Astonishing Estonia!

The old city walls of remarkable Tallinn, the capitol of Estonia.


The first fortresses in Tallinn were built in 1050 and the old city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The stunning Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral is the the largest in Tallinn.
Tallinn is visually charming at every turn.
As visitors we felt warmly welcomed, making the city a delight to visit.
The Nevsky Cathedral is astonishing.
As if all this isn’t enough to make you fall in love with Tallinn, it is rated one of the top ten digital cities of the world along with Tokyo and Singapore, because of it’s widely available and free wifi, and it’s general public spirited digital saavy. As a person who travels a lot each year and is addicted to wifi, this is massively appreciated. Thank you Estonia!
For more on the top ten digital cities of the world check out:
Cheers to you from the very fast wifi of Tallinn Estonia!

226 thoughts on “Astonishing Estonia!

      1. Exuberant is exactly the right word! I was born in Canada, and when I go back (from Australia), I am struck by the dull, dowdy colours used in a country that is stricken with snow and gloom for many months each year.

  1. Liebe Cindy das sind ja unbeschreibliche schöne Fotos einfach super fotografiert bin begeistert toll ein schönes Wochenende wünsche ich dir in Freundschaft Klaus

    1. Boy I hadn’t thought to count, but will now…….I think nine, but my husband isn’t here so I am probably missing one! Here’s the list, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Russia, and now Switzerland for a whole week!!! 9 countries, six weeks. Thanks for making me add them up…

  2. I love that all the buildings in all the countries you’re visiting are so colorful! We should be doing that in the U.S. Thanks for the photos, and glad you’re having such a great visit.

  3. The colors and details are quite amazing. I’m quite taken with the parallels between Tallinn and Porto, Portugal, where were are now. Both are well deserving of their status as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  4. Beautiful city and country, another one to add to my travel wish list…:), and yes I heard that Estonia was one of the most ‘wired’ country, I’ve also read that when they left the ex-USSR, they alledgely did suffer a massive ‘cyber attack’ believed to be orchestrated by the Russian military…

  5. I’ve been really looking forward to the posts every day from your fantastic trip. These photos are fantastic of Talinn. I was lucky enough to visit this city a couple of years ago, and agree, it’s an astonishing city.

    1. I have been marveling at your recent photos on my kindle fire as we travel through Europe by train. My commnets often won’t post though, so please know I am appreciating them!

  6. Wonderful pictures! The old city reminds me of the old town in Stockholm, and the visual appeal is truly great everywhere. I could see these pictures zooming on the page 🙂

      1. LOL So beige. Never thought about it ’til your post. Well, there you go…a photographer strolling the streets here, wondering at the dullness. I’m busy hearing my words. =) And huh – you’re right. The st artists do solve the problem of drab, don’t they?

  7. Estonia may be astonishing, but your artistry with the lens is even moreso, Cuz. The St. Petersburg posts and this one from Estonia are marvelous. You seem to have an instinct for the proper angles and lighting. Looking forward to more and more. Where next ? Hugs.

    1. Yes, travel and reading about travel leads one to recoginize that we live in one world. We are all citizens of this one world. Travel forms bridges and erases divisions. It is important for this reason. Thank you for recoginizing this.

  8. Now, I don’t see the comment I made 😕 I’m back to view this beautiful town again.
    Thank you for thinking about us individually and as a blog community. I know how difficult it is with wi fi when you’re in another country particularly. Happy travel, Cindy!

    1. It is very hard to comment and keep up on blogs which is frustrating. I have from others that likes/comments are deleted. This is WP though as it happens to me too. Commnets I make disappear into thin air. Thinking of you my friend, enjoying your posts and missing making comments!

  9. Isn’t Tallinn the most beautiful city – looks just as wonderful in the last of the summer sum as it did in the throws of winter when I was visiting in January!

  10. Liebe Cindy das sind ja atemberaubende Fotos unbegreiflich schön super fotografiert einen sonnigen Dienstag wünsche ich dir mit ganz vielen lieben Grüßen in Freundschaft Klaus ,bin ca. eine Woche in Urlab

  11. Incredible photo-series dear Cindy ! Amazing views over the city,plenty of local colour and a gorgeous photo of the Cathedral ! Enjoy every minute of your travels,dear Cindy 🙂

  12. I love these colourful homes in what would otherwise be a grey street. It makes me think of childhood story books and fairy tales. I know where they got the inspiration for the art now – they were true after all!! 😀

  13. How fantastic to travel thru so many countries and still be thrilled at every turn. It’s kind of neat too that my Mother-in-laws maiden name is Tallin (one less n). She doesn’t know too much of her genealogy though, which is sad. I love that throughout Europe, you see very old homes still in use. No one minds a little missing paint or brick. Very quaint Cindy, thanks for sharing.

