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  1. I also saw them once in France at the Atlantic coast. It is a great show how they come and fly about, settle again and also how they chirp. Thanks for remembering about it with your beautiful pictures.

      1. yup, no kiddin..but up until that movie’s release no one even considered birds dangerous. Hitchcockpreyed on a very deeply sublimated recognition and guilt that after all the damage we’ve done to nature, nature may strike back…

      2. He did so brilliantly, but I do agree with you, just as Jaws unfairly depicted sharks, Hitchcock unfairly demonized birds. Unfortunately some people believe what they see in the movies. I don’t think ravens have yet recovered from Hitch’s completely fictional depiction of them.

      3. Not just Hitchcock demonized Ravens and crows, the Omen, the exorcist, and nearly every devil inspired horror film had at least 1 or 2 crows/Ravens flying around delivering messages from Satan himself…personally I luv em..their my animal totem after all๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝโค๏ธ

      4. I think the reason people demonize animals like ravens is because they exist so successfully despite human attempts to eradicate them. People don’t like this. They fear animals that demonstrate a greater evolutionary adaptive advantage over them.
        I say to the ravens, “Live long and prosper.”

    1. Awww, thank you Carrie. I need to do an amazon review of your “Eating Bull.” I loved it! The characterization was so well done, so realistic, and the plot was compelling. Wonderful book Carrie~

  2. Thanks for the amazing photos! ( It saves my lying down on the ground to see the spectacle, as I was tempted to do at the Sistine Chapel).. someone going to the trouble to make such beautiful pictures makes it much easier for we grateful viewers!

    1. Thank you Cynthia and I love seeing your lovely face! Love your new gravatar. You and I were lucky to see The Sistine Chapel when there was room to lie down. Now people pack in there like sardines, with no room to breathe. It’s awful. Be well my friend~ <3

    1. Science is studying birds now for their synchronized flying. They don’t understand how they do this, much like fish in schools when they swim in balls. They are looking at things like phenome communication and esp to explain how birds do this instantaneously, so yes, bird behavior is truly fascinating.

    1. This is so right-on Wally! I used to go as a kid to Capistrano and see the annual migration and I know this song well! Swallows are amazing flocking birds. The bald eagles were quite interested in them when I took these shots yesterday!

      1. They are and they do this, but they also deviate, leaving anticipatory swallow lovers bereft, when they abandon a tradtional nesting site and move en-mass somewhere else.
        Having seen the swallows abandon Capistrano, I suspect they seek places with less people.
        Smart swallows.

  3. Cool pictures and the concept behind them! When I see a lot of birds on the wire as such it makes me wondering what they are thinking or they communicating to each other … ?

  4. Stunning and so many. There just don’t seem to be so many around here now. I have some pics of young house martins gathering in Autumn. Your aerial views are brilliant.

  5. Seriously wonderful. And to think I was excited that I saw four swallows today and got two in one shot. I wish I had that many in my yard to gobble up the mosquitoes.

      1. Good birdies indeed. Right after I posted my comment, I made a cup of tea and went to sit on my back deck, I looked up and there were 20 swallows weaving and diving in my backyard.

  6. How lovely! The only time I’ve managed to photograph swallows has been when they’ve been trying to avoid the camera… which produces unfortunately blurry photos.

      1. I walked today over at my neighbor’s field with a dozen nest boxes and saw 8 tree swallows. Not a huge flock, but I was relieved to see them. Bird numbers are dropping at an alarming rate everywhere it seems. ๐Ÿ™

  7. So civilized aren’t they? Truly like an abacus… Ahhh someone should create one like that. It would be quite a hit among us bird lovers – art imitates life! I wonder how many there are in that flock! Thanks for sharing this amazing sight with us Cindy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yes, civilized and organized which is pretty amazing isn’t it. They get along so well, unlike many humans. A bird abacus would be pretty rocking. You could use different size species for the beads. There were certainly hundreds of birds. How many hundreds? I have no idea.

    1. Can you imagine attempting to herd swallows!
      “Okay birdies, 500 of you line up here with no spaces in-betweem. Now, 10 of you line up here with equal spaces between.”
      It boggles the mind.

  8. Da sind sie also alle noch! Bei uns ist am 14. April die erste Schwalbe angekommen. Sie hockt auf der alten TV-Antenne und zwischert sich einen – ganz alleine. Offenbar die Quartiermacherin. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ah, she quotes Aristotle. You do see why I love bloggers so! I think it might make a summer, but we would have to ask Aristotle, remember he said, “nor one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy.”
      He may in fact be saying what you you just did, that hundreds of swallows, like hundreds of days of happiness may be enough.
      It is for me.

  9. You’re a poet, too!! Love this, Cindy. I’ve often wondered why birds always seem to face the same direction when they’re sitting on a wire. Can you imagine the confusion if one decided to face the opposite way??!!

    1. I turned these photos around 360 degrees to see how they would look turned around. The effect was lost because of just what you noticed. Every single one lined up with precision, all facing the same way. Incredible example of the order underlying the natural world. Really pleased you notice this too!

  10. Cindy, what an incredible photograph! I could not imagine how they got so close with not much space between them. It would be neat to see them gather and fit themselves in between the others. You know I love birds! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I know you do and I was intrigued by the spacing too and you can see them flying into the spaces in the other photos. So odd the way when not crowded on the lines, they space themselves at almost equal distances. Birds must have incredible spatial awareness.

    1. I like it a lot. What a creative endeavor and what fun! The only suggestion would be to remove the yours, ie., “I did this for yours and my convenience.” You might want to say, “I did this for user convenience,” or, “I did this for convenience.” Otherwise, it looks awesome-pawsome Sherri~

      1. Laughing. I am certain that is when this happened to you. You have to know I am a very proud queen of the typo, I love screwing around with, and messing up, the completely illogical English language, and I love even more when people don’t like it when I do.
        I only said this because you asked, and even though I know the rules of English grammar, I don’t respect them at all.
        You can choose to be grammatically correct, or creative.
        I love the latter most, hands down, all the time.
        <3 <3

  11. Swallows bring back memories of boyhood on the farm, Cuz. We had 3-4 families of them that came back every year, nesting in the rafters of the barn. They were nearly tame and seemed to tolerate us working so close to them and their nests. Beautiful birds too. Great pics ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Meeting you Mr. Barton is really one of the highlights of blogging. Your memories translate into such beauty. You are so impressive in the ways that really matter, translating human experience into artistic beauty.
      Long may you prosper.
      Enroute to your second home tomorrow, Florida, to cross the Atlantic to Spain & Portugal.
      Isis says there are going to blow up tourists in Spain.
      If they do, I hope I get their photos first, to clarify what cowards look like.
      Be well Paul.

  12. Bonsoir BELLE CINDY les hirondelles annoncent le retour du soleil
    Je viens tout en douceur
    Avec mon petit sourire
    Et ma bonne humeur
    Te souhaiter tout ce qu’il peux y avoir de meilleur dans ce monde
    Passe une belle soirรฉe
    Une trรจs belle fin semaine surtout avec du soleil
    Je te fais un trรจs grand signe d’amitiรฉ
    Pleins de bisous pour embellir cette amitiรฉ qui rรจgne entre nous depuis xxx temps


  13. How charming are they all hanging out together. At the lake, I build three bird houses for the garden and the swallows always came to rebuild their nests. I loved watching them swoop around but I’ve never seen so many in one place. Amazing!

    1. I was pretty surprised by this! I have a bird house by the front door that no bird has ever nested in do to our human traffic. But now a swallow family has nested, so we no longer use the front door!

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