Ciudad Vieja del San Diego: Parte Uno~

I was born in San Diego.
It is a cultural crossroad, the most southwestern US city that shares a border with Mexico.
The phenomenal artistic influence of Mexico is everywhere, which is probably why I so love the creative use of vibrant color.
Mexicans owned this territory, long before we ever got here, and before we subsequently declared many of them “illegal immigrants”.
Old Town in San Diego celebrates Mexican art, food, and culture.
It preserves many of the area’s original adobe ranchos, as well as the old pioneer homesteads, which I will show you in the next post.
Cheers to you from San Diego’s vibrant multi-cultural crossroads.

179 thoughts on “Ciudad Vieja del San Diego: Parte Uno~

  1. I love this, Cindy. I live in an area with a large Hispanic community and I can vouch for their love of vibrant colors. And that color spreads to their food, music and dispositions. Beautiful photos!


  2. I love the wild busyness of the images here. It it eccletic and beautiful, like the inner hippy I never got to release. 🙂


  3. We have visited there last year. I was so overwhelmed, didn’t where to start taking pics. I love your beautiful and colorful photos; they tell the unique culture and its history 🙂 Thank you, Cindy! 🙂


    • Yes! I know exactly what you mean. For me the only way to process the intensity of textures and colors is to examine it at my leisure in a close up photo. Otherwise it overwhelms me too~


  4. A touch of home north of the border. It is one of the beautiful aspects of the Mexican culture, their love of color, it is a genetic disposition that spills into the cobblestone streets and adorns their lives. And you don’t even have to life here, your photographs reach everywhere.


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