Peregrine Precision~

Peregrines dive as if in a dream,
snatching birds in mid-flight,

landing to administer the coup de grace.
Mantling prey on the ground for seconds,


they soon return to rule the skies!

Cheers to you from the lightening-fast-Falcons~

Note: Peregrine Falcons are the fastest-moving creatures on earth and have been clocked diving at up to 242 mph!

327 thoughts on “Peregrine Precision~

  1. What a beaut! Love your annotations and didn’t know that about their speed… Wow! I’ve changed my mind about coming back as a cat. Lol… Ssh… Don’t tell my cats that! 😀

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    • Everything prey sized flees in concentrated panic when a falcon is in the air. Seagulls do too. They can hit at such high speeds in such perfect targeting, that they can eliminate creatures much larger then themselves. They are formidable~

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