Sweet Suisse!

Oh Switzerland, you are so beautiful.


Gorner Gorge, Valais, Swiss Alps, Zermatt Switzerland.

Hiking in The Alps is justifiably world famous.


The catwalks up this gorge were constructed in the 1800’s and make for quite an impressive hike for those who are not acrophobic.

This rarely photographed mountain is here too!

There are delightful wooden Swiss chalets everywhere. Zermatt’s old town was built between the 16th-18th century. I will post some photos of these incredible wooden chalets soon.
The Matterhorn is particularly lovely in the evening when the clouds move in.
After an exhilarating day hiking, it’s time to relax and have some fondue and Swiss bier!
Cheers to you from ethereal Zermatt~

180 thoughts on “Sweet Suisse!

  1. How wonderful – I really am becoming greener by the moment! Ironically, a Swiss friend of mine is over here in the UK right now, doing a walking tour of the Cotswolds. And there you are, over there! ;D

  2. I have been working on purging my negative emotions but I have to admit — jealousy and envy have crept in a bit today :D. Glorious photos. Thank you for taking time out of your wonderous journey to share with us. <3

    1. I haven’t shared the downsides to traveling, horrid plane rides in coach, long days traveling, stressful connections, odious time changes that wreck havoc with sleep etc., probably because I love traveling so much it’s worth all the stress. Don’t be jealous, eveything has it’s pros and cons, and lots of people would not enjoy traveling as we do…..

      1. In truth, I have never been a “good” traveler –motion sickness — need my own space… But your beautiful photos did inspire me to put down my computer and go for a walk at the lake and in the woods. <3

    1. Every time I visit this country I have this same problem…….wondering why wasn’t I born in Switzerland!!!! 😉 They don’t even pariticipate in wars. Why should they? They are blissed out everday with the vistas and the rosti! I just ate rosti right now in St. Moritiz…….Oh my!!!!!

  3. Enchanted by the beauty of the marvellous scapes and the little quaint town ! Nature can be so generous oftentimes ! Can’t wait to see more charming chalets dear Cindy 🙂

      1. Probably! We usually go to places twice for some reason. I’ve always wanted to do a nordic cruise kind of thing. I think that would be a neat way to get a feel for that area.

    1. I think if you grew up in Switzerland you might find cactus and tumbleweeds fascinating, but you would always want to return home. The winters are a tad nippy though, but Montreux is mild year round. NOT that I am thinking of leaving the drought of The Holler…….

    1. Oh yes, and please order the fondue!!! I am kicking myself for not ordering it sooner! But then it is only a gazillion calories per pot of cheese so maybe that is a good thing……..

  4. Did you get to try some of the local wine with the fondue?

    One disadvantage to being Swiss is that they believe their long history of peace is in part due to its large militia style army and that means National Service with annual reminders of what it’s like to be a soldier.

  5. Gorgeous scenery and pictures, Cindy. Was this another recent trip? How often do you travel a year and where all have you been (countries and places seen)? That would be a rather long list it seems according to your photos. They are always beautiful.

    1. Hi Joyce,
      I am still on this trip, in St. Moritz Switerland now. I have no idea how many places I have visited but I travel almost four months per year and have been on every continent. The A’s were the highlights, Antarctica, The Amazon, and Africa!
      So nice to meet you and thank you for your very kind comments! Look forward to chatting in the future~

  6. Matterhorn is majestic! And the Swiss Alps have such a gorgeous scenery everywhere…coupled with the charming chalets. Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures!

  7. Cindy, you are correct, Mt Blanc is the highest but not the most dangerous and that’s what I had meant in my comment. Take for instance the Himalayas. The K2 is lower than the Chomolungma (the Everest as we call it in Nepal), but while 5000 have summitted the Everest, only around 250 have conquered the K2. Even more dangerous is the Annapurna-1, another of the ’14 sisters’ where every third climber has perished.

    Here is a ‘what-if’ I had written on the K2 that I would like you to read. It is a what-if’ on Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner’s ascent of the K2…. http://evenicanbeserious.wordpress.com/2013/01/24/the-savage/

    and about the Everest…..http://spunkybong.com/2014/04/25/the-fury-of-anna-and-chomo/


    1. Yes I still saw Edelweiss, and traveled today from St Moritz by the fabulous empty train narrow gauge train to the first of lesser visited Alpine villages. Just arrived. Nirvana! Cheers to you Happy Suisse!

    1. For me the beauty overcame all! Plus I have complete confidence in Swiss engineering, you should see the wooden chalets still standing from the 16th century!
      But write your story. I know it will be good and I want to read it.

  8. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Another journey that I have been on in recent weeks is as virtual bag carrier for Cindy Knoke as she travels throughout Europe. In this post she captures what I consider to be the most stunning part of Switzerland – the Alps. Have many happy memories of trips to Switzerland and if I could afford it would love to live there with a chalet in the mountains and a pad overlooking the lake in Geneva.. Ah well keep doing the lottery….great photographs as always Cindy.

  9. So, so, SO GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE Switzerland! My parents spent time learning French there before moving on as medical missionaries to French West Africa, Cameroon. They took me and my sister there as a graduation gift from high school. The villages are delightful and the country is a feast for the eyes!

  10. Ha ha ha! I actually became nervous looking at the photographs! What a really beautiful place – and that mountain peak… it is beyond words! The chalets have a storybook quality about them. 🙂

    As a kid I climbed to the top of trees that were at least two stories high. Then here about 20 years ago I was on a ladder sealing a leaky gutter and I turned around and looked at the ground that was only about five feet down and realized my tree-climbing days were over. How sad it is when we realize we’ve grown up. 😉

    1. Oh tree climbing! My son was a big tree climber and had many hair raising escapades that I can’t even dwell on now without getting frissions of anxiety! It is great to rediscover the kid in yourself as an adult which we can always take the time to do! That tree climber is still inside you! Set her free! But possibly not to climb a tree!!! lol! Cheers to you~

    1. I have not been to Romania. We are in the planning stages of a trip to Eastern Europe as we both want to spend more time there. I know from Romanian bloggers photos how beautiful it must be!

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