Adios, Auf Weidersen, Adieu~

It is tulip festival at the Keukenhof gardens outside of Rotterdam Holland.
There are over 7 million tulips, spread over 77 acres of stunningly gorgeous gardens!
There are many other ethereal flowers too.
These are the most beautiful flower gardens I have ever seen,

and they provide a peaceful and lovely retreat.
We fly tomorrow to South Africa for two weeks self driving in the bush and will have no access to wifi for the next ten days, until we drive out of Kruger National Park.
Look forward to reconnecting with you in about ten days from South Africa!
Flying away, but sending hopes for health & cheers your way~ <3

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  1. oh enjoy your time in SA – and thanks for all the color in this post here- whew – yes “peaceful and lovely” but also energizing colors πŸ™‚
    safe travels Cindy

  2. The tulips here have such short life spans…what happens to the gardens after the blooms have gone… you provided us all with a beautiful escape.

    Be safe in your travels. Enjoy every minute. We look forward to your return to the ‘net’ .

  3. Wowie! Tulips come in such an amazing range of colors! I even see some vibrant blues back there. And those mirror distortions are so psychedelic! Looking forward to your next adventure in South Africa and Kruger National Park! Yay! <3 πŸ™‚ ~Lynn

    1. Tulips are an enigma to me because they will not grow in SoCal and they won’t even survive in a vase due to the heat and lack of humidity. Seeing these was pure nirvana. The gardens were magnificent~

  4. I gasped when I saw your photo of the tulips in my reader. Wow! Those colours were so tantalising and like a drug to my visual brain…wow! Enjoy the next stage of your trip and I look forward to seeing the photos!! xx Rowena

  5. My Grandfather used to live in Rotterdam when he was a teenager. My mom has a copy of an old movie, she says it is 8mm, his family took that shows many people riding bicycles decorated with tulips and also the cars. The people are wearing them too, as necklaces and hats. The pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    1. The Dutch have the second highest bicycle ownership rate per person in the world so I can just picture your grandfather on his bike. I think they may ride bikes so much because the country is very flat, but this is probably wrong because the Swiss ride bikes constantly and their county is full of Alps!! πŸ˜‰ There are pick it your self tulip farms and I saw several children walking holding tulip stalks so your grandfather would be most at home!

  6. The colors are mind-bending! Reminds me of a park in Liverpool which is planted with thousands of daffodils – I just happened to be there when they were all in bloom and it felt like heaven to walk around in them!

    1. I will be in the UK for a week in two weeks and I am hoping to see the flowers I remember so well from the summer I spent there many moons ago. I remember the lupins and the roses. Bushes of them!! Gorgeous~

  7. Stunning photos! We plan to visit one day when the girls are a bit older. Their Opa was born there and left at the age of 5 near the end of the war. Their Great Opa was in hiding for most of it and there are some amazing and heroic tales of times back in Holland during that time. It is their heritage and we have lots of relatives to meet there as well. With a last name like van Reeuwyk we will fit right in!! Happy travels to South Africa. I follow de wets blog and they have posted from Kruger Park before with stunning images, enjoy the adventure and I look forward to your tales and images🌸🌸🌸

    1. Rotterdam was just demolished during the war as you know. So many people starved. They called the children “white noses” because they were so malnourished. They ate tulip bulbs. The history feels particularly close in Rotterdam because there is so little of old Europe left in it. All new architecture, but at least there are still windmills, although most were destroyed. It is still an utterly charming place and I look forward to your post when you visit with your children to teach them about their ancestors. Such heartbreaking history~

      1. I have heard stories of the three kids and how malnourished they were during that time. Heartbreaking is right. I can see how there is a sadness in all the “new” when you visualize what was destroyed in the war. The tulips are a beautiful messenger of love and the true nature of our souls.

  8. I confess…… I am jealous! But so enjoy your pics! Beautiful Holland…… and I can’t wait to see South Africa! I like to “pop in” on the web to watch live webcam at Kruger! enjoy!

    1. If I can find a hint of wifi in Kruger, I will post from the park, but this is unlikely as we are staying in national park lodges, not the fancy places. But towards the middle of the second week, we cross out of the park to a lodge that has wifi, so I will probably just burp out the best of the wildlife shots. I am so jazzed you are traveling with me!

  9. Golly, Cindy, what stunning scenery!! How does one EVER leave such beauty?!? Happy and safe travels to you as you take off for more adventures — can hardly wait to see what you photograph there!!

    1. Holland is a wonderful and special place! Thanks so much for your good wishes Debbie and I am so glad you are traveling along with me, it makes it much more fun!

    1. Jim is the driver so may the force be with him! This time we didn’t watch a lot of you tube videos on how to manage ellie charges. Hopefully we remember. We were charged last time!

