Sacred Visions~


are the genius of Gaudi.
He walked on this earth,

but his mind,

and soul,

lived in the heavens.

When you walk in the quiet of earliest morning,
in La Sagrada Familia,
you can feel Gaudi’s sacred visions.
Cheers to you from the beautiful heart of Gaudi~

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      1. Yes, yes and yes. Since so many people visit, I had to do what I never do, the third time, which is wake up very early (compounded by time change) to use my advance ticket to enter the church before many people did.
        It was a pretty overwhelming experience which I normally only have with wildlife.
        This is a human who provoked awe in me, like Bach, Beethoven, and all those people who show us what is sacred, and what we are really about.

    1. A sacred gimish, you mean! It is amazing how all the incredible elements pull together to create this unified masterpiece. We have been to his houses, his park, he was just a genius.

      1. It’s a pleasure to see that u re-visited and took the time to recognize and appreciate the amazing artistry..sadly people have developed “sound bite mentality” where they just peep and run…I too like to savor beauty..

  1. Terrific images, Cindy. I would go back in a minute, it was such an amazing experience. We visited last year and I couldn’t stop shooting. Magnificent Gaudi.

  2. Oh my gosh Cindy. When I viewed the first 3 photos, my thought was, “Looks like an elven city!” hahaha! 😛 I’ve never seen any design that evokes such elements of fantasy quite like the ones shown in this post. Imagine the time and care it took to produce the carvings in the bottom photo. Wow! 😀

  3. We are drawn to the sacred and find solace in the beauty of light, colour, and story. And the silence of joyful reverence. A profound tribute to what is most dear. ““To the poet, to the philosopher, to the saint, all things are friendly and sacred, all events profitable, all days holy, all men divine.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

  4. La Sagrada Familia is one of my favourite places – did you go up to see the towers, Cindy? A brilliant work of art that was still under construction when I went there – I recall talking to the female architect, one of several architects that have worked on it over the years. I love Barcelona and will return one day…

    1. Yes!! They are estimating a completion date of 2026-28, but as you know, so many completion dates have passed already. It is worth the wait though! Cheers to you my friend and hope all is well with you~

  5. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Gaudi produced the most stunning designs and I think Cindy is quite right.. his visions must have come from somewhere unearthly. Beautiful images as always from Cindy Knoke.. If you do not already follow her blog, head over and sign up.. nature, architecture, European capitals and scenery as well as her own home grown wildlife sanctuary which is The Holler.

  6. No pineapples? It has to be the best example of how not to run a construction project but the end result is quite simply the most stunning flight of fancy anyone has ever attempted. When I first saw it maybe 15 years ago I did wonder if Barca had a naturally occurring air borne hallucinogen to explain the vision. Your pictures are stunning Cindy.

    1. Laughing, and I hear you! It is amazing enough that Gaudi had these creative visions, but almost more remarkable that they were recognized for the genius they were, and that Gaudi was commissioned to build the cathedral, and park and so many buildings. Can you imagine any of these projects getting approval from any architectal body or city planners in the US? It wouldn’t happen. Kudos to Spain for letting creativity fly~

  7. Cindy, was your Facebook page just hijacked? I got a request to follow you just now and I accepted, but I thought we were already following each other. Can you please check? An almost empty page comes up, except for your lovely photo and it says 6 people are following you, which also sounds weird.

    1. yes, it is the second hack in around three days. Unfriend this person and please report to facebook. I believe the second phony account was just shut down. There will be no friend requests from me in the future and I am going to communicate about this with facebook.

  8. spectacular views and fotos, Cindy. It is first for the honour of man, secondly for the honour of God. Or is it vice versa?. But look at the first picture, at the upper end. Do you see God’s face? He doesnt seem delighted… 🙂

  9. Oh. Cindy, my favourite above all cathedrals in the world. thank you for the update! Every time I see photos from it, something new has happened – new details, new colours. Tha facade as well – a work still in progress. He is a man I would love to have dinner with, had he been here still…

  10. Oh, my! Awe-inspiring, Cindy. And I’m sure, as with everything photographed, the reality outstrips the capacity of a photo to show the vision. Thanks for sharing these!

