Squirrel Nutkin & His Holler Friends~

Squirrel Nutkin has his favorite chair, where birdseed falls on his head like manna, unasked for, from heaven.
It’s perfect place for pillow-hiding where no one can see him at all, if only it weren’t for his tell-tale-tail!
He can scale the walls like spiderman,
and perch on his chair like a king on his throne.

Baby-Bunting-Birdie is confused by all the action, but never hops by without leaving a gift, so thoughtful!
The Grosbeaks create the showers of seeds while stuffing their beaks past full.

The docile doves just watch the show.

Cheers to you from the setting sun and another critter-full Holler day~
(Thank you Ms. Potter for many happy childhood reads about Squirrel Nutkin and all his animal friends).

221 thoughts on “Squirrel Nutkin & His Holler Friends~

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  2. Bonjour
    BELLE CINDY cela est très joli j’aime l’écureuil
    Tu remplis mes jours de joie
    Le matin à mon réveil , tu seras présent au cours de ma journée
    Belle Amitié entre nous , tu ouvres mon cœur
    Tu me donnes ce que j’ai envie par tes petits messages
    Des fois je souries quand je suis mélancolique
    Bises passe une belle journée

    Profite de ton week-end et de la semaine à venir

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  3. It’s always a joy to stop by. I love LOVE love squirrels and their antics. You’ve captured the essence so wonderfully. The doves are lovely, too and how nice to get regular visits from your visitors. I was anointed by a seagull on our recent visit to Victoria. I felt like a local. 😉

    Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us.

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    • You are officially accepted now and they will never need to do this again. Unless of course you go to a different place.
      If you still like seagulls after this experience, then you are truly a friend of the birds, and they will know this. It’s uncanny, but they do. They are smart in reading people.


  4. Your squirrel nutkin is adorable and cute and your birds for a moment reminded me of ours till I realised they were worlds apart! The doves are lovely – I didn’t know they came in colours other than white 😀


      • Just like bee proof bird feeders, although I did find a solution for this, A thin line of vegetable oil on the feeding ports completely stops bees, even swarms! If I find a solution for the squirrels, I will let you know!

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      • Sarah – With multiple open bird sanctuaries on our property, when we lived in North Carolina I had to find a way that worked on over 40 feeders. I placed each house at the top of a 5 or 6 ft. Rebar pole (your lumber company will cut various lengths for you). While you are out, go to your farm supply store and buy the softener dairy farmers use on their dairy cows udders to keep them from getting dry and cracked. I always preferred the squeeze tube but it’s more expensive than the jars. (Great stuff for cuticles and rough heels).

        When the pole and the feeder are up and secure, slather the utter cream on the pole as thick as you can. Trust me, your squirrels will have the softest paws in the state and its great fun to watch them slide down the pole. Depending on your weather conditions, that will determine how often you have to apply the utter cream.

        One of these days I’ll do a blog on keeping up the 3 acres for the wildlife. My e-mail is sdegrom@conwaycorp.net I if you have thoughts or questions.

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        • Sheri, that sounds like an excellent solution to the squirrel problem, and with great entertainment value, too! Now to find a farm supply shop that stocks the udder softner. It’s mostly sheep-farming and arable where I live.
          I use coconut oil on my cuticles and heels, but that would be rather expensive as a squirrel deterrent. In fact they might like the taste. I know my dog loves the stuff 🙂
          Thanks so much for providing that info.

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          • Sarah – If you don’t find it, you should be able to order it on line through a farm supply store. It’s also great for those cuticles.
            Another thing Dad and I did [oh how I miss him and his inventive mind] – we went to the farm supply store and asked if they had any baby chicken watering devises. I purchases two and Dad rigged them so they hung over the top of the bird feeders I wanted to hang from trees. I covered the tin watering pan portion that’s turned upside down over the birdhouse (we used a weather-proof cord) and then put the udder cream on it and affixed it to the top. Oh the mad squirrels. The birds liked it as it kept their food nice and dry.
            I was nice to the squirrels and other critters. I fed critter food along the back 2 acres of our property where a brook ran through it as well as I had 12 squirrel feeding post for corn on the cob. I loved living in that environment. Building the Bob White Quail population, the North Carolina Blue Bird, Red Carnial and White Barn Owl were all victories in the 3 years we were there. I miss those victories. Let me know if I can be of any help. One of these days I’ll scan those pictures of NC and you can see them for real.

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      • Interesting and ingenious Sheri. Thanks for sharing. It is the same concept for the bees, except you coat the bird feeder ports with a light coating of vegetable spray. I buy the aerosal. This works like a dream in keeping bees and wasps off your feeder. I will try the udder cream. My husband has some.

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    • And Beatrice Potter of course, who came up with the name in the first place. I can’t help but think if she were alive, she would join this conversation and draw and name the udderly-smooth cow! 😉 😉

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