The Holler is humming,
with passion,
and flowers.
Bees buzzing,
pollen floating.
The garden thrums,
with the drum of life.
Cheers to your from our passionate garden. ❤

169 thoughts on “Passion~

  1. Awesome pics. How do you capture such detail? I can even see the bees’ eyes. What kind of camera do you use and telephoto lens? Do you do photo enhancement? Very professional looking.


  2. Good evening Cindy – I stand in awe of your artistry, both photographic and of words. Your combinations are beautiful… Thank you so much for sharing them with us…
    Have a wonderful evening


  3. Wow, what an incredible series of photos…I love the insight into the tiny world of insects/flowers and beauty that we simply don’t see at time when we walk by in a rush. You have such a great eye for the details and incredible things that bring beauty into our lives. Cheers and wish you a great week Cindy!


    • Ahhhh, I feel just the same about you. Blogging is a gift when it allows me to meet people like you my friend. We would never have looked at each others photos if it weren’t for the internet and we would have missed each others view of the world. I am grateful I have the chance to see the world through your extremely talented eyes~


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