Fall Migration~

It is sad when the summer orioles,
fly off to their winter homes.

No more sunny day squabbles,
and birdie bickering.

When the last baby bird has finally fledged,

and flutterbyes have fluttered off,

when grosbeaks are gone,
and only hand-feeding-hummers,
and winter birds stay, it is time for us to fly away too.
We are off to spend time with Canadian grizzlies and send you cheers from your Holler summertime friends~

200 thoughts on “Fall Migration~

    • I just posted the first of them. They are so hard to sort and limit because these are creatures that are so freaking amazing. So happy you like them. People need to know more about them so they can like them.


  1. I’m traveling back in time and it’s such a privilege. You must just love being out with your feathered visitors and I would miss them too. Hand feeding hummers!! That’s flipping awesome! All the beautiful song and colour in your surroundings seems pretty magical. Thanks for sharing and welcome back to Canada xK

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  2. Liebe Cindy deine Tierfotos sind einmalig bin total begeistert einfach nur schön komme jetzt endlich mal zum schreiben denn meine Frau hat Krebs und da widme ich meine ganze Zeit so ist es in guten wie in schlechten Zeiten hab einen schönen Montag und danke dir für alle diese schönen Fotos mir ganz lieben Grüßen Klaus in Freundschaft


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