improvement. Still the cruise that goes from Copenhagen to Budapest was absolutely wonderful in November. The Bavarian towns were ethereal and there were no tourists.

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