    1. What a thoughtful and kind reply, and yes the old buildings of Europe are wonderful visually and give one a feeling of traveling back in time that is truly priceless. Cheers to you my friend and thank you for wonderful comments~

  14. I can see by the many, many comments that others agree with me on the beauty of these photos. I think you and I could travel together, as we have the same taste when it comes to wonderful places to visit. I visited Talliin on the same trip as Zermatt, and again, really want to return. Talliin is a bit of a unknown gem, and my experience was equally fantastic. Thanks for showing me Talliin in summer. Excellent photos.

    1. So you went to Tallin and Zermatt in the winter. What a different, but wonderful experience that would be. Zermatt would be full of skiers, but Tallin must have been delightfully empty. Winter in my experience is the best time to visit crowded places in Europe, like Venice, Florence, Paris etc. I would love to make a winter trip to Tallin, Prague and Salzburg. You are adding ideas to my list!!! <3

      1. Oh you would love it, Cindy. quiet, with some places closed up in some parts. Zermatt was alive with people. It is hard to book just a night or two in Zermatt in winter, as they are after week long bookings from skiers!

      2. Yes it was wonderful. We went to the Uffizi and were alone with Rembrandt. Fabulous time to visit. I can just imagine the bustle of Zermatt in the winter. I like things a little quieter. Cheers to you~

  15. Because of my university I studied in Tallin for 6 months and it was amazing. Everything so perfect, colored and beautiful, I really liked it.
    Love your post and the pictures you chose.

  16. Cindy, fără a încerca să epatez, îţi voi spune un lucru extraordinar, aproape neveromisil.
    La Moscova, am avut coleg de cameră un estonian.
    Ei bine, timp de aproape un an, cât am fost colegi de camera, eu nu l-am auzit pe băiatul acesta înjurând.
    Chiar glumeam cu el, întrebându-l: tie nu ti-e pofta de o injuratură suculentă, care să-ţi lase gura apa?
    Se uita la mine zâmbind, şi-mi spunea: la ce mi-ar folosi?
    Acum, cand iti relatez, aproape nu-mi vine sa cred ca a fost totul aievea.
    Privind postul tau, inteleg de ce colegul meu, nu simtea nevoie sa injure!
    Mulţumesc, si felicitari!

  17. There is so much old world charm and uniqueness in those ancient places, so much history. I also took a picture of a street artist when I was in Leningrad while on my trip to Russia in 1989 when it was Leningrad then, but today renamed St. Petersburg. I love the architecture and design of those old buildings and cathedrals.

    1. Yes, so much history and I love it when the old towns are perfectly preserved and you feel as if you are stepping back in time. Must have been a very interesting trip in 1989!

      1. It was. That was during the ‘cold war’ and their communist regime. But, was fascinating and one I’ll never forget. Since I have done so little travel outside of my own country of the United States except for trips to Canada it was my first major trip abroad until going to Israel in 2001. Would love to do more, but time, costs and health issues have prevented that so enjoy looking at photos of others who have done so much traveling as you have, so you are indeed blessed, Cindy.

      2. What lovely sentiments and thoughtful words! I have happy that you enjoy the photos and am glad to have the chance to know you. I hope your health improves and wish you only the very best~

  18. Tallinn is one of the places I haven’t yet gotten to visit that’s nowadays quite high on my list of to-do pleasures. When Richard conducted the choir tour concert in Budapest this summer, a delightful lady from Tallinn came and introduced herself afterward and we were both reminded of the strong arts-and-music culture that has so long been a part of what little we know of the place. Your beautiful photo-essay says that it’s also a bit of a kindred spirit to Budapest and Prague and some other favorite cities, architecturally and in its warmth and invitation to visitors, so it gave me a particular jolt of urgency to that must-visit plan! Lovely. Thanks, Cindy!!

    1. Yes, Prague is probably my most adored European city. It is simply magical to me. I want very much to visit Budapest and we are in discussion about when, so it sounds like you and I are of the same disposition but in different order. I do hope you go soon and post about it too!

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