Flying Rainbows~

Talk about PDA!
These guys perfect it.
It’s enough to make your head spin!
Rainbow Lorikeets are affectionate, comical and congenial birds, as sweet as they are pretty.
Of course this grumpy guy might disagree, it’s no fun waiting for your feathers to grow, you can hardly fly and the big birds are having all the fun!
There is always some minor bickering among birds, come to think of it, among people too, but that’s another story….
What personalities these guys have. They hammed it up on my hand for my camera! They know how handsome they are……
Some day I’d be over the rainbow to have a rainbow of my own.
Cheers to you from the free flying Lorikeets at Lorikeet Landing~

266 thoughts on “Flying Rainbows~

    • Hallo Ernst . Sie sind fur Menschen gewohrt, aber nicht wirklich zahm. Sie sind nicht wie Ziervogel , weil sie leben in einem riesigen begehbaren Voliere und werden fur die Herde nicht Personen gebunden .


  1. Can you imagine certain species of dinosaurs walking prehistoric earth looking this vibrant? I still like that Robert Bakker hypothesis. I’d really like to see that.


  2. Cindy, all your photographs are fantastic… On every post. You were kind enough to tell me you use the Sony HX 400. I am debating between that and a Fuji bridge camera. Does the Sony make good prints as large as, say, 11×14? Do you exhibit or sell your photos? With admiration for your talent, Ellen


    • Yes, the sony makes fabulous large prints. I just made 42 different ones for a presentation. They had to be custom cropped, so you can’t send them to a machine to be done, but the results are really worth it and no I don’t sell or exhibit. Thank you so much for the thoughtful words, the admiration is reciprocated exponentially! You are most gifted! Cheers to you & thank you & I am interested to hear what you decide~


      • Well, Cindy, first of all, thanks so much for the feedback on the Sony. Can’t afford custom cropping and also am pretty daunted by the menus on the Sony I saw online. You obviously know a LOT more than I do to even use the camera. Will check more reviews but probably will go with the Fuji HS50. It is cheaper, too. Thanks so much for what you said about my photographs. I barely know what I am doing. But you could exhibit if you wanted to, for sure, or sell your photos to magazines or on the market. I will let you know what I did and the results. Your work is breathtaking– those close-ups especially. Namaste, Ellen


      • Well I am excited for you about the Fuji! A new camera is a reason for celebration and it sounds like you have done a thorough job of researching cameras online which is always so smart to do! I love your photos and am looking forward to seeing, and hearing about your results with your new camera. With reciprocal respect and admiration, namaste~ ❤


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