    1. So much so, yes! Just the cavernous size of the place alone, and every bit of it like a separate fantastic cathedral, impossible to capture in photos.

  11. La Sagrada Familia es una auténtica maravilla arquitectónica, y es que Gaudí era un genio. Las fotos que has hecho en tu visita a España son preciosas. <3 <3 <3

    1. I don’t like lines either. Don’t feel bad, I often pass by visiting something if the lines and crowds are extreme. It can ruin the whole gestalt. If you go again, you can buy tickets online prior to leaving on your trip and this enables you to choose a time period and go to the head of the line. If you choose early morning there might be fewer people. You can do this at most major art museums and cathedrals all over the world.

  12. I try to remain open to spiritual energies..I have felt that way since I was a child..i swear, as I looked at each pic I could hear beautiful Gregorian chants being sung in my tiny ears😻🙏🏼

  13. Gaudi, the artist, architect and designer reminds me of Michaelangelo with his connections from above, Cindy. <3 I so thoroughly enjoyed seeing these magnificent structures! Awesome and full of "wow!" 😀

    1. Yes, these remarkable genius’s who connectus to something so much greater than ourselves. So happy you respond to this as I do Robin and cheers to you my friend~

    1. Yes. It is Amazing that he wasn’t initially overlooked because his creativity was unique and unusual. I give Spain a lot of credit for recognizing and championing him. I can’t imagine him ever being commissioned to build a cathedral in the US.

  14. The most amazing church I’ve been in. I went to see a tourist attraction– but left feeling I was really a place a worship. thank you for your gorgeous light filled photos Cindy. Wonderful to see it all again. xo

    1. Oh what a beautiful and perfect description and the exact experiences I had here, ” I went to see a tourist attraction– but left feeling it was really a place a worship.”
      Thank you Rhonda!

  15. Bonjour CINDY très joli ces vitraux

    Entre nous , nous avons scellé un pacte celui de l’amitié

    Cette amitié une fleur qui s’épanouies au fis des jours des mois des années

    Ces pétales ont eu du mal de s’ouvrir au départ mais ensemble

    On en a pris soin et ses pétales ce sont grandes ouvertes

    Comme la naissance d’un enfant

    Alors empêchons cette fleur de se faner

    Je t’embrasse passe une agréable journée


  16. Thanks so much, Cindy, for sharing the scared visions of Gaudi. Your selection of photos really celebrate his mastery. I would like to see Gaudi’s work someday, but in the meantime, I thank you for this visit.

    1. Well, I am certaiin, in your long and distinguished opera career, you will have the opportunity to visit and sing there again! Sincere congratulations Ms. Graduate! Such a milestone for you and so well deserved! <3

      1. Thank you Cindy, I’m singing for Scottish Opera this month then I’m off to Berlin for a month learning and performing as Frasquita in Carmen in a Fosse inspired performance. I’m brushing up my French and German at the same time. I’m very excited and trying to cram everything into my brain.

  17. We were in Barcelona about 9 years ago. What a joy to see the interior of the Sagrada Familia in its splendor! We could glimpse the beauty, but so much was hidden behind scaffolding. This is stunning.

  18. How impressive. It must have taken years to create this sacred building. I have never heard of it before. Thank you for exposing me to something new!

  19. I loved this church when we visited Barcelona in 2010. I had first seen it on my previous trip to Barcelona decades before. In 1974, only the facade at the back of the cathedral was finished. There was a collection box to take donations to fund continued work on it. I thought it would never been finished and was awed by how it looks now. Gaudi was an incredible artist – we also visited one of the homes he designed (on our way to Sagrada Familia) as well as Parc Guell. I hope to visit Barcelona again after the cathedral is COMPLETELY finished.

    1. How amazing to visit over that time span. It would be fascinating to see your before and after photos! We visited the home too which was remarkable, and several other buildings and of course the park over several visits. There is always new things to see in beautiful Barcelona. I look forward to your impressions when you return~

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