Butchart Fall Fete~


Fall in the Butchart Gardens,

is a visual feast.
As tree leaves turn,
flowers burn,
in their in their fall finale.
An autumnal pageant,
before winter sleep.
Cheers to you from the Butchart Gardens in Victoria Canada~

274 thoughts on “Butchart Fall Fete~

  1. While it is only a 1/2 hour drive and two-hour ferry ride away, I have to admit I haven’t been to Butchart since I was a kid and went with my family. I have to add that to my list of must-do’s! Thank you for showing why it is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world!

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    • It is incredibly lovely and so is the ferry ride as you know better than I! We all have a tendency to overlook places close to us. I have seen posts about places 1/2 hour from me photographed and described and thought, I should go there! Laughing……

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  2. Butchart Gardens….., another fairyland place, Cindy. Was there several years ago. Good to see that it’s still as beautiful as I remember it. Thanks for bringing those visions back to me. πŸ™‚ Hugs !


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