Sacred Visions~


are the genius of Gaudi.
He walked on this earth,

but his mind,

and soul,

lived in the heavens.

When you walk in the quiet of earliest morning,
in La Sagrada Familia,
you can feel Gaudi’s sacred visions.
Cheers to you from the beautiful heart of Gaudi~

276 thoughts on “Sacred Visions~

  1. We were in Barcelona about 9 years ago. What a joy to see the interior of the Sagrada Familia in its splendor! We could glimpse the beauty, but so much was hidden behind scaffolding. This is stunning.


  2. I loved this church when we visited Barcelona in 2010. I had first seen it on my previous trip to Barcelona decades before. In 1974, only the facade at the back of the cathedral was finished. There was a collection box to take donations to fund continued work on it. I thought it would never been finished and was awed by how it looks now. Gaudi was an incredible artist – we also visited one of the homes he designed (on our way to Sagrada Familia) as well as Parc Guell. I hope to visit Barcelona again after the cathedral is COMPLETELY finished.


    • How amazing to visit over that time span. It would be fascinating to see your before and after photos! We visited the home too which was remarkable, and several other buildings and of course the park over several visits. There is always new things to see in beautiful Barcelona. I look forward to your impressions when you return~


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