Saker Falcon~

Saker Falcons live in Austria, Eastern Europe and Asia, including Russia.

They are considered an endangered bird due to rapid population declines in their Asian breeding grounds.

They are a large falcon species,
that prey mostly on rodents and other birds.

Sakers often hunt horizontally like Kestrels, not vertically like Peregrines.
I watched a Saker swoop down on an unsuspecting pigeon, but my presence, in response to the pigeon cries, called off the hunt!
Cheers to you from the remarkable and endangered Saker Falcons~
(Note: These photos were taken in raptor reserves in Europe)

197 thoughts on “Saker Falcon~

  1. I’ve never seen a Saker Falcon until now. This is a real treat. Thank you! Such gorgeous plumage and large expressive eyes!

  2. Aren’t they stunners. I love the little nose bands. Like those strips marathon runners used to keep their nostrils open? Maybe the Sacker could get sponsorship?

    1. I have never seen a hawk or falcon take a bird from The Holler feeders either which is amazing. I have seen the birds scatter when they are in the air though.

    1. I am sure they do know more than us. They are such old creatures, from the time of dinosaurs. Some think dinosaurs were actually feathered and similar to birds which makes sense to me.

    1. They have nicatating membranes that cover their eyes when they dive and attack. They also have a second eyelid, so a total of three eyecoverings. Their incredible eyes are very protected which is remarkable if you think about it. They are designed to hunt and survive.

    1. Good descriptor. All raptors are super alert creatures. They don’t miss anything. It is an amazing experience if you can actually surprise one with your presence.

    1. Hah! Great one! I wondered if anyone would bring up the falcon, a ford I believe? One of my boyfriends back in the day had an old falcon clunker. I loved it!

      1. I would love to paint one of your images Cindy.. May I copy one from this post, if I print one so that I can copy to canvas Cindy. I do not know when I will get around to painting it as I shall be going away soon. But it will get done during Summer. When its finished I will link it back here to your post, if that would be permissible.. The eyes and beak on one just went into my soul… 🙂

    1. Yes! They have this barely contained sense of haughtiness and superiority. I love it because it seems to put us humans so properly in our place around them. Thanks for noticing.

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  4. It is quite sobering to follow your blog, see all the fabulous shots you take of wildlife and learn just how many of them are endangered. Gives me shivers, Cindy! Love to you. May you never be endangered. We need you.

    1. I just signed a petition about giraffes which said that 40% of existing giraffe populations in Africa have died. It should horrify everyone. Giraffes are magical creatures to be around.

      1. It seems like we are close to pigeons, cats and dogs being endangered.
        Was the petition you signed from Avaaz? I’m surprised I haven’t got one.

      1. Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
        Just like the guy whose hat is too big for his head
        Nothing seems to fit
        Oh, raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
        Keep a-fallin’ ~

  5. Stunning photographs Cindy – amazing detail we are able to see here. The intensity of the Falcon’s stare is not to be missed. Love the post.

  6. They are awesome birds but your photos give us that feeling of having them in our hands. An extraordinary sharpness. Your talent is unsurpassed because it makes us live a fantasy.

  7. Stunning images you captured, Cindy. Before commenting, I researched that the Saker Falcon is at a premium price in smuggling endeavors in Asian countries, Sad!

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  9. Such beauty… I love Falcons for reasons I can not fathom into words… Love your photography skills.. All article until now are pure beauty.

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