Venice Reflected~

Oh Venice, you are so wonderful, and so overcrowded with tourists!

It is hard to fully appreciate you, amongst the hordes.

Avoiding the main tourist draws is the only way to be alone in Venice, and it is still quite a challenge to find quiet spots.

We were here in the first week in April and the crowds were significantly problematic. I can only imagine summertime.

I would recommend visiting Venice, if you want to, in the off-off season.

Several years ago we visited in winter and there were no crowds, even in Piazza San Marco. It is also much less expensive.

It is cold in winter, but so lovely to see Venice as she should be seen, in all her solitary glory, with locals who are actually happy to see you.

Cheers to you from amazing, but crowded Venice~

265 thoughts on “Venice Reflected~

  1. Always love Venice … and I agree – go where the crowds aren’t!. Rick Steves’ guide book gave us a wonderful walk from St. Marks to Rialto Bridge … very quite …. We also found quiet time in Dorsoduro.

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  2. Hi Cindy, Nice photos of Venice.
    Have not seen you post for some time and wondered if you were ok. Then I looked to see if something had gone wrong on my end.

    It did.

    Somehow my reader status got changed so that I was not automatically receiving your posts. Noticed it yesterday when I saw your post on Facebook but not on WordPress.

    My apologies.

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