Lanky Libidinous Lizards~

The Holler always has drop in visitors. This is a quite large Southern Alligator Lizard species, scientific name, Elgaria multicarinata, who popped by to say hi!
The Holler has room for all sorts of critters, including LOADS of lizards.
This guy is around 20 inches in length.
My husband thinks he is bigger, and he may be right, because The Holler, as I may have mentioned to you before, is a very strange place. Do you notice him giving me the stink eye?
These aptly named “alligator” lizards will stand their ground and bite and latch on if threatened. I know this because they did it to me when I was a little kid. They have a hook in their upper palate that enables them to hold fast once they have bitten, errrr……something.
I have made it a practice, since I grew up, not to threaten lizards named after alligators. This guy was chillin’ in our garage. The Holler has lots and lots of different types of limber lizards who are not the least bit leery of us. These lascivious lizards are always busy making new little lizards!
Cheers to you from The Holler and it’s languorous lusty Lizards~

197 thoughts on “Lanky Libidinous Lizards~

    • Oh so sorry to creep you out. I know this is a reaction some people do have to reptiles. The lizard would not let go of my finger when I was a kid. Of course it was my fault as I caught it. My parents tried to pry it off with popsicle sticks but they broke. They finally got it off with teaspoons. Poor lizard was probably totally terrified by my bungling….


      • I am cooking a mermaid book in the back of my mind. I have been thinking a lot about the details. If only I could finish my first novel. I keep editing, and editing. And learning. And shaking my head. And editing. Tonight for instance. *Heaving sigh*


      • It will be worth it even though I completely empathize with your frustration. The desire to make something perfect is both wonderful and terrible. But your book will be pure wonder and I will buy it with bells on! ❤


  1. What a beautiful place the Holler is! And these fellows are…interesting. I got used to cohabiting with an assortment of lizards in Africa. We have a few small ones here too but I appreciate that they don’t come to our bedroom…


    • We are heading to Africa quite soon. I remember cohabitating with African lizards. I was in Berg en Dahl in Kruger and was awoken in the night by something. I had a flashlight and saw this huge green lizard leap up into the thatch rafters and stare at me challenging me to do anything. I was frightened but too tired to process this. I went back to sleep. We only saw him at night after he woke us and I endeavored to just sleep through it from then on! He creeped me out though, running over the kitchen counters. Why snakes and lizards want to get close and personal is beyond me. Why don’t they just leave us alone for Heavens sake. Some of the thatch have bats I hear. I don’t know if I can sleep through bats…….Hopefully I won’t have to find out!


  2. That alligator beast looked as if he was two mutations away from being a full fledged snake. I have never seen such tiny feet on such a big animal! Wow, you live is SUCH an interesting place! 🙂


  3. The alligator lizard is very pretty with all the stripes. It looks so innocent in the photo, but then again it isn’t showing any teeth. I don’t suppose you got close enough for it to feel threatened after your childhood experience.


    • Nope, no cuddlle sessions between me and this guy. I had a ruler to demonstrate just how long he was, but I couldn’t get it closer than four feet to him, I was too nervous! 😦


  4. The fun you have with the L’s in this post made me wish there was one to reply with: I would be extremely leery of these lanky, little ‘leeches’ who cling to those they bite! ha ha!


  5. It is so funny, somehow it is saying I am making a duplicate comment, but I don’t think so. Now watch me rewrite this only for you to say, you said something similar to this before! ha ha!
    I would like to answer in a reply filled with the L you used a few times throughout your fun post here: I am extremely leery of the lanky, little lizards that ‘leech’ on to those who allow them to get their mouths upon their skin. Ouch!


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