Island Dreaming on this October Day~

Vancouver Island is full of stunning hiking opportunities. This Marina was the trailhead for one hike,
where we were greeted by a curious fawn!
The hike wound through pristine rain forest,
and river gorges with wildlife all around us.

The beach was mostly empty and the water so pristine, it formed perfect mirrored surfaces for reflection.
A killdeer was unconcerned with our arrival at his beach.

The crystalline sea water,
makes sea anenome look like they weren’t under water.
Although all of these shots were taken through sea water, there was no distortion. This is what perfectly clean sea water looks like. We don’t have this in California!
We have been home at The Holler for several weeks now, but these photos send cheers to you from beautiful and unspoiled Vancouver Island~

287 thoughts on “Island Dreaming on this October Day~

  1. It’s hard to believe that you took the shots through the water…stunning. I was born with hiking boots on my feet (so they say) I can’t wait to go on a hike soon.
    It looks like you guys have a wonderful trip. That makes me happy~!

  2. Wow! Awesome reflections, such transparent waters bringing out what is above them so well, and your amazing eye to detail and the names of birds so easily that come to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Love the photos, Cindy. And Curt and I were just talking about Vancouver today on his blog because I had 2 great-Aunts living there way back when.

    1. I hope you visited them! You would have some incredible memories. I was first on the island when I was fourteen and I just bascially keep going back! It turns out I have relatives from my paternal side all over Canada which is probably why I love it so.

      1. I’m afraid not. My mother wrote to them suggesting we visit, but we received a postcard in return saying, “We believe everyone should stay in their own backyard.”
        Which was rather strange being as they emigrated from St. Kitts to England (and because of the weather) relocated in Vancouver.

        1. Don’t you just love families!! They moved from St. Kitts to England???? I wonder why! There is some interesting back stories here. I wonder if I could get you to post about it……..Enquiring minds want to know!

          1. I wish I knew. Their brother (my grandfather) decided on New York while they went to England. My mother didn’t know why they were being so standoffish either.

  4. Hi Cindy– I”ve always wanted to travel to Vancouver in general and now you’ve confirmed it!! That rain forest walk was stunning– thanks to your photography!! I would love to be there right now. thanks for the beauty you send out every week… xox

  5. I’ve never been to Vancouver Island, but it looks like a gorgeous place to visit. That crystal-clear water is simply amazing — thank you for pointing it out. Those of us in land-locked areas can certainly appreciate water, especially the pure kind!!

    1. Yes! Traveling in one’s imagination is an incredible way to see the world and I am completely serious. I go to places all the time in my mind. It lowers your stress levels and makes you happier. It is a form of really fun guided imagery~

      1. Yes, definitely! Thank you for so beautifully aiding the vicarious travel! So hard to choose, too: the lush serenity of forest greens, or water so clear, or … ! (My alternate to traveling in one’s mind: find beauty wherever you may be : ) Thanks as always, Cindy. Stay beautiful.

    1. Yes, deer are the most gentle, lovely creatures, and seeing one always makes me feel blessed, especially if they let me be in their peaceful presence for a bit, like this fawn did. Magic~

  6. Welcome home Cindy! These photos are incredible. What an experience… to come face-to-face with a fawn and, yes, to see water so clear that it doesn’t seem there’s any between you and the sea anemone at all. While I enjoyed spending time at the tide pools in Santa Barbara, the experience wasn’t quite like the one you had!

    1. California’s coast, especially as you head into Central California and north is so incredibly gorgeous, but we do not have ocean water quality like this anywhere on our coast. I helped my son do sea water sampling a few years ago up the entire coastline. There were no samples anywhere near this pristine which makes me sad.

    1. Very happy you enjoyed! We were on Vancouver Island, spending most of our time on North Island, Telegraph Cove, Port Hardy, Port McNeill, Port Alice, but also Tofino and Campbell River.