  10. This is Nature in all her glory, albeit with a bit of help from people. Stunning photos.
    I am looking forward to your South African (my home country) photos πŸ™‚

    1. Ohhh, it is interesting that so many Dutch settled in SA. SA resembles The Holler topography and climate, but we lack those big critters!!! I’ll will never forget driving into Kruger a few years ago. Instant Africa! Excited and hope to get some good pics for you Emy. You must miss it~

  11. I have been experiencing a fair bit of arthritic pain today, after looking at your posting, your thoughtful selection of images and words helped me escape that pain. Thank you for demonstrating the therapeutic value of nature and it’s beauty and what you accomplish with your blog. Have a wonderful and fun weekend. Gratitude, Harlon

    1. Oh Harlon, after these words from you I will never stop blogging. Nature, and images of it, have the effect of healing balm on the human psyche. As a therapist for over 30 years, I never realized how much closing myself up in offices everyday affected my own well being. It was only after early retirement, and spending so much more time being in, and photographing the natural world, that I noticed how much less stressed I was, how better I slept, how much more I immersed myself in the moment and enjoyed what I was experiencing.
      Images and bad news (think modern media), movies, etc., create the opposite effect on our psyche. They influence us subliminally, affecting our mood, our thoughts, and our overall health.
      If I went back to being a therapist again I would recommend people spend time every day in the natural world, and when inside expose themselves to beautiful images of our stunnning planet.
      I am so rewarded Harlon that this worked for you, as it does for me and I am most grateful for you taking the time to tell me.

  12. Fly safely. And someday, I will hit those tulip gardens when they are at the top of their bloom. Peggy’s brother and his wife, who are traveling in Europe for six months, just posted on the gardens as well. –Curt

    1. You are right about that. Super hard to discipline myself and set limits to the ones posted. I didn’t post my favorite photo because the maritime satelite couldn’t handle intense pixel upload. I can’t wait to hear about your trip when you go!

    1. We are enjoying ourselves and have had only one scary incident so far and it did not involve a wild animal who are all perfectly behaved, oh except for te vervet monkey that bit a woman to steal her lunch! She was unhurt, though incensed!

    1. Hi Resa, I hope you do visit! I have picked your critter and it is a big rare kitty-kat! Won’t be him posting for while though. Hope you are well my friend~

  13. What a beautiful panoramic display colorful Tulips, colors in every direction, my camera would be running in overdrive,I could imagine a beautiful Strauss Waltz playing in the background as two lovers stroll arm in arm amidst that beautiful Garden of Eden.

  14. I can only look at tulip photos because the deer around here will think we planted a restaurant just for them if we grew any. πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait to see the photos from the bush!

    1. That is probably peak bloom. So sorry and so disappointing for you! It was crowded early in the day when we were there, but the buses all left by afternoon and we were left with the gardens.

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  16. The gardens of Holland are some of my favorite in the world – but then – I often think any garden is my favorite when I’m in the midst of it. Cindy – please don’t spend time responding to my comments. I wanted you to know I was out here and loving your photographs and the brief descriptive use with each photo. You always give us your best. Bravo for your work and the joy you bring us.

  17. Bellas pinceladas de color para decir adios a Europa.
    Buen viaje a SudΓ‘frica y buenos recuerdos fotogrΓ‘ficos de ese bello paΓ­s. πŸ™‚

    1. OH what a country! Every single day is an amazement. There is such an incredible difference between an African wild animal and an animal in a zoo. The eyes sparkle, they look at you directly, there is none of that zoo depression. Heaven! Saw a leopard yesterday! Now that we are out of the park, on the perimeter, the food is to die for! (I was cooking in the park! πŸ˜‰ The produce is soooo much better than in the States. Protea Hotel Kruger Gate has these Boma Braais included in the most reasonable room rate that are phenomonal and the place is so beautiful and there is wifi!!! Woo Hoo for stunning SA!

  18. Beautiful pics with the tulips on the banks in the distance. Wow … also love your creation of the tulip collection in the next to the last image. Safe travels!

    1. So awesome to be back! I feel like I am slightly less ignorant than on my first trip, laughing……Such wonder! Everyday! Seeing so many unusual animals, civets, genets, two green boomslangs, balateurs, lots of fishing eagles, tawny eagles, mating hyenahs, jackals, a leopard, all of the big five and then some. Lots of rhino, one with a huge horn and tons of ellies and giraffes. Lots of babies. Nyalas, duikers, everything! Utter joy!

  19. Beautiful! I really need to visit those gardens one of these “years”… I’ve thought about it several times over the years. Your pictures are reminding me I really need to just book a ticket to Amsterdam and go do it!!! Next year maybe? πŸ™‚

      1. Yes, I’ve been to Amsterdam a couple of times, but never during the tulip “festival”…. Guess I need at least one or two more trips πŸ˜‰

      2. This is the best thing about travel isn’t it? The more places you go the more you want to see. It fosters intense love of life in the moment. Happy you have been to beautiful Holland so many times and want to go even more~

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    1. I am in more regular wifi range now, so I am catching up on blogs and comments and then I will start to post stunning African wildlife! Hope you come along & cheers~

  21. Cindy, spectacular photographs of these colorful tulips. I want to ‘jump’ right in each and every frame!!! Well done! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  23. Did you take those spectacular pictures of the tulips? Gorgeous! I got to visit the Netherlands when I was at school in England, but alas, it was not tulip season. But I do live in Washington state, where the Skagit valley is almost as impressive.

    1. Yes, I took the photos. I can’t grow tulips where I live in SoCal, so I love to see them growing where they can. I would love to see them in Skagit!

  24. J’aime beaucoup vos photos, c’est amusant, nous sommes allΓ©s aussi en Afrique du Sud, en Hollande, c’est agrΓ©able de retrouver des clichΓ©s, vus d’un autre Ε“il.

  25. They knew you were coming so they all dressed for the occasion in their gorgeous array, displaying their impeccable smiles because they knew your heart would capture their exquisite charm and beauty….their smiles are more valuable than any priceless jewel. You make smiles come alive everyday! I have missed you, and I am so happy, the snafu was repaired!

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