The Banks of the Yellow Sea~

“This is the land the sunset washes,
These are the banks of the Yellow Sea;
Where it rose, or whither it rushes,
These are the western mystery!” Emily Dickinson
We get some nice sunsets at The Holler.

Probably due to the sun setting over the ocean and the lack of ambient light pollution.
Reflection off Holler windows.
Of course the sun puts on a beautiful sky show for us everywhere!
Shining path Mid- Atlantic.
Cheers to you from our yellow sea~

203 thoughts on “The Banks of the Yellow Sea~

  1. Your big sky in the Holler makes for incredibly brilliant and showy sunsets, Cindy. Your second to the last photo is interesting as the boulders send off a subtle reflection.

  2. Apparently God’s gifts are free- as far as I know, you didn’t have to pay for such a glorious show- wish I could travel and see such wonders, but in truth, all I have to do is look out my window to see such grand marvels!!!

  3. again amazing πŸ™‚ pictures, although I prefere the old sand beach pics. Specially those with the They remind me of Nicolas Hayek Smart – respectively Swatch… πŸ™‚

  4. I never thought what the word breathtaking really meant before until I realized I was holding my breath as I tried to take in so much beauty all at once. Thanks. <3

    1. I don’t know what their power is precisely. Some people prefer sunrises, but for me there is something melancholy yet achingly beautiful about sunsets, the end of the finite day~

  5. Cindy,
    I am short of time, I need to take our Basset to pee :)) I love his short legs and long ears. In the past we had a Poodle :)) with gorgeous curly hair :).. I will show you soon his pic on the beach.
    BTW: laura yellowson. send you her regards….
    Forget it, her name is yochelson :)), is that right?

  6. Cindy, I know that I may have said this before, but this time I truly mean it – these are absolutely the best photos of a sunset that I’ve ever seen!!! Thank you for making my evening!!

    1. It must be a combination of factors that make the sunsets as they are here, our raised elevation, the low valley below, the lack of population and the ocean on the horizon. Sometimes the monsoonal clouds come from the eastern foothills and they make for pretty sunsets. So glad you enjoyed~

  7. Many times when I come to your blog – all I can say is…WOW!
    This is one of the times when even that word doesn’t do my expression of your captures justice.

  8. Cindy this is Jackie I had another blog about book reviews and it got hacked, I am now doing this one… is my site. I am starting over and wanted to let you know I did not forget ya, I was working 56 hours a week, I moved three weeks ago, still have not unpacked, and college full time…Keep in touch, Jackie Paulson πŸ™‚

    1. eeeeeks! hacked! that is awful. so sorry, but so happy you touched base and heading over to follow your blog now. keep the faith. we’re still here for you~ <3 <3

  9. The photographs from different settings, all together make me wish to see a sunset again over Lake Erie. My closest source of water, reflecting the sun’s brilliance and beauty. Your choices were impeccable today on this post! Smiles, Robin

  10. Your choice of subjects are excellent,
    You have a pretty good camera that is obvious.
    It takes more than that, talent and know how are needed to take photos like these.
    Keep them coming Cindy they are appreciated.

    1. You are such a kind man Jack and your thoughtfulness is so very appreciated! You know how much I appreciate your thought provoking posts. Cheers & all the best to you and Pauline~

      1. You have contributed to making my day( not in a Dirty Harry way) it is in a more complementary way.
        Finding the time in your busy life to look at and comment on my posts.
        I value and appreciate your approval of my posts Thanks Cindy..

      2. You and Pauline blog’s are so full of the joy of lives being well lived. You both are inspirations to me and I am happy to have you as friends. Cheers & admiration~

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