  7. Beautiful pics Cindy! Amazingly clear sea anemones. But I loved the gorge photo the best – looked like a painting. Fantastic pics, thoroughly enjoyed my armchair trip – thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Your pics nearly bring tears to my eyes, Cuz. Memories of hikes along clear mountain streams, crystalline mountain lakes, salmon fishing offshore of the Washington coast, and, the quiet inlets and lagoons along the western coast. They all seem to be receding into the murk of “civilization”, never to be seen again. Thanks for sharing this, Cindy. Hugs ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. When you see pristine water and it is an amazing sight, it is shocking isn’t it! I remember the pristine waters in my childhood. Now seeing it is cause for amazement. I agree, this is a sad state for our planet to be in.

  9. Beautiful and unspoiled it is Cyndi. Absolutely love the fawn photo. And of course the reflection shots. Might I ask what camera you use in your gorgeous photography? โ€“Curt

  10. il vivido colore e la ricercatezza delle immagini, cosรฌ perfette, ci mette in movimento con un mondo lontano ma che insieme si puรฒ quasi toccare e trattenerlo nelle mani

  11. So sad. No one likes you. It’s probably the terrible photography. Should I ever acquire that Sony I’ll probably find it takes more than a camera. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Laughing, I think you will be amazed with the Sony. I hope they keep making the series. I have been waiting for the 500. It is rather a touchy camera because of the adjustable zoom, but so fun and versatile. Let me know if you get one. The 400 should be pretty cheap now~

    1. Pretty much all over. We started in Victoria, and spent a few nights in Parksville, then Campbell River and into Knight Inlet from there. We rented a beach house in Port McNeill which I recommend highly, then stayed in Port Hardy, and went all over the northern island, to Port Alice and environs. We then did the scenic drive to Tofino where we stayed for several nights and back to Victoria. I was just thinking, this was my fifth trip to Vancouver Island, the first one was when I was 14!

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  13. My husband and I watched two seasons of ‘Alone,’ a survival television show filmed on Vancouver Island. Your photographs are another wonderful glimpse of this beautiful place.

  14. There’s nothing I’m better at than island dreaming, Cindy. Looking at your photos of Vancouver reminds me why it’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Holler days!

  15. All the previous comments already said it all, but I say it anyway-absolutely beautiful, so clear in so many ways. We should take better care of nature so we can find these places everywhere on earth.

      1. I agree. In my town and municipality we try to tell our politicians that we need to keep our beautiful nature as it is. They don’t get it yet. But we will try to keep our clear water in the archipelago and our ancient forests and hope they understand the value of protecting nature in time.

    1. It sounds like fire in the fireplace and winter well on it’s way which has seems cozy over here in the sunshine where we are still praying for rain. We are leaving to the desert soon so I’ll send you some desert sun and cacti too! Stay warm my friend~ <3
      It would be fun to get your performance schedule for 2017 as we are going to Europe twice next year and would love to hear you sing~

      1. How lovely ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒต! I’ll have to make do with a radiator, we’re banned from having candles in the student halls for obvious reasons but I used to like lighting candles on dark nights.
        Best wishes

  16. What amazing shots, Cynthia.
    I think you’d have to travel up in to our mountains to find water that clear (and definitely not our southern beaches in my state).


        I continued to Lac Tremblant, were I had french food at “la petite cachee”.
        J’ai รฉtรฉ enchantรฉe.

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  18. Thanks for taking us along to Vancouver Isl., Cindy. It is always such a joy to see pristine natural places in the world, and these photos are exquisite. I find the sea anemone especially gorgeous.

  19. Beauty is everywhere and you capture it so that we hear the sound of water gently against the shore, thrashing along the streams, smell water pure and sweet, taste of air so clean, we want to cry and oh the textures and sensations – you, Cindy, master of the lens!

    1. Ah, my sweet friend Sheri. You take time out of you stressful days with Tom’s illness and send wonderful thoughts like these to me. You are the definition of a good friend and a light in so many people’s lives. Be well my friend~ <3

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