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  2. Fabulous shots of these orchids, Cindy. I’ve purchased orchids for my daughter’s birthday (she’s a fan), but was never been offered such a wondrous color. Love the shots with the unopened blooms. They add an extra dimension. <3

  3. Every time someone dear to me passes away, I buy a plant, a bush or a tree. Some are outside, some are inside. I have 4 very special orchids in my living room and every time they bloom I think about all the nice memories I have when I think about the person or animal I bought it for.

  4. Cindy, I’m continually astounded by how much we think alike! I too have seen dragons when I look at orchids (one of my favorite types of flowers by the way). Beautiful close-ups! <3

    1. Well that would be just like you. I am heading to Vancouver Island in two days for a month to hang out with the wild ones. They are so civilized in comparision to us. I am going, yet again, near to the place you travel from. I understand perfectly, and I think you are as close to perfect as thinking people can be. Keep on thinking please!
      Where the heck are you now, in the city of Vancouver?
      We’re going to the island via Seattle….
      All the best to you Alison~

  5. Beautiful but things in my life tend to happen in 3s. I was on a site where the snapdragon tarot card was pulled, and moments later, I was here with the the lovely dragon orchid flowers. I think I must check the backyard to see if I have any visiting dragons of the fire breathing variety. πŸ˜€

  6. Orchids are some of my favorite flowers, too I bought a cattleya several years and it bloomed a week ago for the very first time since it has been with me. Thrilled and delighted. I love your purple orchids. Your tag says “dyed” – how do you dye them?

    1. I haven’t tried dying orchids yet. The grower does and sells in four colors, purple, blue, amethyst and I think green. Basically they put food coloring in the water and the plant’s venous system draws the color up as it grows. I have dyed sunflowers, roses and mums, but haven’t tried orchids.

    1. That is odd. They are one of the longest lasting flowers at The Holler. I put them in a window, water them regularly and they last practically forever and bloom and re-bloom. Of course we have continuous sun and lots of warmth so that probably explains the difference.
      Orchids are like you cuz, they don’t like cold climes! 🐧🐧

    1. You are the only person who asked! Thank you. I used a black background and darkened it in the photo to midnight causing the colors of the flowers to pop out in amazing ways depending on the amount of light coming in the window. The flower color never changed. The light around it did.

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