Adios, Auf Weidersen, Adieu~

It is tulip festival at the Keukenhof gardens outside of Rotterdam Holland.
There are over 7 million tulips, spread over 77 acres of stunningly gorgeous gardens!
There are many other ethereal flowers too.
These are the most beautiful flower gardens I have ever seen,

and they provide a peaceful and lovely retreat.
We fly tomorrow to South Africa for two weeks self driving in the bush and will have no access to wifi for the next ten days, until we drive out of Kruger National Park.
Look forward to reconnecting with you in about ten days from South Africa!
Flying away, but sending hopes for health & cheers your way~ ❤

246 thoughts on “Adios, Auf Weidersen, Adieu~

  1. J’aime beaucoup vos photos, c’est amusant, nous sommes allés aussi en Afrique du Sud, en Hollande, c’est agréable de retrouver des clichés, vus d’un autre œil.


  2. They knew you were coming so they all dressed for the occasion in their gorgeous array, displaying their impeccable smiles because they knew your heart would capture their exquisite charm and beauty….their smiles are more valuable than any priceless jewel. You make smiles come alive everyday! I have missed you, and I am so happy, the snafu was repaired!


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