Saker Falcon~

Saker Falcons live in Austria, Eastern Europe and Asia, including Russia.

They are considered an endangered bird due to rapid population declines in their Asian breeding grounds.

They are a large falcon species,
that prey mostly on rodents and other birds.

Sakers often hunt horizontally like Kestrels, not vertically like Peregrines.
I watched a Saker swoop down on an unsuspecting pigeon, but my presence, in response to the pigeon cries, called off the hunt!
Cheers to you from the remarkable and endangered Saker Falcons~
(Note: These photos were taken in raptor reserves in Europe)

197 thoughts on “Saker Falcon~

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  2. It is quite sobering to follow your blog, see all the fabulous shots you take of wildlife and learn just how many of them are endangered. Gives me shivers, Cindy! Love to you. May you never be endangered. We need you.

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