Island Dreaming on this October Day~

Vancouver Island is full of stunning hiking opportunities. This Marina was the trailhead for one hike,
where we were greeted by a curious fawn!
The hike wound through pristine rain forest,
and river gorges with wildlife all around us.

The beach was mostly empty and the water so pristine, it formed perfect mirrored surfaces for reflection.
A killdeer was unconcerned with our arrival at his beach.

The crystalline sea water,
makes sea anenome look like they weren’t under water.
Although all of these shots were taken through sea water, there was no distortion. This is what perfectly clean sea water looks like. We don’t have this in California!
We have been home at The Holler for several weeks now, but these photos send cheers to you from beautiful and unspoiled Vancouver Island~

287 thoughts on “Island Dreaming on this October Day~

  1. Beauty is everywhere and you capture it so that we hear the sound of water gently against the shore, thrashing along the streams, smell water pure and sweet, taste of air so clean, we want to cry and oh the textures and sensations – you, Cindy, master of the lens!


    • Ah, my sweet friend Sheri. You take time out of you stressful days with Tom’s illness and send wonderful thoughts like these to me. You are the definition of a good friend and a light in so many people’s lives. Be well my friend~ ❀

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