Hasta Luego~

Once again,
we’re running off,
to sunny Spain & Portugal.

A wish for you,
Primavera’s promise,
for sunny days,
with singing flowers,

and busy bees.
Cheers to you & Happy Spring~
Note, will have limited access to internet for the first two weeks and will touch base when I am able!

270 thoughts on “Hasta Luego~

  1. Oh sunny days for sure! Beautiful photo’s Cindy. Omgosh, your dear in a rush is a joy, like she has wings! Were you close to her and that path? Safe travels, sounds awesome! x b

    1. This happened the day before yesterday! There are rarely deer at The Holler because the coyote packs will eat them. I was in the oak grove watching birds, when the deer basically walked into me. I lifted my camera for a shot, and she panicked so intensely that she bolted straight at me. I was clicking away and she deviated at the last nano second, and turned. This in one of the shots of her as soon as she passed me. It was a awesome experience. Thanks for noticing!

      1. Gasp ! How exciting and exhilarating. You’re a pro to continue with your camera and not be totally startled too. Oh, I’m so happy for you to have that moment with her, awesome!

      1. I adore the amazing architecture in general and the sagrada familia in particular. I am a bit obsessed with it. I would love to see some photos highlighting Barcelona’s buildings and this masterpiece using your special flair Cindy.

  2. The bright flowers,birds and the lone butterfly, reminds me of spring. Unfortunately here where I live we had a blizzard which dumped 47 cm of snow.So while we are tired of snow, you guys are having awesome weather. Best wishes to you all. Thank you Cindy. πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you for your latest contribution; I look forward to the next presentation. If you are so led, please give us your judgment regarding both Madeiras and Sherries. Please limit your indulgences to a maximum of one pipe of Bual or two casks of Amontillado per day, I don’t want my humble request to reduce the quality of your photographs in any way, we don’t want to be reduced to having to wait for postcards from traveling friends and family. That would be a long wait, for they usually tour the nearest casino when funds are available. See one picture of a garish and brightly lit slot machine, and you have seen them all.

      1. The south has been getting their share of storms, Cindy. Pretty soon you’ll be over in sunny Spain. Hasta la vista, baby !!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :))

  4. Have a wonderful time! Thank you for leaving us with some beautiful pictures before you leave. And thank you also for your Goodreads review of ‘Eating Bull.’ So nice of you to leave one, and I’m thrilled you enjoyed it. Thank you!

  5. Hasta Luego my friend. I just came online for a few minutes and I am thrilled to “see” you. Have a great time, relax, have fun and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Be safe and come back soon~!

  6. Have a marvelous time! Looking forward to your photos which provide so much joy for my day. Safe travels. And give greetings to Spain and Portugal. By the way, I found a Flamenco dance studio a couple of block from me that offer dance lessons. Come join me!!

  7. Awesome pic of deer in mid-leap! Have a wonderful trip! When you’re back online, I have a question to ask about golden eagles. One came very close to attacking me recently on my daily walk. Seriously, I’m still a little freaked-out.

    1. Yes. That would completely freak me out. These are massive powerful raptors. Don’t walk there again until mid-summer. Wear a really strong hat, carry a walking stick, and scan for nests and birds wherever you walk. Never hesitate to duck at the last second and get out of Dodge. But with a Golden you want to avoid a repeat encounter by not going on this walk again for several months. I was dive bombed by nesting Harrier Hawks in Patagonia, and my doctor made the national news when he was attacked and clawed by nesting red tail hawks because he walked near their nest. He had to go to the ER for stiches.
      Golden Eagles will attack to defend a nesting territory, if they feel threatened, and rarely if you are carrying food they want. I never carry food when hiking.
      Here is some info on Golden Eagles:


      Very glad you weren’t hurt and can well imagine what this did to your heart rate. Now, unfortunately you know what it feels like to be eagle prey!

  8. Monarch butterfly, flying ( ok, running) doe, and a pigeon for peace. πŸ™‚ I am always amazed how vibrant the colours in your pictures are. I mean, those flowers! I hope you will have a great time in Spain and Portugal, Cindy!

    1. You cannot imagine the doe experience! I was in the oak grove being silent, trying unsuccessfully to photograph the woodpeckers, when this doe walks in front of me, peacefully eating grass. I have seen very rare deer tracks, and no actual deer at The Holler. The coyote packs keep them away. Anyway, I quietly raised my camera, which the deer saw, causing her to go into instantaneous, hysterical panic. She bolted directly towards me. I started clicking, sure she would hit me in blind panic, but she veered at the last nano second and the photo I posted here, was me reeling around getting a shot of her, as she flew away.
      These are moments of pure happiness for me.
      For the deer too, since she got away! <3

      1. That is amazing! Thank you for sharing how the picture came about. I am glad to know that the doe managed to avoid you last nano-second. Why would she runs towards you if she was afraid of you, I don’t know, but it’s lovely to know that they are around! Have a great weekend, Cindy!

