Strasbourg Reflected~

Stunning Strasbourg’s,

medieval beauty,

quietly reflected,

by the still waters,

of the sleepy River Ill.

The old city, (click to enlarge to see the kayakers and people)

UNESCO’s pride,

a paradise,

to browse,

and explore.

Cheers to you from romantic old Strasbourg

219 thoughts on “Strasbourg Reflected~

  1. Again, thank you for sharing your travels with us. As always, great selection of subject, composition, technical skill, and power to command the waters to be still.

  2. Now how could one not be enchanted by scenery and old buildings in that city. Blue sky and still waters really do make it the best time of year to visit (and make photos).

  3. My namesake ancestors were Alsatian, but for some reason I never took the time to put an image in my mind. Now you’ve given me a bunch of really great images. Thanks!

  4. I’m struck by not just the peaceful scene but also how clean it is there! And you have great luck, Cindy, seeing how often you’ve captured brides in their beautiful wedding gowns to enhance the romantic atmosphere! 🙂

    1. The bride thing is amazing isn’t it! It even shocks me. I’m not a wedding photographer. I was watching one recently somewhere else, and I was thinking “no, no, don’t pose it like that”……laughing! I always want to give the couples my photos, but it would be intrusive.

      1. Oh yeah, I totally get that. It’s kind of like, “Oh, hello! We don’t know each other but I’ve been following you!” Hahaha! 😀

  5. Ain’t nothing to ‘Strasbourg’ in such a lovely place, my friend!

  6. This post couldn’t be prettier Cindy!! It’s amazing that you found the water so so still for those reflective photos. Beautiful. Hope all’s going well with you– I’m up in San Francisco watching our grand-girl little Lois for the week! take care. xox

      1. Hi Cindy! We really like SF too– so many good places to eat! And a surprising number of good hikes in and around the city– plus grand-kids, of course! Where is your daughter?? Our daughter lived in Berkeley, Oakland and now SF. Our sons family is here too. Loved your city reflections Cindy– beautiful theme… xo

  7. Cindy,
    I love these pictures: they’re simply fantastic. As are those from Heidelberg. I tried to comment to that post, but my comment didn’t appear. Maybe it ended up in your spam folder. That has frequently happened to my comments on other blogs. Would you mind checking?
    As to the pictures: I noticed that they don’t have the EXIF-information any more. So, may I ask you which camera you use?
    Oh, one more thing: I’m just now looking at one of the Strasburg pictures [that with the old houses along a curved waterway} on my big 27″ monitor in high resolution. May I use this picture as a desktop background? Of course, on my personal computer only. That brings me to another idea: wouldn’t you want to put a watermark in? I could imagine that somebody might otherwise simply copy and publish some of your pictures.
    I’m looking forward to seeing more soon,

    1. I am honored that you will use my photo as background. It makes me happy I posted it. Thank you for asking. I am sure people do use my photos and I am happy they do as long as they credit me if they use them publically. Lots of times people ask to use them and this makes me happy. I will check spam. This happens a lot with comments, so thank you for the heads up. In all these reflection shots, I used both Sony HX400 and Sony RX10 interchangeably. I labeled the photos by camera so I could do a comparison, so if you want to know about a specific photo, I can tell you. As far as which camera I prefer, it would be HX400 for zoom, macro and all wildlife, and RX10 for landscapes. Thank you so much for your very thoughtful comment.

  8. Omg Cindy, these photos are exquisite. I can’t even express how appreciative I am for your sharing. I hope someday to visit all the beautiful places you’ve captured in your photos. Someday… 💖

  9. Such gorgeous reflections and even just the architecture! My hubby has been all over Europe as a young man, and wants to take me to Germany, where his father was born, along with many other countries! Thanks for sharing, Cindy!

  10. OMG!!! Strasbourg….not Heidelberg! I keep coming over here to maybe see hummingbirds, but kept seeing what I thought was the last post. Good grief how many pretty, picturesque fairy tale places along water are there in Europe?
    I’ve seen some night shots of Toronto with all its lights reflected on the lake, but this is so different.
    Beautifully shot, Cindy!
    Say hello to the Holler for me!

  11. Bonjour ou bonsoir CINDY belle ville STRASBOURG je suis à 120 km
    S’il existe un sentiment
    Pas toujours perçu a sa juste valeur, c’est bien l’amitié
    Elle est beaucoup plus sincère et profonde
    Que la simple camaraderie
    Redonne souvent de l’espoir quand la vie est difficile
    L’amitié ne s’épanouit de respect et d’honnêteté
    Voila donc pourquoi, jouir de ton amitié
    D’une personne comme toi, est un immense privilège
    Que rien au monde ne serait remplacer
    Je te souhaite une belle et agréable journée ou soirée

    Je te fais de Gros Bisous.


  12. Beautiful place! My ‘Bucket List’ is crowded with all the places you’ve introduced me to that I’d like to go some day. That lazy river is ideal for kayaking. Lovely pictures. <3

    1. It is worth considering. Paris is overcrowded. Strasbourg and Prague and Aveiro are incredibly gorgeous cities with few crowds and are much less expensive.

    1. It was here that we sat and chatted over lunch with Joyce DiDanato. My husband still hasn’t gotten over it because he is such an opera lover. I just thought she was a nice, down to earth person, which she is!

  13. Lovely. Finally grabbing some time to enjoy your wonderful photos. I really like these of Strasbourg, because I have never been there. Have you been to S. W. France? The Midi-Pyrenees, particularly Albi and Carcasonne are fascinating.

  14. Your amazing photos are magazine quality reflections of luminescent Grace! How could we not believe in “something” when we have these moments captured as evidence? Thank you, Cindy. xo 🙏

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