America the Beautiful~

with amber waves of grain.
Fall is coming to West Glacier National Park.
The leaves are turning,
and although the days are still warm, the nights are quite crisp.

Tomorrow we head over the ‘Going to the Sun Road,’ across the continental divide, to East Glacier.

There is no internet in East Glacier so I will be out of touch for awhile, until we cross the border into Canada and Waterton Lakes National Park~
Until then, cheers to you from West Glacier

168 thoughts on “America the Beautiful~

  1. Lovely photo’s Cindy and Welcome back to Canada! We were just in Calgary Alberta this weekend and loved seeing the mountains off in the distance. looks like a fire might have swept thru there some time ago and nature is in the process of renewing from the ashes. Gotta love what nature can do when left to her own devises.


  2. We went up into Waterton N. P. too when we went to Glacier Nat’l Park, after Yellowstone N.P. All of it was beautiful then that first week of June in 2011 when we went, but was still cold and snow in Y.N.P. even. They had to close the ‘Road to the Sun’ in Glacier because of snow pack there, but got plenty of other stuff to see, including a boat ride on Lake McDonald by the L.M. Lodge we stayed in and hiked the trails. Have fun and enjoy. It is truly beautiful and awe inspiring to see what our own country has to offer in national parks and nature reserves.


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