Adios, Auf Weidersen, Adieu~

It is tulip festival at the Keukenhof gardens outside of Rotterdam Holland.
There are over 7 million tulips, spread over 77 acres of stunningly gorgeous gardens!
There are many other ethereal flowers too.
These are the most beautiful flower gardens I have ever seen,

and they provide a peaceful and lovely retreat.
We fly tomorrow to South Africa for two weeks self driving in the bush and will have no access to wifi for the next ten days, until we drive out of Kruger National Park.
Look forward to reconnecting with you in about ten days from South Africa!
Flying away, but sending hopes for health & cheers your way~ ❤

246 thoughts on “Adios, Auf Weidersen, Adieu~

  1. What a beautiful panoramic display colorful Tulips, colors in every direction, my camera would be running in overdrive,I could imagine a beautiful Strauss Waltz playing in the background as two lovers stroll arm in arm amidst that beautiful Garden of Eden.


  2. I can only look at tulip photos because the deer around here will think we planted a restaurant just for them if we grew any. 😉 I can’t wait to see the photos from the bush!


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  4. The gardens of Holland are some of my favorite in the world – but then – I often think any garden is my favorite when I’m in the midst of it. Cindy – please don’t spend time responding to my comments. I wanted you to know I was out here and loving your photographs and the brief descriptive use with each photo. You always give us your best. Bravo for your work and the joy you bring us.


    • OH what a country! Every single day is an amazement. There is such an incredible difference between an African wild animal and an animal in a zoo. The eyes sparkle, they look at you directly, there is none of that zoo depression. Heaven! Saw a leopard yesterday! Now that we are out of the park, on the perimeter, the food is to die for! (I was cooking in the park! 😉 The produce is soooo much better than in the States. Protea Hotel Kruger Gate has these Boma Braais included in the most reasonable room rate that are phenomonal and the place is so beautiful and there is wifi!!! Woo Hoo for stunning SA!

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    • So awesome to be back! I feel like I am slightly less ignorant than on my first trip, laughing……Such wonder! Everyday! Seeing so many unusual animals, civets, genets, two green boomslangs, balateurs, lots of fishing eagles, tawny eagles, mating hyenahs, jackals, a leopard, all of the big five and then some. Lots of rhino, one with a huge horn and tons of ellies and giraffes. Lots of babies. Nyalas, duikers, everything! Utter joy!


  5. Beautiful! I really need to visit those gardens one of these “years”… I’ve thought about it several times over the years. Your pictures are reminding me I really need to just book a ticket to Amsterdam and go do it!!! Next year maybe? 🙂


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  8. Did you take those spectacular pictures of the tulips? Gorgeous! I got to visit the Netherlands when I was at school in England, but alas, it was not tulip season. But I do live in Washington state, where the Skagit valley is almost as impressive.


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