I Didn’t Even Buy One Mary Jane Lollipop in Amsterdam….

So how can I explain what happened next in Cologne Germany?
We just arrived from Amsterdam and went to visit the Koln Cathedral.
The cathedral was locked!
All of these strange,
phantasmagorical-creatures were around.
They were acting wild.
I mean this is Germany on a weekday in November!
Do you think I got a lollipop by mistake?
Or maybe it’s just CHEERS to you from CARNIVAL in amazing Koln Deutschland!
(On a big bummer note, my laptop broke. A nice Bulgarian person let me use his laptop to download some photos and send this post to you with no editing. I am traveling in small German towns with no idea when I can buy a new laptop, hopefully before I hit Slovakia. So until then, I am abroad and adrift, laptopless, and missing you and your posts terrifically~

222 thoughts on “I Didn’t Even Buy One Mary Jane Lollipop in Amsterdam….

  1. So glad the nice person allowed you to borrow his laptop … as per the lollipops, just because YOU didn’t buy one, doesn’t mean some of your photographic subjects didn’t 😉

  2. What fun captures. Aren’t the Bulgarians just so generous but to this day, I still have no idea why the two Bulgarian women in my train compartment had wire wrapped around their waists…

  3. Here’s hoping you get sorted out before too long Cindy.The festival in Koln looked like the doctor’s ‘rag week’ in the UK when they raise money for charity.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      1. Ah, I haven’t been able to upload photos for weeks! Even the technician couldn’t help and so one of the blogs is still down. 🙁
        I just got the poetry blog back up yesterday…

  4. Oh noooooo! I can’t believe your laptop failed. Well, you are in the right place to get a new one. German technology is supposed to be the best! Meanwhile, have fun! I love all your crazy Koln characters.

  5. How fun, Love it! So sorry to hear about your laptop… It must be very frustrating. Strangely, I was wondering about your laptop while reading your blog a few days ago, and I thought, I should get a laptop just for traveling. 🙂

  6. Bonjour Cindy, je vous souhaite un séjour agréable malgré les petits problèmes techniques. … quelque chose est traduit par “Marie-Jeanne Lollipop” (“sucette à la marijuana” ?) par le programme “Google-traductor” et je ne pense pas que ce soit la bonne traduction Il est vrai qu’Amsterdam, c’est le lieu …… peut importe, passez une excellente fin de semaine.

    1. We are staying almost two weeks in Germany and Austria, but I still haven’t gotten to a laptop store, there hasn’t been time, and won’t be until maybe Vienna towards the end. It takes time to buy a laptop and it has to be compatible……ergh!

    1. Yes to both questions. 🙂 We got an incredible deal we couldn’t pass up, free round trip air, 1/3 normal price etc., but it is not really our thing as we prefer to travel on our own. It is not cold so far, but should be as we get closer to Budapest.

  7. Carnival fun! I haven’t ever had a Mary Jane lollipop so thought you must have stumbled onto a party, Cindy. Hope you’ll be up and running on your laptop soon. Would hate to miss any of your photos!

  8. There is a joke. Pessimist is saying that cognac smells like a bed bug. Optimist in contradiction saying that bed bag smells like cognac. Everything is depends of point of view. You lost your old laptop Cindy, but you’ll buy a new nice and more powerful one. Forget about it and enjoy your trip.
    It looks the Angel-statue is staying in Koln (Cologne) for years. I’ve seen him about 8-10 years ago in front of Cathedral.

  9. Your camera is hallucinating or perhaps has a personality disorder that you could discuss with it. It sees people differently than most of us do. There must be a medical term for that.

  10. Yeah, what a trip that must be! One can get the experience without the side effects of MJ. I’d love that! Sorry to hear about your poor laptop but hope that you get hold of another one soon. Until then, enjoy all the fantastical sights and events Cindy! <3 ~Lynn

  11. Obviously you have been in Cologne on Novemer 11th, start official start of the carnival period 😉
    Have fun Cindy! 😄
    By the way: Where ever you are now – ask for a “Mediamarkt” or “Saturn” – one store of these big chains will be nearby 😃 Greetings from Stefan

  12. Fantastic photos! So sorry about your computer woes. It is stressful when our hardware goes on the blink. Hope you find something that works for you soon. Safe travels.

  13. Right after Mary Jane’s lollipop I got confused….., something about a topless broad drifting through Germany with a Bulgarian ????? Hahaha !!!!! 😉 Looks like fun, Cuz. Hope you’re not getting near what has happened in Paris. So absolutely insane…, and sad for those French families. Hugs !

    1. Just noted the Packers fan in the crowd (cheesehead). Good lord, they’re everywhere ! Germany, you’re still on the heritage trail of my mother’s family, Cindy. If you continue to Austria and to what was at one time Prussia, you’ll have completed the path. Ha! Hope all is well over there. 🙂

  14. Well, now, that would have quite a surprise. At least it was a celebration and not the norm! Looks like a fun time was had by all. I see you reference getting a new German laptop. I didn’t know you could read and write German! 😆 Bwaahhahahahaha!

  15. So much fun and such wonderful smiles. Thanks for sharing. This is Ruth anomy other blog was sunset dragon and after way to many times to get into it, and not being able to I started this one.

  16. What a fantastic time Cindy. The celebration is wild, right? So sorry to learn of your computer problems – hope you are able to fix it while you are overseas.

  17. Cindy – I echo Ineses’ comment above – please stay safe. This post made me homesick for Germany and mad all at the same time. The Koln Cathedral is one of my all time favorite places to find peace and perfect for contemplation – and to find it locked is a sin in and of itself. I know it’s because of the changes in our world but it breaks my heart all the same. Knowing the world traveler you are, you’ve probably been there several times but you can never see the Koln Cathedral too many times. Will you still be in Germany when the Neurenberg Christmas Market rolls around or perhaps it’s already started.

  18. Based on the photos above, I agree with you ~ you did not buy one MJ lollipop, but several and shared them with your camera and lens as how else could you see such things 🙂

  19. Sorry about your laptop!! It does leave you feeling a bit helpless without one. What oh what was the occasion at the Cathedral? We lived in Spain for 12 years and traveled summers north– I remember dancers in front of the Cologne Cathedral, but nothing quite so interesting as you saw!

  20. Hi Cindy …your photos are really great ! I love the many friendly people I met in Bulgaria 2 years ago and Amsterdam was glorious ! Thankyou so much for these reminders of lovely days . Love and blessings , megxxx

  21. Such a very fun and lively post, Cindy. How wild it must have been for you to see all this craziness and fun around you. The costumes are quite elaborate! I’m so glad you were able to get these great captures and use a stranger’s laptop to share this fun day with us. Thanks so much Cindy! 🙂

  22. I found you again. Computer is not happy with the storm outside. Wanted to thank you for following my blog and let you know how much I enjoyed the pictures of the Germanic signs. I grew up in Germany and have visited a few times since. It has a very different feel than here. I’ll be back.

  23. It was called Fasching when I was a kid. My parents dressed up but it was not a holiday for children. I didn’t do Halloween till I was 11 and then it was over a year later. Too old and no more Fasching. 🙁

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