Astonishing Estonia!

The old city walls of remarkable Tallinn, the capitol of Estonia.


The first fortresses in Tallinn were built in 1050 and the old city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The stunning Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral is the the largest in Tallinn.
Tallinn is visually charming at every turn.
As visitors we felt warmly welcomed, making the city a delight to visit.
The Nevsky Cathedral is astonishing.
As if all this isn’t enough to make you fall in love with Tallinn, it is rated one of the top ten digital cities of the world along with Tokyo and Singapore, because of it’s widely available and free wifi, and it’s general public spirited digital saavy. As a person who travels a lot each year and is addicted to wifi, this is massively appreciated. Thank you Estonia!
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Cheers to you from the very fast wifi of Tallinn Estonia!