Ahhhhhhhh, Amsterdam~

It’s November, and one must open one’s windows in order to cool an overheated room. This is when the uniqueness of Amsterdam wafts in, making me think back a lot of years, “Is that incense I’m smelling?”
“Wait no, that’s pot.”
Amsterdam sure is aromatic.
And mellow.
I can see why they have so many incredible pastry shops, and people eating in them all night long!
I mean they even have cannabis lollipops. I never liked pot when I was young, but breathing deeply in my room now, inadvertently of course, as I type this, does bring up the possibility that this might be more medicinal to me in my soon to be descending senior years. I seem to be feeling really relaxed……
Amsterdam is unapologetic about pot. Here you can see oodles of it growing inside this historic old house boat in the UNESCO World Heritage Area.

In Kinderdjik Holland one finds idyllic scenes like these windmills built in the 1700’s and still in use today.

Holland is justifiably famous for its flowers,

and it’s artists!

DSC06205 (1)
Cheers to you from Vincent,

Holland, and I~
(Sorry for the repost but this did not show up in my reader!)

177 thoughts on “Ahhhhhhhh, Amsterdam~

  1. Have a good time there, Cindy. I’m not at all surprised about the pot popularity there from the things I’ve read of Amsterdam’s youth and lifestyle there. That part is a sad reality. I’ve never tried pop and don’t ever plan to, but am very disappointed in my own state (Colorado) for being the first one in our country to make it legal since I am a native here and wish it had never been legalized. But, times are changing. 😦 Anyway, with all the beautiful photos of their flowers, tulips, and scenery; those always make great memorable pictures of an interesting and I’m sure, beautiful country.

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  2. Sorry for my typo above (pop). πŸ™‚ I meant to say ‘pot’ I had not tried. I do love ‘soda pop’ however. πŸ™‚ (There is no editing button on these comment sections like on Facebook). πŸ™‚


  3. LOL! I think I’m part of the 1% of the US population who has never tried pot! I enjoyed Amsterdam, though (back in 1986, I don’t think the pot element was quite as obvious). Love the canal and the Anne Frank Museum. I also miss the windmills. Thanks for bringing back fond memories!

    And as I start to have more mysterious aches and pains in my old age, I’m also thinking that pot might not be such a bad thing to have around…LOL!

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  4. Wow, nothing says Amsterdam like pot lollipops… You left out the red light district… Were my eyes deceiving me but I thought I saw two red dots on the first picture of the windmills…. A low low flying plane.?

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  5. Beautiful and funny images of our beloved neighbour country, Cindy! πŸ™‚ Amsterdam ist GREAT!
    It has happened to me on a few occasions that the my posts didn’t turn up in the reader. Although I didn’t time it to be posted at a specific time, I sometimes happens. Then you have to readjust the time to make it appear in your reader. Otherwise it may appear as posted 2 days ago, previous to your latest post etc. And your followers won’t notice …


  6. As always, Cindy, beautiful photos. However, for those back in the states, beware. The big pharmaceuticals don’t like competition… The first time I visited Holland, I was uninitiated and it took me a moment (only) to realise the type of cafΓ© I was in. The menus were clearly marked and in more than one language. Cindy you could always go for the ‘herbal’ brownies! πŸ˜‰


  7. My grandparents lived just outside Amsterdam and I spent quite a few vacations in Holland (1960’s and 70’s). Long before pot was available everywhere. It’s a beautiful country with so much to see. Your photos brought back fond memories πŸ™‚


  8. The Netherlands….., Cindy, you’re in the world of my mother’s ancestors. Such a wonderful place to explore. Who could not love the windmills, the canals, boats, architecture, and so much more. Have a great time and tell us all about it. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  9. Nice photo’s and great to see your in my country… But it’s not all marihuana that rings the bell here… but great you enjoy the relax feelings. You’ll e need it in that busy, hectic… Amsterdam πŸ˜‰


  10. Wow, it’s a whole different world there huh? I know someone who would’ve thought he’d died and gone to heaven if he visited. As for me, I haven’t had a pleasant experience with MJ. One time I felt like I was immobilized in jello (though it’s funny that I’d even describe the experience so specifically since I’ve never been trapped in jello before, hahaha!). Hope you’re having a great time there but don’t mellow out too much that you never come back to us! πŸ˜€ ❀ ~Lynn


  11. I tried some cannabis cookies while there, but wasn’t impressed with the smokey flavour….. only could eat them when dunking in my tea. Amsterdam is an amazing and beautiful place.


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