Ahhhhh Amsterdam……

It’s November, and one must open one’s windows in order to cool an overheated room. This is when the uniqueness of Amsterdam wafts in, making me think back a lot of years, “Is that incense I’m smelling?”
“Wait no, that’s pot.”
Amsterdam sure is aromatic.
And mellow.
I can see why they have so many incredible pastry shops, and people eating in them all night long!
I mean they even have cannabis lollipops. I never liked pot when I was young, but breathing deeply in my room now, inadvertently of course, as I type this, does bring up the possibility that this might be more medicinal to me in my soon to be descending senior years. I seem to be feeling really relaxed……
Amsterdam is unapologetic about pot. Here you can see oodles of it growing inside this historic old house boat in the UNESCO World Heritage Area.

In Kinderdjik Holland one finds idyllic scenes like these windmills built in the 1700’s and still in use today.

Holland is justifiably famous for its flowers,

and it’s artists!

DSC06205 (1)
Cheers to you from Vincent,


Holland, and I~

74 thoughts on “Ahhhhh Amsterdam……

  1. Wonderful color shots of Amsterdam. You do such magical things with a camera. Thanks for sharing and bringing back some memories of my sweetheart and I. And yes, she did spend a few d-marks (olden days) on Delft.

    1. Good for her. I hope you still have them. We went to the Delft factory. I am happy you have you lovely memories Wally, I can only imagine how hard it must be. Hugs & love my friend~

  2. ah my favourite… you are visiting a city I’ve longed to visit. I had a nanny who came from Holland and told me all kinds of stories, she would sing to me and keep me spellbound with stories of her homeland. winks… I like your little piece.. you are special..hugs…

  3. Cindy, what a mellow time you are having. πŸ˜‰ Of flowers and other perfumes, I discovered the other day that a building I have driven by many times belongs to a Dutch company in the business of bulb production. They export lily bulbs from here to the rest of the world.

  4. My concern is how they’re using medical marijuana to treat Alzheimer’s. Surprisingly, they don’t seem to be very far along in that regard at all. Their research has focused primarily on pills, which don’t work because, as research in Israel and other countries has shown, it’s the heat that releases the chemicals in the THC that stimulates the CB2 receptors.

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