      1. Will do, Cindy! I know I’ll never travel some of the beautiful places you have been. But, I feel so lucky to find you and you travel posts in the blogosphere. πŸ™‚ <3

  9. Bon voyage Cindy! Thanks for this beautiful, bright, and cheery vacation notice. Love each and every image here, and I look forward to the next time we hear from you again! <3 ~Lynn

  10. A lovely vibrant post you have said goodbye with Cindy. I will look forward to seeing your photos when you have the time and the internet connections. Till then happy and safe travels my blogging buddy.

  11. Looks like a startled someone. Wonderful full-stride capture. Love the colors … and enjoy Spain & Portugal (you may recall we cruised them last fall) … wonderful!

  12. I love your photos so much! The one with the deer bouncing off is so cool! Have lots of fun in Spain and Portugal! Lucky Dawgs you! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  13. Have fun…I look forward to your beautiful photos as you travel. I believe I might have to have a Sony HX400 for my birthday πŸ™‚ One of the reasons I had to give up my Canon DSLR was because of the weight. I still miss it. So how’s the weight for the HX400?

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  15. So excited for you Cindy!! We lived in Spain for 12 years (mostly in and around Seville) and am imagining all you’ll see and do!! and can’t wait to get a look at your photos! Don’t miss churros and the thick hot chocolate to dip them in! and the stunning Museo de Belas Artes in Seville, housed in an old convent. And Portugal– so much beautiful history… Oh! waiting to see you posts! Happy trails! xo

    1. How exciting to live in Spain for twelve years! You must have some wonderful memories. We are in the middle of The Atlantic Ocean in the midst of a bit of a blow right now, but should reach the coast of Portugal on Saturday. Looking forward to sharing photos with you and hearing more of the memories they invoke in you! Cheers to you~

      1. HI Cindy– are you taking a ship to Portugal??!! I’m trying to figure out your chronology. In any case, Portugal will be so beautiful– and the bread!! Can’t wait to see what you post! Bon voyage!

      2. I wish I knew and got tutelage from you before I left. We are mid-Atlantic now, will reach Madeira in a few days. Then we are off the boat and on our own for four weeks in Spain and Portugal.
        I hope you send me some suggestions which I will be able to respond to when we arrive in Barcelona.
        The itinenary is:

      1. Weirdly the satellite internet is working perfectly with 4 meter seas, should be 5 meter by nightfall! Of course there are no ships in sight for days now. I have seen one bird. I think it got blown off course and it was too scared to land on the ship.


    C’est bientΓ΄t le premier mai
    Et j’ai cherchΓ© , cherchΓ©
    Les brins de muguet

    Dans les bois d’ALSACE

    Sur les talus ,sous les branchages et je l’ai trouvΓ©

    Je viens t’offrir en avance ce petit bouquet de muguet

    Je l’ai sentie il a une belle odeur parfumΓ©

    Regarde ces belles petites clochettes blanches


    Chaque clochette sonne mon amitiΓ©

    Pour toi ce petit porte bonheur

    Passe une belle semaine et un bon 1 mai avec du bonheur

    BISE Bernard

  17. Beautiful photos Cindy! Thank you very much for following my blog, I will certainly take time to visit yours as well. Hope your day is a happy one! πŸ™‚

    1. Awwww, of course you would notice Sarah. The morning doves mate for life. They have such distinctive cooing calls to each other. They seem clumsy but are not. They just aren’t afraid of humans. I am afraid for them always, because they are the birds most likely to fly into my windows, leaving imprints of their angel wings on impact,, like the angels they are.
      Be well Sarah.

  18. Hi Cindy. Have a wonderful time! I’m looking forward to some great pictures from there. We just got back from Mexico, so I’m catching up on my blogging! Enjoy!

  19. Beautiful shots, Cindy! Bon Voyage!
    It’s technically spring here in Ottawa, but you’d never know it from the distinct lack of green & sunshine. There is supposed to be a tulip festival soon!

  20. I am so glad I have been there and adored Spain, wished I had spent more time in Portugal.
    This post is beautiful and makes me wish I could “house sit” for you, Cindy! πŸ™‚ Your Holler would be probably “enough” joy, nature and fun I would ever need!

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