There Be Dragons~

in the hothouse garden,

snapping wizard jaws at you!

Breathing purple fire,
they cast enchanting spells,
like sirens beckoning you close,
and closer still.

Cheers to you from the mystical orchid dragons~

228 thoughts on “There Be Dragons~

  1. Orchids are some of my favorite flowers, too I bought a cattleya several years and it bloomed a week ago for the very first time since it has been with me. Thrilled and delighted. I love your purple orchids. Your tag says “dyed” – how do you dye them?

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    • I haven’t tried dying orchids yet. The grower does and sells in four colors, purple, blue, amethyst and I think green. Basically they put food coloring in the water and the plant’s venous system draws the color up as it grows. I have dyed sunflowers, roses and mums, but haven’t tried orchids.

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    • You are the only person who asked! Thank you. I used a black background and darkened it in the photo to midnight causing the colors of the flowers to pop out in amazing ways depending on the amount of light coming in the window. The flower color never changed. The light around it did.

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