Noël Nouvelet~

Noël chantons ici (listen while you look!)

devotes gens,
crions a Dieu merci
Chantons Noël pour le Roi nouvelet
Noël nouvelet Noël chantons ici.
May the spirit of the season bring cheers to you now and in the coming year~

158 thoughts on “Noël Nouvelet~

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Cindy. Thanks thanks for all the wonderful sharing in 2016 and all the support for my blog.


  2. Best wishes to you and your Family
    Petit Papa Noël quand tu reviendras du ciel
    Avec les jouets par milliers
    N’oublie pas mon petit soulier.


  3. Such beautiful captures Cindy. These orchids are very special to me. Many moon ago, there was an orchid grower in Scotland who nurtured and nourished them in the most difficult conditions. He gave me a sprig for my bridal bouquet. They will always remind me of wedding days, beauty and hole for the future.
    P.s. My live for orchids still remains…. the spouse has long departed. 💛


  4. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Merry Christmas, my dear friend. May the joy and hope of this gentle season be with us all as we head into a New Year. Many hugs and love coming your way.


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