The Irish Fox’s Castle~

Look at the Lord of the Irish Castle!
He ran free through the castle grounds
and this ain’t blarney!
Although the Castle is…..
and this is Blarney House,
both are in County Cork Ireland,
close to the charming coastal town of Cobh.
My husband loves the Irish pubs,
but I prefer the Irish foxes!
Cheers to you from County Cork~
(Still operating under very limited wifi access, so I apologize for not being able to follow and respond.)

148 thoughts on “The Irish Fox’s Castle~

  1. Fantastic close-ups of the fox! What a cutie! <3 Looks like quite the lord of the castle indeed. Thanks for the amazing sights once again Cindy. πŸ™‚ <3 Lynn

  2. Beautiful photos! They bring, as a lot of your work, dear memories to me. My loyal good friends from where the photos come from and foxes. There are lots of foxes in London wondering around and in the parks as well. They are so friendly, lovely creatures. Thank you! AdriΓ‘n

    1. They are magnificent creatures, friendly, but wary & cautious. I followed this fox all around the castle grounds and into the private house gardens (naughty me) eventually the fox figured he would just sit down and scratch! I fell in love~ <3

      1. I am practicing, “Nice rhinoceros Sit! Stay!”
        I am certain it will work.
        And this time when I hear grunting by the braai, I will know it is a hippo, not a bush pig.
        I am so much better equipped for the bush!
        Can’t wait!!!

  3. Now I don’t mind admitting I’m pea-green with envy for your trip, Cindy! As an Irish-American, there’s nothing better than the motherland, you know — foxes, castles, pubs, all that GREEN!! Do enjoy a pint for me, okay?!

    1. It is such a beautiful country and you are understandably proud! The people are so warm and wonderful! But the Irish fox was the piece de resistance! Love it all~ <3

  4. Cindy, I really love your pictures. My boyfriend and I love to travel but have been stateside for the last 8 months, ugh, we both want to go an our next adventure. Ireland is at the top of our list. Your photos whisk me off to another place, which is just what I need today.

  5. Awesome photos Cindy! I am so jealous you are in Ireland! So very cool! I love foxes and always have, your photos of him are so adorable!!!! Have a wonderful time as I know that you of course are! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  6. Hey,
    These pics are really nice, Ireland’s a stunning place! And can I say I loved your out back Cali blurb, I’m from England so it’s really cool and insightful to imagine… Thanks for taking an interest in my blog I appreciate it immensely and enjoy yours too might I say πŸ™‚

  7. SΓ­, es verdad que el “seΓ±or del castillo” parece ser el zorro πŸ˜‰
    Bonita ciudad, bonito castillo, bonito paisaje… Siga disfrutando, amiga <3

  8. Wow, Cindy. I look forward to more photos. My Dad’s family, the Curtins, hail from City of Cork, County Cork and we also have Bridget Donovan, an Irish Famine Orphan sent out to Australia from Midleton Workhouse and O’Sullivans from Mallow…quite a swag of places. Love the fox. xx Rowena

    1. You know something, Ireland is beyond wonderful. I completely get the Irish loyalty and Irish pride. Plus we just listened to traditional Celtic music and watched the traditional dancing last night. I was embarrassed because I kept having to hide my tears. There is just something amazing about the Irish & Ireland and County Cork in particular. I have been to Ireland before but never to County Cork and I am just bowled over. Hugs to you & your Irish pride! <3

      1. That’s really intriguing. I went to an Irish celebration in Sydney last year and felt something special there too. A touch of the Irish perhaps! xx Rowena

          1. Me too. In Australia, we have this phrase about sending people back hwere they came from if they don’t like it here and I’ve thought they’re going to have to chop most of us into pieces and distribute the bits as we’re mostly mutt over here.

  9. Terrific photos! Makes me realize how much I want to travel to Ireland – have cousins there and a stone house that belonged to great grandparents I want to check out.

    1. See you and my hubby will get along. You can both swill a bunch a stout in the pubs, and when you can’t stand anymore, I’ll take you to meet the fox……..
      Or you could just go to the Bahamas!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚
      Hugs to you Antionette <3

          1. Ah but we are now slowing down and I don’t think we will get much overseas travel now, but who knows it is in the lap of the gods… My green thumb is working overtime at the moment and loving it…

      1. What? You are actually at home? Working in your garden? The big question is are you going to stay there long enough to eat what you sew?
        In all honesty you both may be slowing down, but you are still doing so much, living life to the fullest, focusing on all the good. You are wonderful, slow or fast, and I am so lucky to have met you both. Inspirations to me is what you both are. (Sorry for talking in Yoda syntax!)

  10. I enjoyed that tour around County Cork, your Irish castles are so majestic, the Blarney house reminds me of the TV series Downton Abbey.
    Great pictures Cindy

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