Let Me Take You Down~

cuz we’re going to,
ranunculus fields,
everything’s real.
Ranunculus fields forever!
I’ve been visiting these fields forever.
Well, at least all my life.
Fifty acres of springtime joy!
The ultimate eye candy.
Cheers to you and Happy Easter from all the spring ranunculus! ❤
Adapted lyrics: “Strawberry Fields,” Lennon & McCartney

233 thoughts on “Let Me Take You Down~

    • I use a Sony HX400 now, slightly updated from my previous 300. What I like about this camera is that the zoom goes up to 1200 mm equivalent. You can take normal, non-zoom shots, and high zoom without changing lens. I also never use a tripod, even at mazimum zoom, because the camera has excellent hand held stability. Hope fun selecting your camera and let me know what you end up getting!

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      • Thank you Cindy! I have never had a sony, I will have to do some research. I rarely use a tripod, i’m afraid I would miss so many shots that way, and I usually walk several miles when I’m out. Hand held stability is definitely a priority! Love your photos! Thank you 🙂


  1. Strawberry, orange, lemon and grape fields forever…I want to gather all these lovely flowers up and decorate my house! They are spectacular. Thank you for bringing this beauty into my life today!


    • So happy you enjoy it as I do, and I did just that when the fields were just grown for bulbs. They would let you cut the flowers if you left the bulbs. I will fill my turnk and car, around my kids of course, and we would go home to ranunculu home heaven! We think alike. ❤


  2. Thank you for the reminder and some great pictures with it. In return here’s one for you:-

    In Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs
    Of every head he’s had the pleasure to know
    And all the people that come and go
    Stop and say hello

    On the corner is a banker with a motorcar
    The little children laugh at him behind his back
    And the banker never wears a mack
    In the pouring rain, very strange

    Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes
    There beneath the blue suburban skies
    I sit, and meanwhile back ~


  3. Shucks, just when I was trying to think of a Trotsky joke you corrected it. 🙂 My friend saw the fields the other day. He said they are often laid out in the colors of the American flag.


  4. Wow! That’s how I want my back garden to look. 🙂 I would love to gather armfuls of those lovely flowers like you mentioned in one of your comments. One of my favourite flowers is the peony and these ranunculus are quite similar. I’m going to have to investigate how easy/difficult they are to grow in Ireland. We seem to be able to manage buttercups very well. 😉
    Happy Easter Cindy.


    • Oh yes, we are kindred spirits. I adore peonies but we cannot grow them here. They are available in stores once a year for a week or two and I always buy some for display. I also buy them for our hotel room when we travel. We will be in Ireland (County Cork) soon just for two days. I hope I see some peonies! Happy Easter Sarah~


      • Cork is warmer than here (being further South) but it’s too early for peonies in the gardens. I don’t know if the florists in Cork are likely to stock peonies. I haven’t seen them round here. I just have the one peony plant in my garden. I had a couple (one red, one white) in my garden in England.
        I hope you have a wonderful time in County Cork. Will you be posting photos of your trip?


      • I will be posting photos on my trip and am excited to go to Ireland. It will be only my second visit and I wish we had more time! I will be in England too, so I will be looking all over for peonies! Cheers to you Sarah~


  5. What a series…I saw the title and then after the first photo thought “Take you down to paradise city…” as these shots are incredible. The last one has a sense of serenity that feels most at home to me (even though I’ve never seen anything like this!). Cheers to a great weekend!


  6. The ultimate eye candy, indeed! I noticed that you have ‘followed’ my blog. That is the old blog which will soon be hidden. On my new website, I published a post a few hours ago. Can you see it in your Reader? If you do, I’m glad. If not, and you are willing to sign up for e-mail notifications, please do so at fae-magazine.com. Thanks, 🙂


  7. Liebe Cindy was für ein schönes Blumenmeer herrlich an zu sehen wünsche dir einen traumhaften Dienstag mit ganz lieben Grüßen Klaus in Freundschaft viele lieb Grüße von der Ahr


  8. Let me take you down
    ‘Cause I’m going to,
    Strawberry Fields…
    Nothing is real…
    And nothing to get hung about!
    Strawberry Fields forever!

    But I can’t see the strawberries for all those stunningly beautiful flowers that are in the way!


  9. Here we are back on land Cindy and just had to pop over to see how things were at the Holler and they are just blooming, such gorgeous colours and your humming birds are a real community, but I think those 2 enforcers are taking an advantage of you…


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