Stork V Elephant~

The Saddle Billed Stork was loafing in his pond today,
when the elephants decided he was in their way.
The ellies, snorted, bellowed and chased,
DSC07144 (1)
the stork leaped, jumped and flapped.
The ellies were dumbfounded by this unusual stork,
and decided it would be wise to yield the way.
Every stork must have his day!
On borrowed internet. Back to civilization in a few more days. Until then, cheers to you from the remote Oliphants River in Kruger National Park~

140 thoughts on “Stork V Elephant~

  1. You must have been on the bridge over looking the river. We stopped there. That day a pod of hippo’s were moving about (no elephants for us) and crocodiles. Best to be well above such critters!


    • I know the bridge you speak of quite well! I took these photos from the porch of our rondavel at Olifants Rest Camp that was on the perimeter and looked down over a bend in the Olifants River. Animal herds were coming to the river 24/7. It was unblieveable. I had no idea you were here!


    • Africa is an amazing, elemental place. The animals in the wild live in this life and death reality, yet their eyes are sparkling and happy and full of life. Zoo animals eyes look dull and depressed by comparison. Wild animals look me in the eye. Zoo animals avoid eye contact. It is fascinating. All creatures seem to want freedom regardless of risk.


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