Heidelberg Reflected~

on the mirrored face,

of the river Neckar,

as sunlight fades,

in a peaceful town,

in Germany.

Cheers to you from Heidelberg at Sunset~

240 thoughts on “Heidelberg Reflected~

  1. New camera or a loaner? My sources tell me at least one photo is from a Sony DSC-RX10M2, not that there is anything wrong with that! I’ve just found that my hi-res photos are inhaling storage space and I’m reluctant to opt for the WordPress Business Plan as I’m not the dedicated blogger SOME people are. 😉 -wink

  2. Well, that is just the most picturesque place I’ve seen…… maybe ever! I’m sure if I did see something more picturesque, it was on this blog. You travels and photographs are spectacular! Thank you, Cindy! xo

    • You are the bestest blogging buddy Resa. Do you know Charlotte Hoather? I suggested she commission you to design her a dress for her opera performances. She wants it to resemble the mandarin ducks. I think you would make something phenomenal and I hope she contacts you! Of course neither of you may have the time……but someday, maybe!

  3. Simply beautiful, Cindy! I love the village’s reflection in the water. It’s such a peaceful view … Germany must not have hurricanes!

  4. Cindy…how stunningly beautiful your photography is and Heidelberg is such an interesting city and the river, looks so pristine. How lovely. Thank you so much for sharing. K D 🙂

  5. Your photography has showcased the beauty of this city. I remember going there with a group of printers to the Heidelberg Press factory in the 1980’s. And later with Bill. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Bonsoir ou bonjour CINDY

    Une belle amitié
    C’est deux mains sur un clavier
    Le passage sur un profil

    Une image que l’on dépose

    Sur une personne que l’on apprécie
    De quelqu’un gentil et sage
    On dépose des petits mots bien placés
    Dans ce joli petit monde
    Moi je suis toujours là pour faire sourire
    Et cela me fait toujours plaisir
    Au fond de mon coeur
    Je t’offre ce bonheur
    Je te dis bonne nuit ou bonjour

    gros bisous


  7. Wonderful theme here Cindy– it seems most historic cities were built on water (makes sense)– Love the reflected colors of the trees in the water… I’ll bet you’re having fun reviewing the whole trip through your pictures Cindy! Love seeing them… xox

  8. Ah, Heldelberg ! Such a beautiful place and wonderful pics, Cuz. Did you, by chance, have a tankard of ale with the Student Prince while you were there ? Ha ! 🙂

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